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  • Greg

    Tonto means fool or idiot. I had no idea. Why would the radio or TV show use that? Surely, someone researched it. I totally agree with #1, Robin rules the roost!

  • Ron

    I think McMahon rates above Robin for the pure fact he actually existed or exists. Is Ed still alive?

  • NetFiend

    A few more that could go on the list: Sancho Panza, Kit from Knight Rider, Bucky from Captain America, Ed Norton from Honeymooners, George Costanza from Seinfeld and how could you forget Buffalo Bob from Howdy Doody.

  • Kevin

    Scottie Pippin was often referred to as Michael Jordan's Robin. I think he could have easily been on the sidekick list.

  • Ed's Friend

    Barney Rubble should not be above Ed Norton.

    • jim

      Barney Rubble IS Ed Norton. Norton is the right choice and should be higher.

      Ralph: "First you address the golf ball."

      Norton: "Hello ball"

  • Ken

    If you're going to mention Tonto, why not include Pat Brady as Roy Rogers sidekick? And Pancho was the Cisco Kid's sidekick. I forget Gene Autry's, but he had one also.

  • matt3046

    I think this is you best top 10 list.

    more please.

    What about Gary?

  • somedude

    Kato to the Green hornet anyone?

    • Doesitmatter

      Thank You! He could easily kick majority of the people asses on this list, even Robin!

  • PhineusQButterfat

    There is an error in your article. Since I am an avid Sherlock Holmes fan and have read all the original stories I must be picky for a moment; indulge me!

    Holmes never once said "Elementary, my dear Watson." He DID, however, say "The game is afoot."

    I just couldn't let that go.

  • PhineusQButterfat

    Also, after watching TLOTR trilogy I have concluded that it is Samwise Gamgee that is the hero, not Frodo, who would have perished early in the journey had it not been for Sam's leadership, strength and friendship.

  • Phineus, you are correct, as you already know. I validated your statement at (…) and sure enough Sherlock never said that in his books. He did say, "Elementary" in the book though.

    The misquote comes from the 1929 movie, The Return of Sherlock Holmes. So, he did say it, just not in the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • Pieface

    Sancho Panza the definitive sidekick should be on that list.

  • Quincy

    Robin should be first, but where's Kato?

    Pippen should have made it too tho.

  • Anne

    Actually, the words "Elementary, my Dear Watson" were never written in Sherlock Holmes. It's a myth and….well…it's a rather funny one 🙂 However, one of the most common words used in the stories is "ejaculated", as Watson always does that whenever he says something….

  • Gav

    How about Ethyl to Lucy Ricardo? Jay to Silent Bob? Amanda to Jigsaw? Bert to Ernie?

  • Buckeye Bat

    One GLARING omission: Robin Hood's Sidekick Little John…you put in one of the most inept sidekicks ever (Barney Fife) and leave out of the Biggest and Baddest of All-Time

  • The Department of Oc

    I'd have to put Robin (in all his incarnations) on the list of worst sidekicks. Is there a list of those on here? Maybe I'll write one.

    My own favourite has to be Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess. I think she was an inspiration to all of us of a certain age.

  • Bluvida

    Let's not forget Gabby Hayes , sidekick in scores of westerns.

    But Sancho Panza really should have made the list.

  • f.gja.fdhrsj

    what about woodstock for snoopy



  • Bob

    Excuse me nobody mentioned Linus and Charlie Brown or Calvin and Hobbes .

    • I struggled with list a bit. Nobody loves Hobbes more than me and even today I regret excluding him from the list. I guess to make it up I need to do a top 10 list relating to Calvin & Hobbes.

  • Freethinker9761

    I realize that this may be obscure but what about some of the golden age of television’s teams. Cisco Kid and Pancho, Ralph and Norton, Burns and Allen, Cid Caesar and Imogene Coco, Abbot and Costello, Mr Rourke and Tattoo. I realize they couldn’t all be on the list as you had to narrow it down to ten. The ten you have mentioned are worthy of the list. I would like to submit that you probably have enough sidekicks out there to warrant a second list. How about it. If it is at least half as good as this list, I think it would be very Interesting. While I’m commenting, have you ever done or would you consider doing a list of top ten heroes and their arch-enemies. You know, Holmes and Moriarty, Picard and Q, Batman and Joker, etc. Something in that vein. This was a great list.

  • Chasrles Campbell

    I thought Chewbacca would have been higher on the list!