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  • Erik Turner

    I would like to submit S.M. Stirling’s “Dies The Fire” as one of the better post-apocalyptic novels. The cause of the “Apocalypse” is a bit far-fetched (fast combustion is somehow suppressed) but the description of a society in a fast collapse scenario seems chillingly plausible.

    It’s a good read and the first of 6 books in the Emberverse series. In my opinion, the later books in the series get more and more “fantasy-oriented” and don’t have the same impact as the first novel.



  • CBomb

    I would like to toss “Dust” by Charles Pellagrino into the ring. An astonishingly intellectual book that handles the simple question, “What if a few insects disappeared.” The answer is terrifying.

  • Donald W Berghuis

    Is it appropriate to suggest one’s own book in this list? I have written a book entitled “All Alone”, It is the story of a man who is left as the only apparent survivor of a wold wide cataclysm which , in addition to wiping out all human life except him, has also destroyed almost all electrical power. He finds an operative TV that indicates there may be life in a distant city. His journey there and the time following is , I think, an intriguing story. It is not available through most outlets, as I submitted it to “Publish America” which is a Print on Demand house. You can order it through them, or contact me—I have about 30 copies of it available. I’ll sell them for $10 a copy, which is what they cost me.