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  • mrclam

    I’m pretty sure the author of The Anarchist Cookbook was named WILLIAM Powell.

    • Right you are, we have made the change.

      • mrclam

        That’s the strength of this site– you always strive for perfection and are unafraid to admit the occasional error. BTW, I cannot believe Martin Amis wrote a strategy book on video games! He’s written some pretty sophisticated novels (London Fields springs to mind) and I can hardly reconcile one book with the other! Overall, I enjoyed this article.

  • Laura

    Anne Rice also disowned her writing when she became a nun. She said the devil made her write her vampire novels. Since Twilight came out though, she seems to have had a change of heart (again).

  • Me

    I think “disown” is the wrong word to use. Disown means “to refuse to acknowledge as one’s own”. I can’t speak for the authors, but as a Stephen King fan, I believe he has said the book will never be reprinted but he has certainly never disowned it.