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  1. Stefan
    Stefan at |

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is great for those that enjoy xkcd and people who generally enjoy humor.

  2. Black Hole
    Black Hole at |

    No Something Positive or Order of the Stick?

    Your list is invalid.

  3. maximus
    maximus at |

    I read a lot of webcomics and these are the more funnier ones.
    very funny, mostly nerdy and long running.
    Ctrl alt delete…. funny.. goofball.
    very funny, originally in german, bet very well translated to english…. Shakes and Fidjet

  4. kidragakash
    kidragakash at |

    Crt Alt Delete are also very funny- good old Ethan…

  5. Katherine
    Katherine at |

    You could include Cyanide also in the list. Dr. Mcninja is just amazing…

  6. Katherine
    Katherine at |

    So much fun at one place only…You could include Cyanide also in the list. Dr. Mcninja is my favorite, i never want to miss it.

  7. bob
    bob at |

    where is cyanide and happiness?!?!?

  8. Arthur
    Arthur at |

    ORDER OF THE STICK!!! the most entertaining webcomic i have ever seen!!! Not only is it funny, it has an actual storyline!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  9. Josh
    Josh at |

    The Doghouse Diaries is HILARIOUS!!!!!! As funny as cyanide but not as random.

  10. bob
    bob at |

    i'm afraid you forgot

  11. williwan
    williwan at |

    Hate to plug my own comic here like this, but here's a new one you may want to include in your top ten list.

  12. Manda
    Manda at |

    Doods. HiNaBN.

    In other words, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name.

    The plot is amusing, the characters are fantastic, and the artwork is GORGEOUS. Go read it, now!

  13. Nicolai
    Nicolai at |

    Where's Cyanide and Happiness?

  14. Lomack
    Lomack at |



    One more!

  15. Khawaja Abdur Rehman
    Khawaja Abdur Rehman at |

    Nice list. Here's one of my favorite web comics

    Fredo and Pid’jin are two white pigeons who want to kill you and everyone else on Earth. Their Holy Mission is to bring The End Of Our World. These are the chronicles of the Evil Pigeons and their quest to drown all life in a sea of thick blood.

    You may scream in terror, your sphincters tightening shut as your soul tries to make an emergency escape, but nothing will save you now. The end is here. Enjoy it.

  16. Heather
    Heather at |

    Well, I must say. Amazing Super Powers just won a place in my bookmarks. I was really expecting C&H to be #1 on the list but I am glad they gave it a mention later on. There is one comic that I enjoyed that's HORRIBLE – I mean absolutely horrible but hilariously funny. It's set to appear like old 50s art but with hilariously sarcastic and crazy new captions. If anyone might know what I'm talking about let me know!!!!!!!!! I saw it once and closed it apparently without bookmarking it or anything and I haven't been able to find it again since. 🙁

  17. NoriMori
    NoriMori at |

    Hey, I just recently started reading a webcomic called Blank It! ( It needs to go on this list!

    And btw, Dinosaur Comics is completely FTW. I also was liking Dr. McNinja…jeez, I need to start reading those again!

  18. NoriMori
    NoriMori at |


  19. Lian Pherson
    Lian Pherson at |

    Cyanide? That and Dr McNinja are pretty much the only funny web comics…

  20. hugo
    hugo at |

    LICD for the WIN! AND AppleGeeks AND VG cats..when VG cats actually updates…one in a freaking blue moon!

    but also cyanide like everyone else has said..

  21. marionette
    marionette at |

    I was very surprised Cyanide and Happiness wasn't on here like a lot of people. The comics are often very crude, offensive, and filled with warped dead-baby comedy… but they are definitely hilarious.

    Another webcomic I find funny is Do You Work Here:

    Anyone who has ever worked in retail can relate. (And if you like that, although it's not a webcomic, you should check out for hilarious stories of when the customer… isn't always right.)

  22. Juicy
    Juicy at |

    how is Cyanide and happiness not on this list??

  23. Slarty Bartfast
    Slarty Bartfast at |

    I am glad SU sent me here. So many new comics to see.

    Thanks everyone. My submissions aren't webcomics necessarily (except SUBNORMALITY) but they are on the inter-webs, so – -um, enjoy!


