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  1. ChicagoCubz at |

    Devin Hester is a return man for the Cubs? When did this happen?

  2. Manny at |

    LOL, Mike Ditka "singing" is like watching a seal being beaten. Wow, that was bad. Is there a better quality video?

  3. Lee at |

    I'm pretty sure Kelly Pickler's incredible dumbness in an act. At least I hope so….

  4. Varuka Salt at |

    Jeff Gordon is a Nascar Driver, not an Indy car driver.

  5. Mingusfan at |

    That one by Eddie Vader was pretty sweet actually.

    Almost all of them yell out "Let's get some runs!" afterwards haha.

    Naw, im playin'…go Cubs

    and Rockies

  6. suzybabies at |

    william and his 'buy me some penis' remark hahahah

    i know it might be a languge barrier but still … come on

  7. GoCubbies at |

    You forgot to include Denise Richards. That one might be worse than all these put together!!!


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