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85 Responses

  1. TopTenz Master at |

    MukMuk appears to have potential. I honestly like the cut of his gib better than the others. Although, what is the real purpose of the Olympic mascots? Don't we want the Olympic games to be regal and a prestigious event? I don't know how the mascots contribute to this. Seems like they are there to make money in sales to children rather than promote the Olympic Spirit of the host city.

  2. Unknow at |

    Fuwa is by far the best Mascot yet! It not only represent the balance of human and nature(four types of animal near extinction), but also demonstrating the important message send by the Chinese to the world "Beijing welcomes you." Beibei,Jingjing,Yingying,Huanhuan,Nini connecting together forming a heart-warming phrase . According to the opinion of above , saying the superstitious of china . It self is showing superstitious by pointing out pass event . If we all goes around picking bones from a egg , there are many other event to point out. Involving NATURAL DIASTER which happen in different places around the world. We should always look into the future and forget about the past. Look at the success the Fuwa brought for 2008 Olympic . Fantastic opening great ending , just look at the amount of medals everyone achieve

  3. The Blackbird at |

    That's right, the mascots are a source of revenue for the Olympics. Why else would Beijing have 5 mascots and Vancouver 3? The Olympics are a for-profit outfit. I'm the photographer of the shot you've linked to the Poverty Olympics Mascots in Vancouver.

    In response to the comment left by Unknow, forget about the past and look to the future? One world, one nightmare!

  4. Anonymous at |

    Don't judge the art of others feeling your some kind of a big shot… These mascots represent their country and their pride, maybe earns money but the 5 dolls represent 5 great elements of reality.. As far of Olympics is concern, Beijing 2008 rules.

  5. Shelby T Mitchell at |

    Best mascots:Cobi, Hodori, and Mischa of 1980 Moscow

    Worst:Hands down, barnone, Izzy!

  6. cammy at |

    I'll have to agree that the Fuwa Mascots are creepy, and are not really popular among the Chinese ppl here. They say that theyre the devils..and bad luck dolls

  7. The Blackbird at |

    Hi Anonymous. Beijing 2008 rules? I guess you aren't one of the 1.5 million Chinese displaced from their homes in the lead up to the Games, or a Tibetan monk, or a Falun Gong believer. Beijing 2008 rules? No way! Beijing 2008 sucks the big one! Ha ha ha!!!

    I'm going to buy a stuffed Quatchi, one of the Vancouver 2010 mascots. He has a dream of one day being a hockey goalie. This is part of his official bio. Then I'll set up Quatchi in the hockey net in the gymnasium where I work and a long line of those hard red plastic ball hockey balls and work on my slapshot.

    Oh, and another thing Anonymous, ha ha ha!!!

  8. Baki at |

    Beijing Mascots are wicked. I really like it. It gives alot of welcoming message for everyone. I think they are the best Mascots so far designed in Olympics. Just because Chinese Government is doing what is best for its future doesn't mean we need to put them into spotlight like this!.

    I mean we think Chinese Government is cruel, which they are but then again who is not cruel. Look at Israel, built a really big Prison for Palastanians. And yet the world is so quite about it as if these people don't exist.

    Hidden agendas are on all governments plate but what leads to wrongfulness, mischief is by doing wrong at the beginning.

    Sorry i went way off the topic in this area but i had to raise it!

  9. The Blackbird at |

    That is a wonderful justification. Makes me feel so happy and so much better about China. If everyone is cruel, then cruelty must be okay! Yippie! Let's all party in this violent and cruel world and celebrate with sports and games and who cares who gets hurt or killed in the process. Cruelty can be fun!!! And the mascots are proof! Yay! Yippie! Three cheers for cruelty! Let's not try to change a thing. Let's allow the world to become more cruel because that way the world will be even more fun and we will have even more mascots to celebrate with. What a beautiful world!

    You are so right, Baki. I like the world you live in, the one without hope and love, where cruelty is king. It's so much fun!

