Top 10 Dangerous Words and Phrases Women LOVE to Use


The differences between men and women is a tremendously popular topic, especially when it comes to decoding women’s language. Countless books, articles have been written on this subject and many studies portray women and men as alien beings. “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray and “You Just Don’t Understand” by Deborah Tannen are 2 of the books that have topped the bestseller lists in countries from all continents.

One of the most intriguing questions is “Why don’t women just say what they mean?” Because women are born negotiators, politicians, diplomats, you name it! Women use metaphors, analogies, nothing is spoken directly, questions are rhetoric and everything has multiple meanings. No wonder men have no clue what women expect from them! Yes, women know how to introduce ideas and alternatives  through the back door. Men are basic, women are details. Details, details, details…If you don’t got the details, do not talk to a woman 🙂

Who didn’t experience those moments when you felt that talking to a brick wall is more constructive than talking to your wife/husband, boyfriend or girlfriend? Men and women simply don’t communicate in the same way, particularly under stress. When a woman had a bad day, she is nervous or simply agitated, communication becomes stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. This funny Top Ten list features ten dangerous phrases and words women from all over the world love to use when they are tensed up. Remember, the signal for being in trouble is not reduced to words, it’s about the whole emotional messages behind the words, the nuances, but most importantly the body language and the tone of her voice. If you are married or if you are a “de facto” husband, this is no news for you, but I you are single and you are thinking about getting in a serious  relationship, listen up!

10. You are not wearing THAT, are you?

Even if it looks like a question, this phrase is actually a suggestion or an order, depending on the woman’s mood. It’s quite a dangerous phrase, because if men don’t know how to react appropriately, it is usually followed by a looong discussion. The meaning of  “You are not wearing THAT, are you?” could be either a.) she does not like it or b.) it is not appropriate for the occasion. Regardless the case, the translation of this seemingly rhetoric question is “YOU’RE NOT WEARING THAT!”, so run and change. Men are great, they make life worth living, you are our inspiration and support, but you make some really bad decisions when it comes to clothing and because we care, we would like to help. Does this sound familiar?

She: Oh…please tell me you are not wearing that outfit tonight, are you? It’s hideous…

He, ironic: No, see, I was in the closet and you weren’t around to help me, so this outfit must have been hanging right next what you wanted me to wear. Well, I am going to change now.

9. What are you doing? Do you have to do this now?

Image result for What are you doing? Do you have to do this now?

According to your wife or girlfriend, what you are doing in that moment is stupid and unimportant. She has other plans for you. It is useless to start a discussion because you ain’t gonna win that argument. No matter how you answer this tricky question, you will immediately find yourself driving down to your home’s nearest supermarket, IKEA, Home Depot etc.  Men always want to be right, but women sabotage their success.

She: What exactly do you think you’re doing? Do you have to fix your computer now? What is this mess? The trash needs to be taken out and we need some groceries. By the way, the washing machine isn’t working anymore.

He: OK, fine! Whatever…

8. Listen to me! Are you listening?

Image result for Listen to me! Are you listening?.

Women are the king of “You don’t understand”, “You don’t listen”, “No one listens to me anymore”. If your girlfriend or wife has something to say, pay attention, otherwise she will just get really, really upset and you will end up regretting it. When women use the phrase “Listen to me!”, you are still on safe ground, she is giving you a second chance to engage in the conversation. But when she is using “Are you listening???”, you are dead. She will most likely make sure the evening is going to be unpleasant. Take these two dangerous phrases as prior warnings.

She: Now listen to me, ’cause I’m only gonna say this once: if I catch you another playing computer games, you will be in big trouble! Now go and fix that broken washing machine!

He: Can’t I relax for half an hour?

She: We can relax together. Why do you have to lose so much time with your stupid PC games? Am I not important enough? Why do you prefer to play games than spend time with me? Are you listening???

He: Yes, my dear!

She: No, you are not listening! You are still thinking about your “fascinating” World of Warcraft. Your insanely obsession with those absurd PC games drives me crazy. Are computer games really the answer to relaxation for you? (…)

7. Do you know what day is today?

Image result for Do you know what day is today?

