Rich People Love to Shoplift!


If you ever needed another reason to dislike rich people and celebrities, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy are you in for a treat today. Studies have shown that people who earn in excess of 70 thousand dollars a year are 30% more like to shoplift than people earning less than a quarter of that amount. If you’re not already balling your fist in rage and contemplating changing your laptop wallpaper to a picture of Donald Trump just so you can uppercut the hell out of it. Wait until you hear the reason why wealthy people steal things.

Obviously the reason isn’t need, because these are the kind of people who use soap made from eagle tears and tiger cub kidneys, they don’t need anything. Nope, according to the research, rich and/or celebrity shoplifters, shoplift mainly due to a sense of entitlement, as in, they simply feel like the should be able to steal things, because screw you, they’re rich. You know, because people who earn enough money to wallpaper their home with Xbox 360’s shouldn’t have to deal with filthy poor people when they go shopping, in fact, they shouldn’t have to deal with anything, or anyone. They should be able to cram their pants full of cat food and sprint out to the car park unmolested. To make it worse, the wealthier a shoplifter is, the less likely they are to go to jail or suffer any sort of retribution for their actions. Because life is just that fair.

So remember kids, crime is never the answer, unless you rich or famous, then you can steal whatever the hell you want.

Read our follow up to this article, Top 10 Wealthiest Thieves.

Woah Timmy, wait until your rap album goes platinum first.

Woah,Timmy, wait until your rap album goes platinum first.

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  1. PragmaticStatistic on

    So, where is the top 10 list of wealthy shopfitters to support the claims in the article?

    • No, it’s for realz.

      I used to fix commercial refrigeration equipment for restaurants, factories and grocery stores. One of our clients was a natural foods stores, like Whole Foods. One day we noticed that security cameras had been put up and when we asked about it (assuming they were having trouble with the employees) the owner said it was shoplifters.

      Their prices were understandably higher than our average chain store so they tended to get a better educated, wealthier clientele. The owner said whenever they caught shoplifters, they (the shoplifter) always had “reasons” for shoplifting.

      Many claimed:
      “I spend a lot of money here, why can’t I just take this thing?”
      “Do you know who I am?”
      “Without people like me, you’d go out of business!”
      And so on.

      It’s not the Donald Trumps who do this. Wealthy landowners, artists, musicians, bankers, stock traders and especially the children of the wealthy shoplift. The kids assume Daddy will fix it, or have the manager fired. Whatever.

      Woodstock, NY is filled with spoiled, wealthy people who think they are entitled to do whatever they want. I live nearby and they do this stuff all the time.