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  1. darkknight9761 at |

    I don’t know that I agree with all the things on this list. I do like fruitcake, always have, I’m weird like that. I also have in the past, actually asked for socks. Pet rocks, yeah, they kinda stink.

  2. DC at |

    what? Fruitcake… everybody loves Fruitcake..

  3. tim at |

    One gift I would have liked to see included is the Chia Pet. If someone ever gave me this worthless piece of crap for a gift I would say thank you and all the necessary pleasantries that go with it but I would never open it and then give it back to them next year as their gift from me. I’m not sure if I would tell said person whether or not it was the same one though. I suspect I wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, I know I wouldn’t because I would say something like “I enjoyed mine so much I thought you should have one to.”

  4. selunesmom at |

    I like socks for Christmas… of course, I’m weird. It’s been the top of my list since I was in high school. Auto parts – especially ones that I usually end up needing would be awesome. As for fruit cake, are we talking nasty store bought ones or delicious, moist (and probably liquor soaked) homemade baked goods? I’ve never had a good non-homemade fruit cake.

  5. merl at |

    You think those are bad try getting a cat that you don’t want. Followed less than a month later by another cat you don’t want for your birthday.


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