Birthday, one week anniversary, one month anniversary, one year anniversary…engagement anniversary, wedding anniversary, international women’s day … some women celebrate anything and everything they can tie a significant meaning to. If your wife or girlfriend is part of this category and you forget the anniversary, you are screwed. She will forgive you, but she won’t forget it.

She: Bill, do you remember what day is today?

He: How could I forget it? It’s Friday.

She: It’s our anniversary…

He: Oops, I’m just a guy! You know how bad my memory is…

6. You’re right, I should do that (…)

Image result for You’re right, I should do that

No matter what you asked, she reacts as if she is accepting it, but actually, she is not! It’s a challenge. She will make sure you will pay for this later and you will be sorry! By paying, I mean both material and immaterial aspects.

She: I hope you didn’t take any appointments this weekend, because I am planning to clean the house from top to bottom and I will need your help.

He: Baby, you work so hard! Why don’t you take the weekend off, call the girls and have some fun? Go to the Spa, hit the shops…I will watch the children.

She: The house must be cleaned. Period. Do not start with me.

He: You know that I love to share the housework with you, I just want to treat you like the queen that you are, you deserve it!

She: You know what? You’re right, I should do that. God knows I need a Spa session. I saw some days ago a gorgeous Prada handbag and peep toe matching shoes. I will call the girls and schedule the weekend. By the way, I will need your credit card, ‘cause mine needs to be reactivated. Can’t wait to hit the shops!

He: Crap.

5. The decision is yours

Women will set you up and unknowing, you will fall into the traps. When women use this phrase, they dare their partners to make the decision, but it is not an empowerment. Women test if you have got the courage to cross the line. For your own sake, you better not make this decision alone.

He: Honey, I was thinking…we need a new car. The old one is unsafe, it’s breaking down too often, the undercarriage is rusting…what about a Mazda MX-5 Miata?

She: We don’t need a new car! Especially a sports car! You’d better start putting money aside for your children’s education. College ain’t cheap!

He: But we can afford both the car and college. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

She: Which part of  ‘no’ don’t you understand? The N or the O?

He: Honey…

She: FINE, go ahead! The decision is yours…

4. Nothing

Image result for nothing is wrong

Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, best sums it up: “Men have their own caves on which the sign states “Please do not disturb.” Men like to retreat into their own world where they feel they are in control. Women also have caves but the sign on their caves is “I need to talk”. When a man asks a woman what’s wrong and she says “Nothing” it really means “Nothing, unless you care to listen and give me an opportunity to talk.” Of course, there is also the dangerous side of “nothing”. Do you remember Homer Simpson’s words of wisdom? When a woman says nothing’s wrong that means everything’s wrong. The “Nothing Syndrome” is the calm before the avalanche of complaints.

He: What’s wrong?

She: Nothing.

He: What did I do wrong?

She: Nothing, leave me alone!

He: Why can’t you tell me?

She: Cause YOU’RE the problem and I don’t want to talk about it!

3. Is there anything new you want to try in bed tonight?

Think, think really hard before answering! Regardless of what you are coming up with, she may snap at you and here comes the cross-examination. She will get suspicious. Unfortunately, you don’t have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you.

He: Wanna try something new in bed tonight?

She: Something like…?

He: …

She: Where did you learn this? In your ”business” trip to Thailand?

2. Whatever

Whatever…a classic among classics, a verbal weapon used by both men and women. When a woman says “whatever” during a fight, it means that she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, because you are pathetic. At this point you should be VERY worried. She has two words for you: screw you! Women make noises (including yelling) to get attention. When stress strikes and her main hormones – Cortisol, Epinephrine, and Oxytocin – go crazy, don’t let her alone, even if she is pushing you away. On one hand, men have their own caves on which the sign states “Please do not disturb.” Men like to retreat into their own world where they feel they are in control. Women, on the other hand, also have caves but the sign on their caves is “I need to talk”. Whatever can be translated in some cases as: you disappointed me, it seems that I am not the same important to you as you are to me and it hurts.