    This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow


    And I'll repeat Amy's link (30July2008) for Big Fat Whale too

    Keep scribblin'

  24. Dahab Offers
    Dahab Offers at |

    lovely comics

  25. Rand
    Rand at | is another web comic that is really good and one that should be added to your list. With archives going back years, its the story of a small ISP in Vancouver and the problems and issues that occur. Really good and well recommended.

  26. Dodoman
    Dodoman at |

    Well, Cyanide and Happines is THE BEST.

    1. NoriMori
      NoriMori at |

      Wow, when I posted about C&H on here, I didn't realize how many had already mentioned it. Sorry about that! It must be getting annoying and repetitive…

      1. NoriMori
        NoriMori at |

        Oh, and I’ve been reading Dr. McNinja and Dinosaur Comics, I really like them!

  27. meh
    meh at |

    The Order of the Stick deserves #1 spot. dispute this and i will impale you

  28. dali
    dali at |

    How could you leave out Subnormality? It's pure genius!

  29. Justin
    Justin at | definitely needs to be on this list. As an added bonus it even includes a secret comic. Every single one is pure win.

  30. undercover
    undercover at |

    Well a good collection…but a few are still out there

  31. Mr Seven
    Mr Seven at |

    Cyanide & Happiness for president !! ;-P

  32. Scarlet
    Scarlet at |

    Cyanide and Happiness!

    It's not quite as funny these days, and it bothers me that Kris's stick figures' head heights keep decreasing (soon they'll be just heads with no bodies), but it's still random and funny as hell! Honestly, it takes a genius to be as random as these guys are.

    I'm gonna try out each of the comics on this list! I could use some laughs, and if these are any good I know I won't regret it!

  33. Sage
    Sage at |

    What a horrible list.

    How can you just forget about Cyanide & Happiness, Thingpart, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Amazing Super Powers, Warehouse and The Perry Bible Fellowship?!

    Those are really tops for me.

  34. Amir
    Amir at |


  35. Maverick
    Maverick at |

    I have read a few of the comics mentioned here however my favorite (which is not here) is User Friendly which is about life in a Canadian ISP office. Most references mentioned are pure geeky though.

  36. Maverick
    Maverick at |

    I have read a few of the comics mentioned here however my favorite is User Friendly which is about life in a Canadian ISP office. Most references mentioned are pure geeky though.

  37. Anon
    Anon at |

    Girls with Slingshots!

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal!

    No Need For Bushido started out absolutely hilarious. Not as much recently.

  38. Barry Patterson
    Barry Patterson at |

    Sinfest. Purely amazing, with a mysterious author to boot.

  39. Nanagotano
    Nanagotano at |

    My favorites are:

    ‘Shiny Happy People’ at

    And I’ve been a long time fan of Sinfest and Chainsawsuit! 😀

  40. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    I like all of these on your list. I do like Garfield without Garfield though. It is very surreal. I am not sure if it belongs on the list however. It is not for everyone!! There is another one that I run across every once and a while, yet I am unsure of its name. I like dark and surreal cartoons/webcomics. Ah well.. Very good list.. I enjoyed it.

  41. ABrutalKind
    ABrutalKind at |

    You forgot Daisy Owl

  42. Marc
    Marc at |

    I read a lot of webcomics, and I've only heard of two of these. One of them, Penny Arcade is only funny every once in a great while. PVP on the other hand is consistantly good.

  43. Wayne
    Wayne at |
  44. XUSNLT
    XUSNLT at |

    This topic is a tad foreign to me – which is odd considering the cartooning that I did when I was younger. I have to admit that I audibly laughed at the xkcd bobcat joke. "Would not buy again" indeed! I'm glad that there is so much feedback on this topic because I'll be wasting even more time chasing all of the links down!

    That's the sign of a good list – lots of feedback based on opinions not on the value of the list itself.

  45. Andrea
    Andrea at |

    What about Perry Bible Fellowship???

  46. Audrey
    Audrey at |
  47. Xamo
    Xamo at |

    I think these 2 also deserve mentions

    Least I Could Do

    Looking for Group

    Theses are great comics by the same creators and a hilarious. LICD is especially funny

  48. Wonders
    Wonders at |

    I would really like to know where 8-bit theatre is I mean that is a really good one going on since around 2001 and has to match to penny arcade.