    1. Eva at |

      The most peaceful place is USA because it can invade the other countries as it want. God bless Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghan T.T

  10. Lunatique at |

    Hi. I'll have to be a defender of Cobi's… he's actually wearing the traditional suit for opening events on the Olympics. In fact, if the Spanish wanted their mascot to look like a businessman or a lawyer, it wouldn't be a dog… a pig or a snake maybe.

    Allow to say Cobi's so awesome, he'd even had his own TV cartoon back in the 90's (might have been part of many of today's twenty-ers pre-adolescence).

    Regards, everybody!

    1. Tanya at |

      I didn't realize that about Cobi's costume and have to admit it gives him a bit more credibility. And I hear his suit has got him into some pretty sweet poker games with some other dogs…

    2. Andy at |

      In fact, the original Cobi mascot does not have any clothes on (this doesn’t mean he’s naked, remember he’s a dog). On his belly, there’s the logo of Barcelona’92. Besides, several toy/souvenir figures were produced -like the one on the pic, which is a judge version of Cobi. There are others in which he’s dressed up as a boxer, etc.
      I have a figure with the original Cobi (no clothes and the logo) with suction cups.
      Cobi has proven to be some of the best-recalled Olympic mascots!!!

      Oh! I’d include the 3 mascots of Sochi 2014….none has any relationship with the other 2.

    3. FD at |

      COBI is always referred as one of the most successful mascots ever. The International Olympic Committee have considered Cobi as the most profitable mascot.

      As other readers said, COBI, a Catalan sheepdog in Cubist style, worn multiple attires representing the many sides of the Olympic movement.

      Having said that, I would apreciate a correction as COBI has been misunderstood in this Worst Olympic Mascot list.

  11. The Blackbird at |

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Quatchi, one of the three official mascots of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. I hope you enjoy this set of photos I took when we met.

  12. laura at |

    You forgot the Torino mascot – an ice cube named Glis.

  13. Liz at |

    "Nini (swallow/kite/locust figure) is linked to the Weifang T195 (“kite city”) train accident in April 2008 and the locust infestation in Inner Mongolia in June 2008."

    The train accident was not in the kite city Weifang. Make it right, this is not superstitious, rather super-radiculous.

  14. Tanya at |

    @Liz – Sorry for the error, the Nini/Weifang info came from two sources (The UK Telegraph and The Wall Street Journal) but I see you are correct that is not the location of the accident. Regardless, the Nini still qualify due to the locust infestation. And I think you made a spelling error: the long term for 'super-rad' is super-radical, but I thank you anyways 😉

  15. cecilia at |

    i heard the beijing mascots mean welcome to biejing wen you put them together






    bei-jing-huan-ying-ni= beijing huan ying ni

  16. The Blackbird at |

    More Vancouver 2010 Mascot Madness!

  17. Tanya at |

    @The Blackbird – Love the new picture, poor MukMuk, he's like the "Mr. Bill" of Olympic mascots…

  18. Josh at |

    Why are Ollie/Syd/Millie, Cobi, Howdy/Hidy, Izzy, and Waldi on both the 10 Best and 10 Worst lists? Whoever wrote these articles has about as much imagination as the fools who came up with that horrid little Izzy.

  19. Tanya at |

    @Josh I can only speak for this list but I will have to go check out the other one: anyone who can come up with reasons why those mascots are among the 10 Best is truly imaginative!

  20. The Blackbird at |

    The other list was probably written by some IOC hack who wants to steal your thunder.

    Have you seen my photos of the 2nd Annual Poverty Olympics held in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside earlier this month? Itchy, Chewy and Creepy made another appearance!

  21. Flu-Bird at |

    Nothing wrong with OLLY DID and MILLIE at least they look like real animals then those wacky looking creatures from those BEJING olympics

  22. The Blackbird at |

    News flash! 2010 Mascots at Vancouver City Hall!