He: Sorry, I forgot to pass by the drugstore and take your medicine.

She: Whatever…

1. We need to talk – the “Come to Jesus” meeting

Image result for We need to talk

This phrase is dangerous and if you hear it, you’re in trouble! Seinfeld’s George Costanza, one of the funniest characters in sitcom, once said “we need to talk” is “the worst four words in the English language”. Well, in any language. Your wife or girlfriend is about to lose her mind. She has had it and SHE wants to talk. It is the typical “Come to Jesus” meeting of relationships: a time when a polite ultimatum is given, generally followed by a less polite ultimatum, then a threat. Guilty, guilty, guilty…

She: We need to talk!

She: I am not the only one in this house who knows how to use a vacuum cleaner!

She: Are you allergic to the hamper? How many times did I tell you to put the dirty clothes directly in the wash basket? Our bed is not a laundry hamper.

She: Why is the bathroom floor covered in water?

She: (…)

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  1. Way to simultaneously perpetuate two stereotypes:

    1) Women all talk like passive-aggressive bipolar hummingbirds on crack. (Commenters: Thanks for dressing this up in words like “intuitive,” which are essentially content-free BS but were intended to placate me! Bonus points!)

    2) Women aren’t funny.

    If you could work in something about daddy issues or how hard ladies find math, I think you might land a hat trick.

    • I love the satire you used, even if it was accidental.
      Even though you and I are essentially on the same page for opinions about this post, I would challenge you to try and find light in here. Admittedly, I haven’t tried at all. I’m a bit hypocritical, but I still challenge you if you’re up for some thinking.
      Your comment stood out to me with such wonderful and unique writing. It popped. I hope you find this interesting if anything, WonderGirl.

  2. You know, I don’t agree with a lot of this, and I’m a woman.
    For example: I just happen to be incredibly indecisive, so when I tell my boyfriend “it’s up to you…it’s your decision” I actually mean it. I WANT him to make the decision.
    And if I say I “plan to clean” and he says not to worry about it…I’m not going to turn his suggestion into a challenge. If I want to clean I will. If I don’t I wont.

    This makes women sound evil and vindictive ALL THE TIME….You know what, WE DON’T ALWAYS HAVE AN AGENDA.

  3. Wow! If any man takes any advice from this article, he is doomed for his entire relationship. We both have different roles to play. And if a woman needs to have so much control over her man, shes not a woman. shes a pain in the ass!

    If a woman cant show her emotions or be honest then I have no time to waste for her.

    On to the next, dont be cruel be patient and polite, most of all, set yourself up with some boundaries especially in the beginning. Let it be known what is appropriate behavior and what is not.

    Good luck everyone

  4. If women didnt do all this stuff to men, why would there be so many posts and searches from men looking for this ? LOL

  5. Most of these do not apply to me, really. And I’m a woman. The only thing I can probably relate to is “nothing”. “Whatever” has a very different meaning to me. It’s more like, “okay, your point in the argument is acceptable, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am hurt”. Not necessarily “pathetic”–that is just too much.

    Judging from the statements, this article was written by a woman, and a very controlling one. I for one cannot fathom talking down my husband or my boyfriend–because they deserve “respect”.

    I don’t believe that guys have that “stay away” sign–unless you’re getting into his hair too much.
    Besides, what’s wrong with playing World of Warcraft? Rule of thumb: stay away from guys that do not share the same interest (or at least a common ground) as you. Since you don’t play, you can never understand how they can find it entertaining–and with the attitude you had shown everyone, hell, even I will choose to play Tetris than talk to you.

    In short: stop nagging. If you’re stressed, agitated, just be quiet. If you have this kind of demeanor when stressed or hurt, then look for more peaceful, less demeaning ways to communicate your displeasure. I am a woman, but I don’t approve of this.

