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  1. Amrendra
    Amrendra at |

    Well the Swastika hasn’t been discarded by the entire civilized world. In India or Hindu worshipers use it on every holy occasion and its painted on nearly every house as a sign of good luck. Nazis used it for the wrong purposes and this sign has existed for thousand of years without the current stigma attached to it. And yes a very nice list on Denmark!!!

  2. Jim Ciscell
    Jim Ciscell at |

    I went through the list think ‘The Little Mermaid’ HAS To be on there and it did not disappoint. I have always wanted to see that statue in person.

    1. jawathehutt
      jawathehutt at |

      I know people who’ve gone to see it. I haven’t really heard bad things but I haven’t heard good things. Its a statue. That’s about it. Literally everything else on this list would probably be more interesting simply because you’d have more to do than stare at it and go whelp that was cool whats next.


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