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  1. God
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    That last quote is about how the strength of Spartan men allows for strong women. It isn’t saying the biological function of birth and having a slit somehow grants women leadership capabilities – she says spartan women are the only one to birth true men as they birth spartans in contrast to the athenian women who don’t. It’s also not the best quote of the bunch, but you’d rather get a hamfisted Marxist buttpat than an understanding of history so bad that it corrupts your ability to read.

  2. Satan
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    God is right, you got it wrong pal.

  3. Angel of Reason
    Angel of Reason at |

    So good to see you two getting along nicely!. Well constructed comments also!.

  4. Bernie Helicopter
    Bernie Helicopter at |

    When god and satan both agree you’re wrong, you’re probably gonna have a bad time… southpark.jpg

  5. jpags
    jpags at |

    Next time you do a story make sure to get your history straight. Your “King Phillip of Macedon invading Greece statement” – Macedonia was a city state of Greece as were other parts of now modernly known Greece (Crete, Athens, etc.) so therefor Macedonia didn’t invade Greece it was a part of it. There were wars amongst them yes but it was NEVER Macedonia is one country and Greece is another. Just cause a random history-less country today wants to call themselves Macedonia doesn’t mean they can steal Greece’s history as well. And people like you writing online shouldn’t feed into that stupidity.

  6. Tommy Hass
    Tommy Hass at |

    “it was a very matter-of-fact statement that all women are fit to lead men because they’re the ones who give birth to them in the first place. ”

    Holy shit, hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Numales are so cute. :^)

    1. prudishbunion
      prudishbunion at |

      The insult was far more cutting that the article states. Queen Gorgo’s words literally say that only Spartan men ARE men. Only Spartan women give birth to men…all other women give birth to males who are less than men. Queen Gorgos insults all non-Spartan men and women in one fell swoop, while stating the superiority of Spartan women over everyone including Spartan men.

      1. slaughtz
        slaughtz at |

        When asked by a woman from Attica: ‘Why are you Spartan women the only ones who can rule men?’, she said: ‘Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men.’ Gorgo (daughter of Kleomenes I, born ~506. Married Leonidas I)


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