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  1. andy at |

    you could argue that Hunter wrote for playboy since he had pieces exerted for them

  2. Charles at |

    Murakami is definitely one of the greatest authors out there. Nice to see him referred to in a list…

  3. thebard at |

    You missed one of the greatest scifi writers. Isaac Asimov and his story, The Eyes do More Then See. 1964.

  4. Lou at |

    Kerouac is a dead ringer for Clive Owen. Perfect casting for bio.

  5. Andrew at |

    You missed a lot of Roald Dahl’s other work!
    His adult fiction can be “a tad” disturbing!
    Some of his short stories ended up in TV shows like “A Touch Of Evil” here in Australia and some others in the UK, “Alfred Hitchcock Present’s…”

    The classic story of the lady who brains her husband with a frozen leg of lamb, only to roast it and serve it to the investigating detective.

    Or the turkey farmer who kill’s his wife, mills her body and feeds it to a select few birds, which he gives to the police who investigated his wife’s disappearance.

    I always thought Flemming’s “Chitty chitty bang bang” was sorta the genesis for the Aston-Martin in the first “Bond” film, he had a lot to do with the first few movies.

  6. Chris at |

    Awwww, I feel like Gabo (personal fav) or Kerouac deserved the #1, although I admit I am somewhat biased; I am not too hot for Atwood or Vonnegut. Very surprising to discover Atwood wrote for Playboy however. I also found Roald Dahl’s story title very amusing. All around good body of authors you have gathered, even if I might have rearranged it a touch.

  7. Amayernican at |

    Where’s Chuck Palahniuk?

  8. Ryan Wrenn at |

    Its too bad that John Updike, John Cheever and Isaac Bashevis Singer were not included.

  9. Ed at |

    No Steve King?

    1. Shell Harris at |

      Well, we do have quite a few lists about Mr. King such as this one showing his top 10 Stories:


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