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  1. Lachlan
    Lachlan at |

    Hands off durian, rambutan and salak (snakeskin-fruit) !

    I was introduced to them when I went to work and live in Indonesia for 4 years. They became a favourite (esp rambutan which are just like lychees). Even now I love them. Durian don’t only smell strange, their spiny skin will jab your fingers and draw blood ! However, their oval pods inside the thick skin are creamy and aromatic. Salak taste a bit like durian but crispy.

    Where was jambu-air (water apples) on the list ? Where was jack-fruit (Nangka in Indonesia, Langka in Philippines) ?

  2. ND
    ND at |

    When I was a kid even Kiwis were considered weird. I brought some for lunch in 5th grade and nobody had even seen one, including the teachers. I vividly recall adults reacting as though they were terrified of these strange alien fruits.

  3. rajimus123
    rajimus123 at |

    Could topic choice, always a fabourite but I would have enjoyed the list more if I didnt feel that the author is a closedminded knob and had to drown the list in sarcasm and backhanded slights to stuff a lot of people do like.

  4. Matt
    Matt at |

    And I still haven’t manned up to try my spinach.

  5. raka
    raka at |

    i think you must put durian as no. 1. Yes, the name (in english) indicates that. The king of fruit. It’s most favorite in Indonesia.

  6. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    The weirdest fruit I’ve encountered in a long time was at the market in Cusco, Peru. It is called a “pacae” (a.k.a. ice cream bean) and looks like a green, fuzzy locust-bean pod. If you cut it open, there is a row of individual fruitlets: white sweet flesh around a hard brown seed.

  7. Meddy
    Meddy at |

    Lol i love this site.

  8. newmexican
    newmexican at |

    I am an army brat and lived in europe and asia-
    I encourage my kids to try different foods, the same way my parents always have.
    As a result we always have a basket full of fruits and veggies that otherwise go
    unnoticed at our local store. People constantly ask my kids about the items and my
    kids are happy to enlighten anyone who does inquire,. Their favorites are Kumquats-
    what a perfect little edible fruit. Sweet and sour. Mango sorbet without any additives and
    Tamarind, which they like to pop like other kids do chips.

  9. Jim
    Jim at |

    I just love Durian – once you try a Durian no other fruit will for you and durian candy will make chocolate seem like chalk.

    anyone who has spent time in the orient will come to love ube and durian once they give them a chance. hawaii is growing some now so perhaps Yanks will get a chance to know something other than the frozen variety which is ok but not quite the same

  10. Wooneh
    Wooneh at |

    Many of these are considered local fruit here, and I love eating them just as much as I do apples and oranges. I wouldn’t classify durian smell as “horrible”, but it does have a unique taste and smell 😛

  11. Yogi
    Yogi at |

    nice writing. 🙂
    The word “Rambutan” derived from an Indonesian Language word “Rambut” which means “Hair” in English. So, Rambutan is a hairy fruit.

  12. josie
    josie at |

    Seriously, four of the ten fruits mentioned are actually normal in the South-east Asia and much devoured and loved. The descriptions are harsh. Especially on rambutan. I had never heard of anyone think of it that way. This article is funny, yes, but too “colourful” and kind of make me think these fruits are some sort of alien production from Mars.

  13. P Smith
    P Smith at |

    Never rag on the rambutan. The near-ultimate dessert is rambutan stuffed and pieces of banana with pineapple, served in warm coconut milk and tapioca balls. Not only is it sweet and delicious, it’s healthy enough to eat for dinner.

    The dragonfruit? It’s edible and healthy, but nothing remarkable. The seeds are as annoying as raspberry seeds, and the texture is like a cross of yellow melon and kiwi fruit.

    Screw pine? It looks like a herpes outbreak.

    And the only thing that smells worse than a durian are two things I smelt in Korea: bbondaegi (boiled silkworm maggots) and dried squid. Bbondaegi smells worse than it looks, and dried squid is so bad that movie theatres and other enclosed places ban it as a snack. Even baseball stadiums frown on it.

  14. rea
    rea at |

    I’m from the phils and ive seen and tasted most of the fruits here…i thought tamarind will be included..rambutans skin is deceivable since when you eat it youd end up eating them all in one sitting! Yes, their yummy, their taste is akin to lychees but better…

  15. Yusnia Sakti
    Yusnia Sakti at |

    This article is not really good: an uninformative. Looks like just googling from GOOGLE, by typing TROPICAL FOOD. #LOL

  16. Yusnia Sakti
    Yusnia Sakti at |

    anyway, what does this means????!!!: and the mildly poisonous seeds are sometimes roasted and eaten (roasting them apparently makes them safe).

    POISONOUS? Are you kidding?! Have you ever tasted the fruit yet?!

  17. astrid
    astrid at |

    Dragon fruit: it’s good for your cholesterol – and doesn’t taste anything at all, not even sweet or sour. Just bland. But very watery, so it’s quite refreshing.
    Durian: I may be one of the few people from SEA who doesn’t like this fruit. It is overrated, although not really bad when it’s mixed with ice cream.
    Rambutan: Yep, it means “hairy-fruit” but the taste of the fruit is really nice, sweet especially when you get the red one. The green one is usually still not ripe, and tastes sour.
    Snake skin (or salak) is sweet-sour, but has a sharp taste that could make your throat feels achy if you eat it too much.

    We have some other weird but fun fruits, manggis is one of them, it has oozy red liquid just like blood when you open the fruit, but it taste so fresh and nice.
    This article made me want to jump into any supermarket and have a good fruit-shopping trip 🙂

  18. T. Rock
    T. Rock at |

    Passion fruit makes the best juice I have ever tasted and I am from the tropics. I have noticed that many companies have tried to bottle this juice and failed to bring the proper taste across, reason the fruit is processed before it has ripened. The skin tend to wrinkle and get brown spots when left out it is at its best then, plus the skin of the one we have in the Caribbean is green then turns yellow. unless it is very yellow no trace of green I would not eat it leave it out a day or two.


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