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  1. Rolo Tomasi
    Rolo Tomasi at |

    Awesome list! Very well done. My favorite is Capone vs Moran. One of my favorites quotes from Capone in the Untouchables:

    "You put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of yours in the morgue…"

  2. John McDonnell
    John McDonnell at |

    The Hatfield and McCoy descendants appeared on Family Feud? Their ancestors must have been rolling over in their graves.

  3. Robert Benson
    Robert Benson at |

    Where is Tupac and Biggie?

    1. Joseph
      Joseph at |

      Cmon now ???

  4. mika l
    mika l at |

    interesting story of the mccoys and hatfields! I've never heard of them even in history books and i'm 26! definently opens your mind to other avenue about how much knowledge is out there and it's accessible if you reach out and grab it!

  5. Joe
    Joe at |

    True story, in my home town of Corning, California, (pop. 7,000) there are two hardware stores: Hatfield's Ace Hardware and McCoy's Farm and Hardware.

  6. Amy
    Amy at |

    This isn't even a Top 10 without the Capulets and the Montagues. Seriously. What a pile of wank.

    1. Josh
      Josh at |

      Not trying to embarrass you, but your do realize that the Capulets and Montagues are fictional characters in a fictional play. The families and people on this list actually existed.

      1. Shawn
        Shawn at |

        What about Springfield vs. Shelbyville?

      2. poppy
        poppy at |

        Well they weren’t completely fictional they were political party’s but yeah I agree they don’t really count

  7. Lachlan
    Lachlan at |

    Re- number 7, Clan Chattan:- interesting read, I’m descended from Hal O’ The Wynd, who was my clan progenator.

    In recognition for his services to Clan Chattan, Henry was permitted to start a clan/sept of his own with its own name, meanwhile owing allegiance to Clan MacPherson, a main Clan within the Confederation of Clan Chattan.

    Though described as diminutive in your story, he was short (but not diminutive) and very strong, being a blacksmith, as well as reputedly being a good archer and swordsman. According to sources “at or around” the time, he got Clan Chattan off to a flying start by whacking one of the opposition with an arrow. Then another. Then he left line of battle and sat down, pleased at having shortened the odds and giving the others a chance to finish it off. As the swords and axes were swinging and lobbing off arms and cleaving heads, the captain of Clan Chattan implored Henry to re-join the battle. Up he got, big sword in his hands and started swinging left and right with great skill and dexterity. The end of the battle was signalled by the one and only opposition survivor high-tailing it from the gory field, jumping into the River Tay and swimming as fast and far as possible. I should add here that Henry was sponsored to join the Chattan side, to the extent that it would leave him looked after for the rest of his natural life ! The trial by combat was witnessed by an audience which included the Scottish King, plus many Scottish, English and foreign nobles. Like an extreme edition of “Gladiators” or “Ninja Warrior”

    The Clan Henry started became known as “Sliochd na Gobha Chrom” or “Clan of the Bow-Legged Blacksmith !” Settling in the Highlands of Perthshire and Invernes-shire, in time, the more convenient versions of “Gow” and “MacGowan” were introduced. My family all come from the Blair Atholl district of North Perthshire.

  8. italy czeczeli
    italy czeczeli at |

    me and my mother think were mccoys 70 years ago marybelle mullins was adopted by italy fields and charlie mullins from virginia charles mullins was a abulance driver and imbsalmer he picked up a dead mccoy mother and children and said he found marybelle mccoy in the closet she didnt have a birth certificate so they guessed she was about 10 moths old and guessed her birthdate we have never found out qaboutwhat mccoy family she was from .i am marybells daughter i would like to know ourreal family.alk i know is that her mom lived in pikeville kentucky and west virgiia state line near the tug valley river. if anyone knows who that family was please contact italy at 567-8555388. thank you for helping. italy czczeli 219 east mcpherson hwy apt3 clyde ohio 43410.

  9. Rodney Krachey
    Rodney Krachey at |

    .There is a slight error in the section on the Hatfields and McCoys section; you state that the families were on the game show family feud in 2003. This is incorrect. They were on the show in 1979. In 2003 after the 9-11 attack on the trade center. The two families got together and singed a symbolic peace treaty, as an example to all Americans, that we need to all pull together in a time of crises

  10. Micael
    Micael at |

    so the Disciple -v- Stone Feud does not merit mention?
    its been Chicago’s bloodiest since the 1960s

  11. Turk
    Turk at |

    The history channel is airing a three-part miniseries titled Hatfields & McCoys, starring Kevin Costner as William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield and co-starring Bill Paxton as Randolph “Ole Ran’l” McCoy. Last part is on Monday June 11th.

  12. Don
    Don at |

    How could you miss the feud between Fort Worth and Dallas that began in the 1800s and fizzled out in 1974?

  13. Mark
    Mark at |

    what about some other big family feuds in southern italy, like the libergolis-romito feud in the gargano mountains. started in 1979 to present. death toll approx 100 family members both sides.

  14. Jesse
    Jesse at |

    I don’t think a feud list is complete with Noel and Liam Gallagher. Those two fight an awful lot, it seems like.

  15. mariuss72
    mariuss72 at |

    Capulets vs Montagues, helloo??? I mean, come on, it’s one of the most famous rivalries 🙂

    1. Kabal
      Kabal at |

      Also based in fiction.

    2. Joy
      Joy at |

      Ummm, they weren’t real people…They were characters in a book!


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