  49. XG8104
    XG8104 at |

    You forgot 10-bit theatre

  50. Sergio
    Sergio at |

    Cyanide and Happiness should be #1

  51. tara
    tara at |

    this list is all wrong.

    xkcd should be #1.


    a softer world:
    truck bearing kibble:
    saturday morning breakfast cereal:
    married to the sea:

    and for any other warcraft nerds out there, ding!:

  52. Hi. Its me
    Hi. Its me at |

    You should have Pierce Logic! Well, its called FTW *For The Win* now. But whatever. Its awesome!

  53. bob blathers
    bob blathers at |

    You forgot the best one

    "Married to the Sea"

    The only comic worth reading since "The Far Side"

  54. Hans
    Hans at |

    Twisted Kaiju Theatre (aka Neo Monster Island) FTW!

  55. kyle
    kyle at |

    Brad Neely's "Creased Comics" are great as well.

  56. kyle
    kyle at |

    Perry Bible Fellowship is king.

  57. Liz Draisy
    Liz Draisy at |

    Easily the funniest webcomic today is DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING. It was listed in PC Mag as one of the Top 10 Unsung Webcomics.

  58. Anne
    Anne at |

    these comics are pretty good:

    the devils panites ,

    girls with slingshots ,

    Salad Days

    in the puddle

  59. Skwirral
    Skwirral at |
  60. James
    James at |

    One I stumbledupon which i liked quite a bit was

  61. Shawn
    Shawn at |

    a couple of more for your list

    girls with slingshots

    least i could do

    ctrl alt del

  62. Amy
    Amy at |

    Those are all equally hilarious, Dinosaur Comics is my favorite on the list.

    ALso, check out Married to the Sea, Pictures for Sad Children, Red Meat, A Softer World and Big Fat whale. Hilarious.

  63. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    How about Ctrl-Alt-Del?

    It's a bit on the nerdy side. (OK, totally), but it still has it's humorous moments, especially poking fun at the gaming community.

  64. dan
    dan at |

    How about Sinfest? I find it funny, it can get kind of inspirational at times as well.

  65. Pace
    Pace at |

    Ya Cyanide and Happiness should definitely be on the list. It's hilarious.

    Also, is Perry Bible Fellowship strictly a webcomic? I would agree that it should be on this list if it is, but aren't the comics originally in a book?

  66. Arkanis
    Arkanis at |

    Alright, what kind of drugs are you on? PvP as #1? Are you INSANE? PvP sucks ever since they stopped being about video games. It's all drama, all the time. I like how xkcd made the top 3 though, although i think Questionable Content should have been at least #3…if not #1

  67. Jim
    Jim at |

    Cyanide and Happiness should be on here. Who is making this, because is about a quarter of all of stumbleupon.

  68. zeeb
    zeeb at |
  69. Topher
    Topher at |

    I'm not sure it should be in the Top 10, but Dueling Analogs certainly deserves a mention here!

  70. brian
    brian at |

    dude – I think the Perry Bible Fellowship SHOULD DEFINITELY be on this list.

  71. Tom
    Tom at |

    what about bever and steve?

  72. peter
    peter at |
  73. William
    William at |

    Ok and what about Sluggy Freelance located at ?? It is the most awesome of webcomics ever and has grown so much that it will bring down guest-artist websites in an hour because of the directed traffic. Now that is power.

    I should also put in a bid for Punch n Pie. It's a newer one I Stumbled-Upon recently. I can't recall the URL but just google it.

  74. Tim
    Tim at |

    It`s definitely a challenge to know which webcomic is really the most popular. What I mean is that there are a LOT of comics in a language of non-English. So maybe some Chinese webcomic is talented and the most wonderful and the best in the universe, but we will never find it, just because we are not surfing on chinese webpages every day…

  75. Sam
    Sam at |

    I agree with everybody else that Cyanide and Happiness should be on here, although I suppose it's not for everybody.

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal can also be amusing 😀

  76. Mihir
    Mihir at |

    What about cyanide and happiness at

    1. Kieran
      Kieran at |

      Thank u i cant believe they left it out its the funniest web comic i have ever read

  77. Fee
    Fee at |

    I'm suprised that Cyanide and Happiness wasn't on the list.. Say what you will of it, but it has to be one of the most linked comics found on the net

  78. Jules
    Jules at |

    I have heard of some of these webcomics but the one that caught my eye was Dinosaur Comics. The premise was interesting and when I read a few I liked it. Thanks for the list although I don't get Achewood, but you can't please everyone.


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