  23. The Blackbird at |

    Extra! Extra! Miga spotted on thin ice with members of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit …

  24. Evan at |

    Hey…!!! That's their own OCOG trademark. For me, Both Moscow 1980 Olympic Mascot, Misha Bear & Fuwa, 2008 Summer Olympic Mascot are the CUTE Mascot (yet include Sumi, Miga, Quatchi, & Mukmuk for 2010 Winter Olympics). if London OCOG Releases the Mascot, point it then edit this….

  25. The Blackbird at |

    News Flash! Quatchi listed as missing in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside!

  26. The Blackbird at |

    Sumi says, "Sue me," to the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and the BCCLA answered, "Sure!"

  27. Pogla The Grate at |

    In the lead up to the 2000 Olympics, there was a recall on the Millie Dolls. Apparently her breasts were too big, and could cause eye injury… I don't really need say any more, do I?

  28. The Blackbird at |

    Have you got a before and after shot of Millie? I'm thinking of entering medicine with the eventual goal of opening a breast augmentation clinic so my interest is strictly professional.

  29. Jess at |

    Number 3 is one of the best! Australian prouds themselves with those mascots

  30. jesse at |

    hahaha i love Cobi so cute!!!

  31. The Blackbird at |

    Someone has infringed on your copyright, Tanya … Link Removed.

  32. The Blackbird at |

    Now she's saying she is sure she saw your work somewhere else, i.e., she doubts – publicly – that you are the original author of the list. No class.

  33. Hanna at |

    The female bear on #7 has a moustache…am I the only one who noticed that?

  34. Kathy at |

    I personally find that the Beijing mascots are the cutest and rather inspiring (I'm pretty sure they have back stories and whatnot). I have the entire plush set of them.

    How can you be so superstitious? Luck is not up to a bunch of Olympic Mascots to control. How is that even possible? The designer probably just had heart problems.

    You also said "According to Wikipedia" that just made you instantly fail. No respectable internet user would use Wikipedia of all the websites to back up their argument. No matter how true the statement may be.

    All these mascots represent a country and their history, culture and their beliefs. Picking on them isn't the best thing to do.

  35. The Blackbird at |

    OMG … Kathy's comment is too funny! You're taking the idea of the importance of Olympic mascots way too far. I don't know anyone who considers them serious symbolic representations of their respective Host Nations. They're marketing tools, an advertising gimmicks and huge money makers for the local organizing committee. And that's all they'll remain unless local artists can subvert them to show visitors from outside the Host City what it really means to be a resident of it.

    That's my goal in spoofing the mascots, to reveal a more realistic interpretation of their place in the cultural life of Vancouver. Using them to bring unpleasant social, economic and cultural truths to the surface is far more valuable a service than to worship them as national icons. Ultimately, they are consumer products and those who purchase them can do what ever they want with them.

    Besides, picking on them can be sooooooo much fun!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  36. Kaylee at |

    If you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, you need to fact-check your information first.

    Muk-Muk is featured on TONS of Vancouver 2010 Olympic merchandise.

  37. The Blackbird at |

    Actually, Kaylee, you need to do a little research. For the longest time, Mukmuk was relegated to the two-dimensional online world. There were no plans to create a Mukmuk doll or use the character on souvenirs and such after the official mascots were created. The information on this is out there, you just have to do a little fact-checking.

  38. The Blackbird at |

    Yes, what Tanya said.

  39. The Blackbird at |

    Hey gang. In case anyone cares, I was interviewed by Art Threat about my mascot art:

    1. Tanya at |

      Just read it! Interesting backstory on your great pics-

      1. The Blackbird at |

        Thanks, Tanya. I've read a few of your other Top Tenz lists and you have a great sense of humour, so it means a lot that you enjoy my work.

