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  • Don Newbury

    God, I miss drive-in movies!!

  • John

    Have you seen Kim Jong Il`s (RIP) crazy monster movie? Pulgasari? If you want any proof that the man was crazy, then watch that thing..

  • why?

    i would’ve added the clown from killer klowns…but I dont know if they would be considered “monsters” lol

  • ParusMajor

    Pulgasari is actually now available on YouTube. Everyone should watch it! 🙂

  • SeanP

    2, 3, 8 & 9 were all covered by the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” guys. They had a real knack for making cheesy movies watchable.

  • SeanP

    BTW, you can see the movies I listed above on youtube (as presented by MST3K). Just type in “MST3K+[Name of movie]”. These are hilarious and well wort watching.

  • David Fullam

    Needed the killer artichoke from Blood Beach.

  • Rebecca

    Please take a look at “Teenagers from Outer Space” Monsters are called gargons but I’m sure their kryptonite is melted butter.

    Please please. this has to be #1

    • I did a search and you are right, Rebecca. Melted butter is the one thing that can stop those monsters.

  • canadaeh

    The monster from “The Horror Of Party Beach” (1964) and the monster (SPOILER ALERT! although it’s suppose to be a man in a rubber monster suit) in Beach Girls And The Monster were pretty bad.

  • skywatcher

    So many truly pathetic monsters!This list could have multiple sequels before you get to Cal-Tiki, the Beach Ball from the Infinite. And Ed Wood, Jr. made a movie called Bride of the Monster in which he had a giany rubber octopus but didn’t have the motor to make the arms work. So people had to roll around on the monster and Pretend to be fighting it. Truly hilarious! And you should really have the Killer Shrews. (NO, not Paris and Lilo!) Rug-covered dogs. You can’t beat that for entertainment.

  • Matt

    Definitely missing the Goblins from Troll 2 on this list.