Top 10 Treadmill Fails, Bails, and WTFs


Treadmills can be a fantastic way to get in shape and stay there.  They are incredibly engineered machines that take thousands of pounds of beatings every minute they are in use. They are not, however, for any of the following applications.  People see a moving belt and figure they have to throw stuff on it and see what will happen. Well, people, this is not proper treadmill protocol but it will make for some pretty hilarious video. Alas, I give you YouTube’s top ten treadmill fails, bails and WTF’s.

10.  Patio Face Plant

We’ll start it out with a simple classic. This first treadmill fall is pure, unadulterated spinning treadmill belt to face smack action. Obviously, the person who shot the video was the same person getting assaulted by the treadmill and I have no idea why they would ever show this to anybody. Sure, watch it in privacy of your own mind over and over again, because it is hilarious, but why in the world would you ever subject yourself to such insane embarrassment?

9.  OK GO!

What you are about to witness here is Ok Go’s video for “Here it Goes Again” off of their “Oh No” record. While you may not dig the music or their outfits (look at me I need attention) you have to admit, the band pulls off the choreography brilliantly. The entire video is shot in one take, which leaves very little room for screwing up. After 17 takes, the choreographer, Trish Sie, thought the boys had gotten it perfect and everybody got to stop dancing on treadmills.

Almost entirely because of this music video, the band put this song in the billboard top 40. It has become one of the single most watched videos on YouTube with staggering numbers in excess of 52 million views. After all the hard work, Ok Go was presented with the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video; not too bad for four guys, a few treadmills, a handi-cam and an afternoon.

8.  BMX Treadmill Fail

At first, I found it hilarious just how well the whole riding a BMX on the treadmill thing was working out for this kid. These kids were probably thinking “how bad can it be” and “we should probably try and do some tricks on this thing”. Alas, the BMX isn’t necessarily built to perform in conjunction with treadmills and, as such, the very second one of the bikes wheels leaves the belt, things start to awry.

As the kid lifts the back tire off of the treadmill, his weight shifts to the front. And because the belt is moving at a rather fast velocity, it pulls the front tire of his bike down the belt and towards the back of the treadmill quicker than the wheel wants to spin. The result is the rider going head over heels and smashing that stupid hat off his head. Seriously, you want to make sure that you get a treadmill with excellent deck suspension so as to alleviate any pain that may be caused by doing front flips on BMXs on your treadmill.

7.  I Can Has Treadmill?

Sometimes the Internet can be a good thing. It is the portal to all human knowledge and it is easily accessible from something that can fit in your pocket. A lot of the time, though, the Internet’s user base just wants to see cats. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing because no matter what it is, it is bound to be cute.

This video is the perfect example of just how much the Internet loves cats. Having received more than 1.3 million views, this video includes two cats walking briskly on a treadmill. There is absolutely no entertainment value whatsoever to this video; there are simply two cats on a treadmill. That is all.

6.  Fat Girl?

The next video you are about to see isn’t necessarily the most aptly titled one. It is called “fat girl falls on treadmill” and, although somebody does fall on a treadmill, she most certainly is not fat.

A couple of teenage girls are laughing hysterically for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The first girl in the pink T-shirt is running on the treadmill and for some reason this excites teenage girls to no end. I have no idea why, but I have never been a teenage girl and perhaps there is something absolutely hysterical about running on a treadmill using proper form. After a short amount of running at a medium speed, the first girl puts her feet on the side rails of the treadmill and motions to her friend to get on. Her friend might be a little handy because prior to jumping on with both feet, she watches the belt spin around as if to wait for the perfect time. This action absolutely boggles my mind but, once she believes she has found the perfect time to jump on the treadmill, rather than starting her feet moving in a running motion, she just plants both of them at the back of belt by the rear roller.

What ensues is undoubtedly one of the more hilarious treadmill falls you are going to witness on YouTube. The treadmill launches her at the wall with all its force multiple times and the “fat girl” is forced to do a few flips to give the bail some style. At the end of this terrible affair, the girls are still laughing hysterically, despite the fact that one may now have permanent brain damage.

5.  Crazy Treadmill Japanese Game

The best thing about Japanese game shows is that, despite all the screaming in foreign languages (see Japanese), you can basically figure out what the object of the game is without knowledge of a single word.

In this game, contestants have to run to four different platforms and eat what was on them before advancing to the next one. With each platform, the speed of the treadmill gets faster to the point where it is basically impossible to make it to the last platform.