  6. I don’t agree with the sandwich thing, hell no. You want a sandwich, make it yourself and make me one too as long as i ask nicely. Women and men should respect each other, and it’s just that women are different and have needs when it comes to talking it out. If you’re in a relationship you should already know your way around women. Women just end up doing more of the cooking and cleaning, but the man should at least help with garbage and dishes or something like that. Just say please and thank you (like you mean it) and you’ll be fine. About sex, just don’t offend the girl, and if anything… well, like someone said it can’t be stopped and I can figure that’s probably true….so… I don’t know what to say to that. oh well. Most women aren’t so touchy so all I have to say is speak for yourself and that those are stereotypical housewife ideas set by none other than the sitcoms we watch. (example: everybody love’s Raymond) don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but it’s a clear example.

    • you know the whole “make me a sandwich” thing is really just a crazy internet meme/joke.
      We’re in that stage of gender culture where we joke about the sexism of the past, and where some people overcompensate for sexism- feminazis.
      Hopefully I see us moving against that overcompensation for total equality as feminism is outdated. There are little things sexist against men and women.
      Actually all humans have needs to talk it out, it’s just more accepted in society and culture for women to talk about their feelings. It’s unfortunate and difficult for any human to have to adapt to an emotionless persona. Emotions are very real in humans and we eff them up all the time by ignoring them instead of confronting and trying to figure them out.

      Contradtortally, sometimes the women who work in our lives frustrate us because it feels like blackmail, as if we owe them this debt because of all the cooking and cleaning they do. I’ve experienced this first hand with my mother, and since I was born into her doing this for me I never learned to do those things for myself. Now I have to break lazy habits on my own, because my delusional mother actually does blackmail me with “all I do for you, you selfish person blah blah blah!” This is not because she is a woman, but related to that concept just because I was born into a quasi-fundamentalist family. It’s mainly because my dad is a workaholic and has minimal time to spend on the rest of his life, let alone cooking and cleaning for us. (his job made more money than my mom’s and so she quit to raise me. Believe me, I hear about that one on a weekly basis!)

      I was the guy that said sex is more controlling of us than girls. I think if girls are empathetic about sex and COMMUNICATION is involved compromises and understanding can be worked out. I honestly think one argument against evolution is how girls evolved to not like sex very much. WTF is up with that? You’d think the horniest girls would have the most children before we were smart enough to invent birth control. Heh maybe that messed it up. Anywhoozel, I figure if us guys are empathetic to estrogen-based emotional craziness and girls in return are empathetic to our testosterone-based horniness, then presto we are chock full of empathy and it all works out.

      Oh god my parents love Everybody Loves Raymond. I HATE DEBRA on that show. She is so mean to Ray, and sometimes he’s right but he doesn’t defend himself well, for the comedic aspect of the show. If they were a couple in real life they’d be divorced by now thanks to Debra. She has anger problems. But her more modern housewife character, Frankie, on that new show The Middle is much calmer. (it’s funny I’ve always hated Debra but never thought I was justified until now.)
      And yeah besides the fundamentalist feminazi vibe that show has some pretty well-written, creative and genius humor.

    • Wowza, no idea my comment turned out that long. Have fun reading! (that’s what you get from someone who’s been writing since his 3rd birthday =D)

  7. Girls everywhere and all you emasculated “men” who are trying so hard to be politically correct at the expense of your masculinity, listen up.

    Men and women are equals. This does not mean that they are equal in every single thing they do. For example, men are, on average, physically stronger than women. It is much easier for a semi attractive (even a 6/10) woman to go out and get laid. The same cannot be said about men. Men have to work at it, have some skill (game) and thereby get a woman to sleep with them. It is a LOT harder for an equally attractive man to get women than it is the other way around. This is one of reasons behind why we, as a society, naturally celebrate men who are successful in bedding multiple women; while at the same time shame women who bed multiple men.

    Let us briefly visit the topic of virginity from both perspectives. Virginity in a man is not a desirable state or label when it comes to an attribute that the opposite sex wants. This is because he has obviously not been preselected by other women. However, female virginity is not looked at negatively in the least by men. If she looks decent, no man cares if the girl is a virgin or not. In fact, a female virgin is often wanted more.