  40. K at |

    I don't know about you but this page has no author. It can be someone who stay home all day playing video games or someone dropped out high school. Whoever it is! It is not reliable source. Just for the recorder, according to the Peter Hartlaub from msnbc, "Fuwa" is rated the forth best Olympic mascots. So I don't know why on this webpage "Fuwa" rated the worst of all time? My theory is that whoever wrote this must be hating 2008 Beijing Olympic is the BEST of Olympic by far!

    1. The Blackbird at |

      Beijing Olympics were the best by far at displacing people from their homes to make way for Olympic-related development. 1.5 million Chinese kicked out of their homes for a two week party makes Beijing the very best at disregarding human rights for the sake of appearances.

      Until the greedy corporate sponsors and their lapdog government partners start respecting human rights, civil liberties and equality for all peoples, no Olympic Games can be considered "the best." Until the IOC and host cities/countries start doing this, all Olympic Games – including Beijing – are the worst type of sports/entertainment spectacle on the planet.

      But I shouldn't be too hard on Beijing. After all, it will be smothered by the encroaching desert in just a few years. Everyone there will have to add another accessory (besides their operating room masks) to their wardrobe: goggles to keep the blowing sand out of their eyes. Or maybe Beijing could displace everyone, shut down the city and move all of the ugliness that is Communist China somewhere else.

      And the Fuwa suck! Ugly little mascots to represent an ugly event.

    2. K at |

      Please tell me WHAT DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, CIVIL LIBERTIES, and EQUALITY FOR ALL PEOPLE??? Moreover, "[t]he worst type of sports/entertainment spectacle on the planet." WHAT? You have no idea what you're talking about!!! I'm pretty sure on this huge planet must have worse than type of sports/entertainment spectacle. What are you talking about? Seriously, China is the fastest growing economy country right now and by far it is faster than United States. Soon China will overtake Japan second largest economy in the World. Addition, China is more than half of U.S. GDP(PPP). Now can you honesty tell me one more time that China is going to SHUT DOWN and displace someone else? Man, why am I so work up with these idiotic people anyway. It is wasting my precious time to people that have no idea what they are talking about. . . . . . . .

      1. The Blackbird at |

        Hi K! :)

        Well, you have turned this into a personal attack, rather than sticking to the issue you originally raised (Beijing 2008 is the Best Olympics ever). You seem quite angry and defensive, using all of that profanity. Not a very flattering manner in which to exercise the freedom of expression Chinese nationals do not enjoy in their country. I will remain on topic in replying.

        China may have the world's fastest growing economy, but that doesn't have anything to do with the Olympics. To that point, though, I have to say that I would far rater live in a small and peaceful country with a slowed economy and where human and civil rights are respected, that in China where many people were shot and lkilled by security forces because they did not vacate their residences to make way for Olympic development. Pardon me for suggesting it be so, but a country where safety and security of the person hangs by so loose a thread – and both China and the United States come to mind – is unappealing.

        Also, I did not write that China will shut down. I wrote that Beijing will soon be swallowed up by the desert. Why build brand new stadiums and other sports facilities in a city that won't be able to use them in a decade? The poetic justice here is that the desert will make Beijing an unlivable place regardless of how much power you have. It won't matter if you're a homeless peasant or if you're in the highest levels of government, nature is the great equalizer and will displace all of Beijing's residents soon enough, except scientists interested in researching the effects of desertification on once-thriving urban centres.

        The 2008 World Champion marathon runner refused to race in Beijing 2008 because of the air quality. I know it's hard for you to accept that Beijing will soon be uninhabitable, especially given the $40 billion spent on the Games, but that's no reason to deflect the Olympic discussion to one about world GDP and fastest growing economies. Please stay on topic, which is actually the top 10 worst Olympic mascots.

