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  1. ChicagoCubz
    ChicagoCubz at |

    Devin Hester is a return man for the Cubs? When did this happen?

  2. Manny
    Manny at |

    LOL, Mike Ditka "singing" is like watching a seal being beaten. Wow, that was bad. Is there a better quality video?

  3. Lee
    Lee at |

    I'm pretty sure Kelly Pickler's incredible dumbness in an act. At least I hope so….

  4. Varuka Salt
    Varuka Salt at |

    Jeff Gordon is a Nascar Driver, not an Indy car driver.

  5. Mingusfan
    Mingusfan at |

    That one by Eddie Vader was pretty sweet actually.

    Almost all of them yell out "Let's get some runs!" afterwards haha.

    Naw, im playin'…go Cubs

    and Rockies

  6. suzybabies
    suzybabies at |

    william and his 'buy me some penis' remark hahahah

    i know it might be a languge barrier but still … come on

  7. GoCubbies
    GoCubbies at |

    You forgot to include Denise Richards. That one might be worse than all these put together!!!


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