    Now don’t get me wrong, men LOVE sluts. We will never turn down an opportunity to sleep with a good looking slut. Partly because she’s good in bed, partly because it’s sex. But any decently intelligent, self-respecting man will know that it is a terrible idea to emotionally involve himself (i.e. date) with a slutty girl. That would be a very dumb move. Why would any man want to get emotionally involved with a girl who’s had 15+ sexual partners? We would just be setting ourselves up for failure. There are many nice worthy girls out there who don’t have daddy issues and haven’t slept with an entire fraternity house. But, by all means, fvck the brains out of sluts in the meanwhile.

    Most guys can detect when a girl is a slut by the first few dates and by what he hears about the girl from other people and from the girl herlself. We put this information together and figure out if she is dating material or not. If not, I like most guys, will still go in for the prize but have no intention of following through with dating the dirty little tart.

    To put it simply, a lock that can be opened by many keys is a useless lock and of little worth. But a key that can open many locks is a master key and is valuable.

    • To make your thoughts even more complicated, lets talk about the Tomboy Revolution and how rejected by our fashionista society they are.
      What can I say? I’m in love with a tomboy and society SUCKS.

      Oh yeah, lock and key analogy is genius. Gotta love that one.

  8. so….why is it always about her? Why is every article written by a woman about “helping men” always about helping the men to give in to woman’s every little desire? Women are control freaks and it is exactly because once a month they have a period. It is COMPLETELY outside of their control, like just about everything else which they can bever accept, so they ABSOLUTELY MUST CONTROL EVERYTHING ELSE except they utterly fail when it comes to controlling themselves. This is MISANDRY and VAGINIZATION of men and it is exactly what the decline of western civilization will be blamed upon in the future, ASSUMING there is anyone left to even tell the tale. God help us all if the US ever gets a female President, the missiles will start flying in earnest during her first monthly cycle.

  9. DR ASIKA KUMA. I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for the time that you took with me and helping me to get michelle back. Through all the phone calls and e-mails, you were there for me and helped me to get him back. God has truly blessed you with a very special gift. Never give up and always continue to follow Gods light as you have been and things will continue to look up for you. Just as you told me, God always watches the actions of every person and makes determinations on their future based upon this. Well, I did my part with the extensive negative releasing spell and kept in contact with you, probably more that I should have. I have been blessed and I am grateful that God put you in my path.You are the perfect spell caster i have never met,you can contact him with this email [email protected].

  10. OK, I started searching for a ‘specific’ question (why does a woman use reverse psychology against men to get an reaction the man would not have given her) but ended up here and I think I might get an answer here?!

    I have a girlfriend, not married yet but she stays in my house and wears the pants by giving all the orders how she likes it. I don’t want to get married anymore unless I get a good way to handle this situation or to tell her in the right why she actually is doing things, because my method just goes in by one ear and out by the other… Please suggest a way to deal with this or maybe someone else I can get in to tell her what she does is wrong. I don’t want someone who is neutral, but someone who is straight so that who ever is wrong can finally hear it from someone else. I really love her, but hell, this can’t go on like this…

    OK, my question:
    Why does she use “reverse psychology” (hope it is the right term) to work me up and make me do something and then use my reaction against me? I will be as calm as can be and she will go on about something, on on on on on until I start to talk loader just so she can listen to me and then she starts to talks me dead and then I have to almost scream just to end my sentences. Then she tells everybody I am rude and scream at her and I have no respect where I was as calm as can be and she made me end up being like that on that spot! Other wise I am a very calm guy… She will also tell people that I was like that from the beginning where I was NOT but being worked up by her so that I end up being like that!

    What must I do???

    • Joe Whitehead on

      Look up “control issues” on a search engine. You will find that many people try to control others. The only problem is, they use Grade School Tactics, ie. I love to have you as my friend. Then during the next couple of days, I hate you, you don’t care about me.l You tell them you do like them and then it starts all over agin.

