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  • GirlHere

    Dude if I’m ever this much of a bitch to my future husband, I’ll grant him permission to murder me. It sounds like she’s talking to a child throughout the whole article, which is totally disrespectful. When I read this I was disgusted. I can’t believe people talk to their husbands like this and that the husbands sit there and take it. I definitely wouldn’t want to be married to some pansy who let me walk all over him.

  • Jeff

    More proof that women–shallow, narcissistic creatures–should not be let anywhere near positions of power or influence (except if it’s the kitchen or with children).

  • Gab

    Jeeeeeebus! If you really dislike women/men so much just be gay/lesbian.
    What a lot of guff.

  • Faern

    The psychology of this article and the comments that ensue are nothing short of raw, pure, unadulterated entertainment! Thanks for the great article, and for the comment thread to die for. Loved it!

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