        Finally, if you're going to make public statements on the Internet about how great the Beijing mascots, Olympics and so on are, be prepared for a reply from others who take an opposing view. If you can't do that, then any attempt I might make to inform you what I know about civil liberties, human rights and equality would be futile. You must first learn the basics. Freedom of expression implies tolerance for the opinions of others. When you start swearing and lashing out in an impolite manner, it lends the appearance you do not respect another person's right to free expression.

        You obviously like Beijing, the Olympics and the Fuwa a lot. That's great!

        I don't … and that's great too!

        Keep having fun.

    3. TopTenz Master at |

      The authors are listed at the bottom of each article. Sometimes in the text, sometimes underneath the related list links. Tanya, who wrote this article, is one of the best writers and top researchers we use. She is also an editor for this site.

      1. The Blackbird at |

        Tanya's awesome! Go TopTenz!

  41. AtlantaGuy at |

    Izzy (#2) was short for “Whatisit?” And your recognition has nothing to do with Athena and Phevos. Within days of Izzy’s revelation, everyone here in Atlanta was referring to him as “the happy sperm”.

    1. The Blackbird at |

      Thanks for the info. I always thought Izzy was named as it was because its creators thought the first thing people would say on seeing it would be “Is he a [insert guess]?” 😉

    2. Me at |

      Also, as a fellow resident of Georgia, might I add that Izzy’s name was chosen as part of a contest to name him. I was never aware that Izzy was supposed to stand for anything, but I don’t doubt that what you say is true. Not sure what the other popular choices were other than I do remember one of them being ‘Kirby’, which stood out for me because I’m a gamer. I’m not sure if there was some kind of list you could vote on, I only heard the results on the news by chance. Oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be any information out there about this naming contest (I’m looking now as I write this out of curiosity), maybe some other Ga. resident can vouch for this or offer more information.

  42. Tom at |

    Wow, this Blackbird bloke really has an issue with China. I particularly like how you regurgitated the same material multiple times throughout the comments section.

  43. daniel at |

    I’ve been to 11 Olympics (so far), and while I have opinions about all of the mascots, I would have to say that seldom has there been anything created more rediculous than the original Izzy. When he was introduced in Barcelona as an animated image superimposed over the stadium during closing cerimonies, his legs were simply attachments, he was propelled by jets of stars coming out of the end of his tail. He was powered by super farts. He then proceded rapidly downhill as he was adjusted and tweeked into the massive sperm cell we’ve known and nausiated over. The only things worse than izzy, was his family. He even had an izzified horse… WOW.

    BTW, Muk Muk was stageringly popular in Vancouver. Anything that had Muk Muk on it was sold out within hours of being released.

  44. matasy at |

    i think waldi and mukmuk are rather cute :p

  45. Stephen at |

    Hey, love your list and number 2 Izzy haha poor Izzy just looks a little sad. I enjoyed your list and see a few people above took it a little too serious.

  46. Flu-Bird at |

    Olly,sid & millie three native animals of austalia Olly isa KOOKABURA a KINGFISHER and their calls have been used in jungle movies SID a PLATIPUS their duck bill and they come from eggs like olly dose and milly ECINA also comes from eggs which is what they also have in common

  47. Steph at |

    Great post! Love hearing about the best mascots. Some people hate them, but I always enjoy what they bring to the game. Pretty athletic what they do out there too! I found a fun ranking of all the mascots of the NBA and decided to search for more on them. That’s how I found yours.

    Thanks for the post! Loved it.

  48. Mr. Jones at |

    Don’t forget that Izzy had a few other things other mascots didn’t get. I was a kid here in Georgia when the olympics came, and I remember all this crap because it was forced on you here.

    1.) A Nintendo and Genesis game

    2.) A PC Game

    3.) A TV Special

  49. Eva at |

    I don’t see any problem of these mascots. The guy who gives the list has a very strange taste.

  50. idk at |

    really. everyone has different opinions. what’s the point of all this debate?

  51. stan at |

    MukMuk was my all time favorite. Not only very cute but helped raise awareness of the real life endangered Vancouver Island Marmot.


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