      You are bing controlled buddy. I know, look at my wifes post down below. Here in Oregon, most of the women are willing to please their man. My wife is just the oposite. She only wants to be treated special.

      TIme for a divorce, Linda,. The kids are gone and you are a big problem. Too many years of abuse by a B****!

  11. Linda Whitehead on

    If I didn’t keep my husband reined in, he would have spent every last dime on his toys or his house or his family. I tell him, almost every day, there is no reason to let you have EVERYTHING YOU WANT!

    I am so tired of him telling me it cost $28.00 a week for my hair appointment, That is all I cost him. He doesn’t appreciate my cleaning the house or going to get take out.

    He gets mad because I won’t allow him to buy frivolous car accessories that cost hundreds of dollars. Either he spends more money on me, or I am out of here. I am fed up with him.

    • Why the he** does it have to about you you you. You sound like a spoiled bi*ch that thinks he should buy you things but oh wait when he asks for something you get all bit*chy. You statement ” Either he spends more money on me, or I am out of here.” makes you sound like all your after is money. Go get a job if you don’t have one.

  12. Women complain about how unfair it is that men are called studs when they sleep around, yet women get called sluts for the exact same behavior. Itâ??s actually not a double standard though, because both scenarios are pretty different in terms of circumstances and consequences. I can think of at least four crucial differences:

    First, sleeping around is easier for women. Regardless of how you feel about promiscuity, we can all agree that a guy who manages to rack up a lot of sexual partners has to have some skills. Itâ??s challenging for men to rack up partners, even for men with low standards. A man needs social intelligence, interpersonal skills, persistence, thick skin, and plain old dumb luck. For women, though, a vagina and a pulse is often enough. Whenever an accomplishment requires absolutely no challenge, no one respects it. Itâ??s just viewed as a lack of self-discipline. People respect those who accomplish challenging feats, while they consider those who overindulge in easily obtained feats as weak, untrustworthy or flawed.

    Second, women have potential to do more harm by sleeping around than men do. Say a man sleeps around with a bunch of different women. Heâ??s definitely doing harm to these women if he pretends to be monogamous while sleeping around. He may cause them emotional pain by his promiscuity. He may cause unwanted pregnancy. He may spread VD. When women sleep around, however, they can cause not only all these same ill effects but one additional crucial ill effect: the risk of unknown parentage.

    If one guy sleeps around with five women, each of whom is monogamous to him, and they all get pregnant, itâ??s a safe bet as to who the father is. If you reverse genders and have one woman who sleeps around with five men who are monogamous to her, and she gets pregnant, the father could be any of the five men. And if one of those men is tricked into raising a baby that isnâ??t his, heâ??s investing time, money, estate and property to provide for a child that isnâ??t carrying his DNA into the next generations, a costly mistake from an evolutionary standpoint.

    Our two basic primal drives are to survive and to reproduce, and promiscuous women traditionally make it hard for a man to know for sure whether he is truly reproducing or is secretly raising another manâ??s child. Men stand a lot more to lose from promiscuous women than the other way around. And itâ??s no picnic for the child to not know who his real father is either. And itâ??s a mess for the women carrying on the deception as well. Or just look at any random episode of the Maury show if you donâ??t believe me.

    Since the DNA test and the birth control pill didnâ??t exist until recently, there were no reliable ways to prevent pregnancy or prove parentage for most of human history. For this reason society developed a vested interest in preventing promiscuity among women, and society accomplished this by creating the slut stigma. And even though the creation of birth control and DNA tests have made this less of a risk than the past, longstanding traditions and customs are not easy for society to break so the slut stigma remains.

    Third, men have evolutionary reasons to be programmed to sleep around more. A lot of women roll their eyes when they hear that men are â??hard-wiredâ?? to sleep around. But from an evolutionary standpoint, it makes total sense. If the two primal drives of humans are to survive and to reproduce, nothing leads to maximum reproduction like one man sleeping with multiple women. If one women sleeps with many men in a nine month period, she can only get pregnant just once. Nine months of rampant promiscuity would give the same result as nine months of highly sexed monogamy: one pregnancy. Now if one man sleeps with many women during a nine month period, you can get many pregnancies during that period. The more women he sleeps with, the more possible pregnancies.