At the end of it all, tired as hell from all the running and a little bit disappointed in their failure, the contestant utterly gives up and the treadmill launches them backwards towards a hilariously placed pool of water. Who comes up with this stuff?

4.  Shrimp Running on A Treadmill

In the same vein as that cat video is this one of a shrimp running on a treadmill with the Benny Hill theme playing as an audio track. Similar to felines,  the Benny Hill theme song tends to make everything it graces much more hilarious.

Unlike the felines, however, the shrimp is simply one of the world’s most disgusting looking creations, albeit delicious. It is much more hilarious  running on a treadmill than any cat will ever be. This simple video will make you laugh out loud for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Seriously, you’ll be watching it, laughing out loud, somebody will ask you to describe and you’re going to have to answer “I’m watching a crustacean running on a treadmill to the Benny Hill theme song”.  Before watching this video, you have to realize that there are side effects such as this very shrimp haunting your dreams for the rest of your life.

3.  Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat

This is perhaps my favorite straight up fall on a treadmill. The scene is set: some dude is working on his computer, sans chair for some reason, when all of a sudden another man walks into the room knowing full well how awesome he truly is. He begins dancing to the music in the background and decides that crip-walking onto the moving belt of the treadmill is a good idea.

Almost immediately he realizes his mistake and begins to move his feet as quickly as possible so as to prevent himself from falling over. Fortunately for us though, that is not the case and this man hits the speeding belt with a good amount of force. The belt forces him to roll over to prevent getting belt burn and he kicks off his shoes off in the ensuing madness.

When those kicks go flying in the air, it has to be one of the funniest moments in YouTube history. What’s more is that for some reason, he puts his hands back on the moving belt and does another couple rolls.

What I like most about this video is that when he first comes in the room he is attempting to be the coolest thing since sliced bread but within seconds he proves to the entire world that he is in fact not that cool or perhaps simply hilarious. It is definitely one of the two though.

2.  Speedfit

I definitely could not help but laugh out loud at this next video either. This guy has created a treadmill that moves on four oversized rubber wheels as the user moves the belt of the treadmill. I don’t know exactly what was going through his head when actually went forth and built this monstrosity but it certainly was…  something

So, it looks like he has a fixed a set of bike handlebars along the front rail of his “Speedfit Speedmobile” that will give it the ability to turn.  He has done an incredible job at masking just how this monstrosity will in fact round corners but it looks as if there is a rod running from the handlebars down below the deck of the treadmill.

I don’t really understand the point of this piece of machinery. Treadmills are for indoor use because running outdoors isn’t always convenient or pleasant. This “Speedfit Speedmobile” doesn’t even go very fast. Granted, it’s probably got a little bit more momentum than you would have alone running down the street but again, what in the world was he thinking? The Speedmobile is only out cheesed by the music that adorns its video. If you don’t hit play and laugh almost immediately, there is something wrong with you. It only gets better when he gets his buddy to run on it with him. A treadmobile for two!!!

1.  Treadmill Falls Apart (Language Warning)

The all-time funniest kid falling on a treadmill video is this one right here. It wins for so many reasons but the thing that makes me laugh the hardest is the amount of style with which this guy falls. You’ll probably start laughing around when the first part of the treadmill falls off and the guy running on it struggles to stay upright.  My absolute favorite part is how he tries to keep himself standing by using his head as a means of keeping his body-weight away from the spinning belt.  Once the front panel has completely given way, the ensuing fall can only be described as absolutely hilarious but graceful. Once his body hits the moving belt, he realizes he’s been defeated and lets go to be shot off the back of the treadmill with hilariously mediocre speed. Everybody proceeds to laugh in his face for 30 seconds; as they should.

This piece was contributed to us by the wonderful people at Treadmill

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  1. What made me laugh the most, was actually the descriptions. I have a stomachache from laughing so hard XD

  2. You made your own list obsolete by putting the OK Go video so low. I'm not saying "it has to be #1 or else", but NONE of the other entries even compares to the ingenuity present in "Here It Goes Again". It's not even like it's close…

  3. Additional trivia about the Japanese game show vid…the water is also quite hot. Notice how some shots show the 'contestants' scrambling out of the pool and lunging for a big blue bowl? The bowl is full of ice to cool them off! The hot water and ice bowl are common elements for the 'games' these Japanese create.

    The Ok Go video was totally awesome, seeing as the whole sequence was one continuous shot.