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  • andy

    you could argue that Hunter wrote for playboy since he had pieces exerted for them

    • I didn’t include writers who only had excerpts published. I was looking for writers who had short stories published in Playboy; ideally, writers who had written original stories for the magazine (although that information wasn’t always easy to find).

      Otherwise, Hunter S Thompson might have made this list. Of course, making the decision to include Thompson would knock Joseph Heller off the list, and you know what that would be…

  • Charles

    Murakami is definitely one of the greatest authors out there. Nice to see him referred to in a list…

    • When I was writing this list I discovered there’s a film adaptation of his novel Hear the Wind Sing and some of his short stories, including The Second Bakery Attack. Would love to see them –

  • thebard

    You missed one of the greatest scifi writers. Isaac Asimov and his story, The Eyes do More Then See. 1964.

    • It was very difficult to select just 10 – thanks for mentioning Asimov, I missed him in the list at the bottom and he is one of the greats.

  • Lou

    Kerouac is a dead ringer for Clive Owen. Perfect casting for bio.

    • I don’t agree, and I can’t actually think of any actors that look like him at all… Sam Riley is playing Kerouac in the 2011 film adaptation of On the Road (he played Ian Curtis in that movie about Joy Division, can’t remember the name) – I like him but I don’t think he looks like Jack either. In the past he’s been portrayed by Oliver Stone’s son Sean (American Road), and Daniel Martinez (The Beat). A young Warren Beatty might work if I had a time machine- but then again, if I had a time machine I would be too busy driving across the country with my new boyfriend Jack…

  • You missed a lot of Roald Dahl’s other work!
    His adult fiction can be “a tad” disturbing!
    Some of his short stories ended up in TV shows like “A Touch Of Evil” here in Australia and some others in the UK, “Alfred Hitchcock Present’s…”

    The classic story of the lady who brains her husband with a frozen leg of lamb, only to roast it and serve it to the investigating detective.

    Or the turkey farmer who kill’s his wife, mills her body and feeds it to a select few birds, which he gives to the police who investigated his wife’s disappearance.

    I always thought Flemming’s “Chitty chitty bang bang” was sorta the genesis for the Aston-Martin in the first “Bond” film, he had a lot to do with the first few movies.

  • Chris

    Awwww, I feel like Gabo (personal fav) or Kerouac deserved the #1, although I admit I am somewhat biased; I am not too hot for Atwood or Vonnegut. Very surprising to discover Atwood wrote for Playboy however. I also found Roald Dahl’s story title very amusing. All around good body of authors you have gathered, even if I might have rearranged it a touch.

    • Thanks Chris – it’s such a personal list, I’d be surprised to find anyone with the exact same top 10 in the same order. For example, I’ve only read one book and one short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; perhaps once I’ve read all of his work, I will want to rank him higher (or who knows, lower) on my list. Now that I’m looking at my choices, I’m wondering why I put Mailer so high… it’s challenging to rank them…

  • Amayernican

    Where’s Chuck Palahniuk?

    • I’ve added him to the list of other writers at the end- thanks for adding him.

      If his name isn’t familiar to other readers, he wrote ‘Fight Club’ (made into a movie of the same name) and his short story “Guts” appeared in Playboy in 2004 and “Knock-Knock” appeared in 2010. Interesting writer but not on my top 10 (I haven’t even read Fight Club so he’s not really eligible).

  • Ryan Wrenn

    Its too bad that John Updike, John Cheever and Isaac Bashevis Singer were not included.

  • Ed

    No Steve King?