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  1. rob
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    number one, the video for that one was very lame, just thought id throw that out there, very lame.

  2. red red
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    the title is "Most Dangerous Auto Races" is should "in my opinion…"

    The Isle of Man TT with 227 death

    Nurburgring with 52

    The Paris-Dakar Rally 45

    Indianapolis 45

    Monza 42

    Daytona International Speedway 28

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Most lists on this site could end with "in my opinion" and that would get redundant. Feel free to insert that mentally each time you read a list to top 10. 😉

  3. Tommy Tread
    Tommy Tread at |

    The average speeds at the Isle Of Man TT races is now approaching 135 mph over the 37 mile circuit. I can remember the time Dunlop released a tire called the TT100 to celebrate the first 100mph lap. Just astonishing how fast they are getting round the course these days but it is hard to see how it can continue to allow speeds to increase like this forever. As one of the racers was quoted as saying, you make a mistake here and you die.

  4. woody
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    i once applied to be a support driver for the dakar rally, so i would have to follow a watered down route in a dual axle 10 ton carrying supplies…even though i have years of experience with logging roads and a few ice roads i was still considered an amateur and was not accepted…dakar is hard core…

  5. Roy Russell
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    1. TopTenz Master
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      Thanks for asking, Roy. You have permission.

  6. Jon Clifton
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    The Eddie Hasha crash was not in Atlantic City. It happened at the Newark Motordrome in north Jersey.


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