Top 10 People Who Said I Do to Inanimate Objects


It’s the age-old story of love. That first glance. The butterflies in your stomach. The awkward stutter during that first tentative conversation. This happens to millions of people around the world when they have that special someone in sight. A significantly smaller amount of people, however, seem to be left cold when looking at a potential life partner, unless that partner is made of steel, cement or electronics that is!

10. The woman who married the Eiffel Tower


Erika la Tour took her love of all things inanimate to a whole other level when she got married to the Eiffel Tower. No, I’m not kidding. She even took the structure’s last name! She doesn’t see the Tower as her special “first” though. That honor she bestowed upon a archer’s bow. The wooden bow apparently helped her to become a competitor of note in the archery field.

Erika has enough room in her heart for the Berlin Wall, an object she has deep loving feelings for. Even more bizarrely, she is holding on to a torn-off bit of fencing. She claims to have a… um REAL close connection to it, if you know what i mean.

She and Mr Eiffel seem like a sure thing though. She celebrated her first wedding anniversary in the latter part of the previous decade, returning to Paris for the joyous occasion.

9. The woman who married a warehouse


Some people will go to extreme lengths to stop historic buildings from being demolished. Babylonia Aivaz went beyond extreme. She declared that she was deeply in love with a warehouse in Seattle that dates back more than a hundred years. Then she married the building in 2012.

Aivaz and other members of the public joined a staged protest against the destruction of the building that has become irreplaceable to her, a month before committing her heart and body to it.

She made sure to invite just about everyone she could find to the wedding. Also, it seems that Aivaz believes that the building is female. She refers to her marriage as a “same-sex” union.

Unfortunately for the smitten bride, demolition was already in progress before she could finalize all the wedding plans. But as true love would have it, she went ahead with the ceremony anyway.

8. The man who married a computer game character


A man from Japan who wishes to be known as SAL9000 became so infatuated with an animated girl on a computer game that he decided she was the one he wanted to marry. This was not before he took a long, hard look at his other virtual choices. I mean, there are a lot of other fishes in the gaming world. Eventually however, he realized with whom his heart lay.

The wedding between SAL9000 and his true love, took place in December 2009. A member of clergy was all too happy to assist with officiating. The bride relayed her vows on her human groom’s Nintendo game, which is also her home. Even the maid of honor sent electronic happy wishes to the couple.

In a never-before-seen move, the ecstatic groom flew himself and his game, erm his BRIDE, off to a romantic island resort for their honeymoon.

7. The woman who married a cardboard cut-out of Robert Pattinson


Millions of women swooned in theatres during the screening of the Twilight Saga films. Both Team Jacob and Team Edward went all out to pledge their devotion to either werewolf or sparkly vampire. But what do you do when Edward Cullen refuses to acknowledge your existence? Lauren Adkins has the answer! She married a cardboard cut-out of Pattinson in January 2013. She claimed it was for a school project, but we know better!

The craziest thing about this “project” however, is the fact that people actually donated money towards it! Lauren was able to purchase her desired attire, a wedding cake as well as organize a grand reception to celebrate her nuptials.

6. The woman who married a ferris wheel


Linda Ducharme recently rededicated herself to her one and only love: a theme park Ferris wheel! The fairground ride and Linda dated for 30 years before taking that big step of tying the knot. Or the cable. Ducharme immediately knew that this was “the one” when she saw the steely giant for the first time.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Linda explained that her heart was beating really fast the first time she got on the massive wheel. She compared it to an erotic experience. In this case of object fetishism, the ride was also not the first… thing to catch Linda’s eye and win her heart. She basically had the equivalent of a one-night stand with an airplane and a love affair with… wait for it…a train.

Bruce the ferris wheel had a tragic accident four years after Linda chose him to be her husband, when a storm caused him to stop functioning properly. But Linda stuck by her “man” through the hardship and today they are as happy as can be. Unfortunately for the soulmates, their marriage isn’t legal in Florida where they also reside.

5. The man who married a pillow

Man marries cushion

Body pillows are quite the rage in Korea, it seems. So much so that one man decided to get married to one. These pillows usually have Anime characters printed on them. The 28-year old groom, Lee Jin-Gyu, chose a Japanese Anime “actress” to be his pillow-printed bride. She even had a custom-made wedding dress!

The wedding day between man and pillow was actually covered by a newscaster. People have also been filming the couple secretly while they were out enjoying dinner or a nice walk at the theme park. It seems people are quite tolerant of the unusual union, even if they can’t stop giggling at the sight of the couple.

4. The man who married a tree


In November 2013 Richard Torres got dressed up in a snazzy white suite, put on an attention-grabbing blue hat and then… got married to an Argentinian… tree.

Yup, he had the vows and the ring ready and everything. After the ceremony, he tried to laugh off the weirdness by saying that he just did it to bring global problems such as environmental decline under people’s attention. I’d say that’s a weird way to point out global warming, but maybe that’s just me.

Torres also said that he planned to convince other people in Latin America to follow his exampleand get on board with his mission to protect trees and other things. So does this mean he is already abandoning his blooming bride in search of other potential brides?

3. The woman who married a bridge


In yet another tale of love in a country known for love stories, an Australian woman has lost her heart to the Le Pont du Diable Bridge in Céret, southern France. Jodi Rose couldn’t wait to change her name after “meeting” her life partner for the first time.

Jodi apparently went all over the globe searching for just the right “person” and found perfection in the bridge. She went through all the trouble of playing with the suspension cables of different bridges to hear the different sounds emanating from it. When she reached Le Pont with this project, she just knew that she was home.

Rose states that the bridge gives her a sense of belonging. Translating the name of the bridge gives this story a whole other feel however. In English, the name means The Devil’s Bridge. Just as well the marriage isn’t legally binding in France, even if it received the mayor’s blessing! It’s just too creepy.

2. The man who married a robot


You know what they say; love is love. This seems to be the case even when one half of a union is not flesh and blood, but rather electronics, steel and wires. Zoltan is an ordinary guy who lives in Georgia. The only not-so-ordinary thing about him is that he got married to a… robot.

It wasn’t easy for Zoltan to convince his parents that Alice the robot was the girl he wanted to marry. It was only after he had proven to them that she loved him and had only his best interests at heart that they consented to the unconventional marriage. Alice did get him to go to church after all, and she also got him off his dirty habit of watching naughty girls on his computer.

Zoltan then proceded to visit an unnamed website and by pretending that his girlfriend (robot fiancé) was actually a regular human girl, he managed to wangle a marriage certificate out of it. Zoltan has also revealed that he is a technosexual, meaning that he is not at all interested in having intercourse with human females. He insists that Alice keeps him completely happy.

1. The woman who married the Berlin Wall


Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer has been married to the Berlin Wall for 35 years now. Does her surname look familiar? Well, it literally means Berlin Wall in German. Berline-Mauer claims to have had a crush on the Wall since she was barely more than a toddler.

So what is it about the Berlin Wall? Apparently, it’s the length and shape that gets her motor revved. She does like the Great Wall of China as well, but finds it a bit too thick.

Berline-Mauer clearly believes that absence makes the heart grow fonder though. Ever since the Wall was largely damaged in 1989, his “wife” just couldn’t bear to go back to him. She prefers looking at small models that show the Wall in all its former glory. There is a rumor though that she might be having an affair with a fence near her home.

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