    So from an evolutionary standpoint, there are concrete advantages to men being promiscuous compared to women being promiscuous. This doesnâ??t mean that women have evolved to be strictly monogamous. Women have evolved to be somewhat promiscuous too, something men badly underestimate. However they havenâ??t evolved to be as rampantly promiscuous as men.

    Fourth, promiscuity poses more risk to women than to men. A woman has more to lose from choosing bad sex partners than a man does. Sheâ??s the one who gets stuck with going through a pregnancy and taking care of a baby alone if she chooses a deadbeat. For this reason, promiscuous women throughout history have historically been viewed as being a vastly more irresponsible risk takers than promiscuous men, who rightly or wrongly could always run away from the consequences of unwanted pregnancies easier than women could.

    These four reasons explain why the longstanding tradition came about of men being rewarded for multiple partners while women get socially punished for similar promiscuity. Of course all this is gradually changing, but weâ??re up against millenia of evolutionary and cultural conditioning here, so donâ??t expect any dramatic overnight reversals.

    Understand that Iâ??m just explaining why the double standard came into existence and not condoning or condemning it. This is not an attempt to pass judgment or be self-righteous in any way. Itâ??s just an explanation of why the two conditions are treated differently.

  13. “Yea, but always being wrong just beats you down.” Those are very toxic relationships when both men and women have the attitude of that’s always wrong, whatever you say is wrong. Those kind of negative people need to be left alone. Those type are generally the miss nose up in air, the I can’t do anything wrong, the look at me (me me me) I always got A’s in high school type catty BS women. Ugh those are awful women until they get a**es beat down a few times and thrown into the dirt and they start to learn their lesson that she’s not always right and people hate those types.

  14. I think you meant to write “verbal abusers” instead of women in general. I would never tolerate someone talking to me like that, nor would I treat my boyfriend with such scorn and contempt. Being female doesn’t mean you have the right to talk down to people like this, nor does it mean that you do. I agree that sometimes we can say one thing while meaning another, but the way this was presented was derogatory and offensive, not funny. We must all be manipulative, venomous spendthrifts, according to these guidelines. I would argue that a healthy relationship would go in just about the exact opposite direction of this list — open communication and mutual respect. Forget the pedestal that lets women do and say whatever they want, or the old system where men conversely rule make all the decisions and get cow towed to by their women.

  15. xKnightLightx on

    I believe women tend to use these phrases, words when they are either really pissed off, or if they simply dont truly love you…. because if they truly love you.. and trust you.. i dont think they are likely to make you go through so much trouble. but that’s what i think..

    but it’s probably a fact

  16. The big differences:

    women – indecisive, likes to over think consequences
    men – decisive, knows the consequences but does it anyways

    women – talkative, gossipy
    men – action first, talk later

    women – lacks logic, can’t invent
    men – lacks understanding

    women – always emotional wreck
    men – Can’t understand women mood swings

    women – you must know what I am thinking, else you are dumb!
    men – no i really don’t know what’s on your mind if you don’t tell me!

  17. Was this written by 17 year old girl? There is nothing but regurgitated stereotypes in this article, try again

  18. Dude if I’m ever this much of a bitch to my future husband, I’ll grant him permission to murder me. It sounds like she’s talking to a child throughout the whole article, which is totally disrespectful. When I read this I was disgusted. I can’t believe people talk to their husbands like this and that the husbands sit there and take it. I definitely wouldn’t want to be married to some pansy who let me walk all over him.

  19. More proof that women–shallow, narcissistic creatures–should not be let anywhere near positions of power or influence (except if it’s the kitchen or with children).

  20. Jeeeeeebus! If you really dislike women/men so much just be gay/lesbian.
    What a lot of guff.

  21. The psychology of this article and the comments that ensue are nothing short of raw, pure, unadulterated entertainment! Thanks for the great article, and for the comment thread to die for. Loved it!