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  • George Perry

    Tom Jones…or as he's also referred to – Tom and his Jones. A friend of mine saw him in Vegas and said he could see the bulge from the 20th row.

  • Monster Mash

    I seem to recall something about John Dillinger's penis being on display at the Smithsonian, but this web page would seem to refute that:

  • Uncle Milton

    Who knew Milton Berle was so well endowed. I hadn't heard of that "rumor" before.

  • Playa

    I'm sure Wilt's basket"balls" were orange after 20,000 women. 😉

  • Ashley

    Well, i guess John Wayne Bobbitt junk must be working fine cause he's in a couple of pornos…some movie called Frankenpenis.

  • Billy

    I can't believe the animators sneaked such a scene into the wedding ceremony of the little mermaid. Pretty cool though.

  • David

    As anyone who's seen the original can verify, the Statue of David is DEFINITELY an uncircumcised male. Apart from the aesthetic reference to ancinet Greek sculpture, I can't help thinking that Michaelangelo may never actually have seen a circumcised one. I can't imagine they were that common in medieval Florence, and certainly not often on view. Maybe he just chose to model what he knew?

  • bluewitch

    How about Grigori Rasputin's? There's a rumor (or urban legend) that he had more than 10", and that's not yet erected. Also, it was preserved in a museum, therefore, if confirmed, it could also be included in '10 most preserved body parts'.

    • Creighton Watt

      Never mind tha rascally Rasputin!

      What about Catharine the Great's stallion?

      She wasn't call "the Great" for nuthin!

      But then, I am just a lonely Lithuanian lad…drunk on Pinoqachole again.

  • Lizz

    What about the baby's penis from the NIrvana "Nevermind" album cover?

  • Shanky

    I think the Statue of David is the most sad excuse for a penis I have ever seen in my life! It's a very famous work of art, and I respect that, but I still laugh every time I see it. I've changed diapers of babies with bigger winkies than that.

  • Mimi

    What about Anthony Quinn?

  • Guest

    One name: Porfirio Rubirosa. You know those huge pepper grinders at restaurants? <eh hem>.

  • Jack

    what about tommy lee , lou christie.