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  • Jared

    And again I ask why hasn't anyone done the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) and succeded? It would turn the science of everything we know upside down. Seriously it would be nuts. Every scientist in the world would be wetting thier pants because a completely new field has opened up.

    I'm not against altenative medicine for any personal reasons. I think it would be great if I didn't have to go to doctor to get fixed up. I've lived with asthma all my life. It's almost killed me a couple of times. Not to mention all the other ways I've hurt myself or been sick. If I could have avoided spending weeks at a time of my childhood in the hospital I would. But reality is reality.

    • ZeSheo

      Also, thanks for taking the time to read my posts, I know they tend to be very long and I appreciate it.

      • Memez

        @Jared, Oops, sorry, I tend to say dumb stuff like that.

        @ZeSheo, If you just posted a very long post keep in mind it may take about 5 hours to post, there is a spam filter on this site so don't worry, just wait a bit.

        • Yes, this is true, certain words get picked up. I try to check the spam filtered comments multiple times a day.

          • ZeSheo

            Oh there it is, thanks for checking the comments with all of the comments posted every day. lol

    • ZeSheo

      And the reality is that Chi Gong is there, it exists and it works, you also apparently did not read or misunderstood what I just said.

      “So your saying that if you do it in front of people it doesn’t work, if you attempt to examine the process it doesn’t work or harms the process (really?) And there are plenty of times where science based medicine is prefomed in less then ideal situations and continues to be effective( think war triage tent or any scene of an accident where an emt is preforming some life saving procedure on the road.)”
      -No. If a lot of other people besides the patient are in the same room or close enough it will interfere with the treatment, chi may be a multidimensional frequency, but it flows everywhere, and the human body is like a magnet to those frequencies.

      “Bio- electric fields… I mean come on man. Your saying that your treaments are interfered with by having someone near by. Well what if a patient as soon as he leaves the treatment, takes the subway home, would that mess everything up?”
      -This used to be a problem for me, patients would feel so much better, the next day they would come and complain of exhaustion, when a person is drained they also loose some of their own vital energy which the body uses to perform all of its basic bodily function. Last month I spoke to a professor of metaphysics and chi gong healer for 25 years on my trip to Puerto Rico, I told him about my problem with patients, since we live with other people and we cant always avoid them, he told me of a way to strengthen the stability of the treatment permanently, embarrassingly enough it was one of the most basic steps they can teach you at an institute, a frequency found in sky-blue lights has stabilizing pranic properties which allows the patient to go on with his daily life, so now patients come only once a week instead of every day unless its more serious cases.

      “On a side note I have to ask, do you believe in the germ theory?”
      -Of course I do, its common knowledge isn’t it? Its all relative, if the human body lacks chi the body will weaken, if the human body has a lot of chi, the body’s defenses will strengthen, if the human body receives unrefined pranic frequencies, the germs will become stronger, hence using multiple pranic frequencies per treatment.

      “Do you have any links on this bacteria killing prana?”
      -Dont think so, you would have to do research on it since its information available in Oriental medicine books. There are two ways to destroy bacterias with Chi Gong, the most basic and used way is to weaken them by bombarding them with strong pranic frequencies such as the one found in purple lights, this will actually disable the bacteria, preventing it from feeding, reproducing and cease to do anything, this will allow the body’s defenses to naturally get rid of it easily.

      The more advanced way, also used to heal cancerous tissues is by bombarding the bacteria with said frequency with the mental intention of destroying the bacterias. There was this professor I knew that killed the bacteria by absorbing its chi energy(even bacterias are living beings), but he got sick from it, but not from the same bacteria, he simply weakened his body’s defenses. My father once disinfected a piece of bred that somebody just sneezed on, he was fine and didn’t get a cold with no medicine, but I would advise any Chi Gong doctor from it… I mean just because it has no bacterias doesn’t mean its sanitary. Same thing with parasites.

      “Here’s some you can check out.”
      Seen the first link before, and its not based entirely on fact. Actually any Chi Gong doctor can tell you that entire paper is ignorant, or just based on misinformation as I can see . I am aware that the people who did this investigation are very intelligent capable people, but they were misinformed, and here is why.

      1. Acupuncture itself is a tool, without a Chi Gong treatment it only stimulates the organs, it does not cure deceases by itself, I have learned this in my years of work and research, no matter what they tell you, acupuncture is not an ideal way of holistic medicine, but rather part of it. Acupuncture used to be used as holistic medicine, but that was a thousand years ago when the planet had a greater abundance of pure chi before pollution.

      2. The entire paper is based on acupuncture, acupuncture is not Chi Gong, but rather uses chi like every human in this planet. It does NOT cure deceases, like I said it stimulates organs and increases health strengthening your immune system or relieving stress. It is nothing psychological, it is science and it works, but it is not for curing deceases, this is common knowledge in Oriental medicine. Other branches of Oriental Medicine, reflexiology(a type of acupuncture), tui na, chromology(lights used), herbs, Chi Gong(my career) and etc.. Quick evidence of its basic function, if you have an affected organ, press with your index finger in all connected pressure points and you will feel pain in said organ, the stimulation is good for the organ but it is not holistic.

      3. The entire paper is misinformed, it confuses acupuncture with chi gong, and attempts to discredit it based on a branch that was not meant to do what they use it for in the tests.

      This does not make them ignorant in any way, they were just apparently misinformed.

      “And again I ask why hasn’t anyone done the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) and succeded?”
      -I don’t know, if you ask me I just heard about it from you. Guess that’s why nobody has tried.

      “It would turn the science of everything we know upside down. Seriously it would be nuts. Every scientist in the world would be wetting thier pants because a completely new field has opened up.”
      -That would be the day many many lives are saved, but my friend I don’t think that will ever happen, at least not in my life-time, Einstein alone had to fight fearcefully against years if study just to proove his theory of relativity, and Chi Gong knowledge has been around and working for 5thousand years, and used for 2thousand years in China, research keeps giving Chi Gong more and more credibility in the eyes of the west but I don’t think I will live to that day. However the field is already open and it is a fully accredited career path, at least to the countries that have truly researched it and proven to work, only downside, some will have to study in china to get accredited to work in the U.S., but these days you can go to college online and get a certificate of Chi Gong and Oriental Medicine upon graduation. I have not confirmed this myself but I’m also told you can now study Chi Gong in the U.S. but they say its 8 years of study.

      “I’m not against altenative medicine for any personal reasons. I think it would be great if I didn’t have to go to doctor to get fixed up. I’ve lived with asthma all my life. It’s almost killed me a couple of times. Not to mention all the other ways I’ve hurt myself or been sick. If I could have avoided spending weeks at a time of my childhood in the hospital I would.”
      -What a coincidence, I used to be asthmatic till I was 12 years old, I didn’t think much of it at the time but I could never run with the other kids. At the age of 13, when I began my training I was taught Tai Chi to begin harvesting chi energy in my body that I would one day use to bring food to the table. A year passed and my asthma was gone, again I didn’t think much of it at the time. Some cases such as asthma, arthritis, blindness(depends on cause) and blood pressure problems can be cured with self-healing. Tai Chi is a form of self-healing, scientifically speaking, the process unclogs your meridians, allowing more chi energy to flow on a daily basis, this will make you feel happier, stronger and more energetic as side-effects, and cases like this tend to right themselves once the body is working as it is supposed to, if trained to see chi frequencies the entire process is visible, although it takes years. But anyways, I hope your asthma gets better someday, nobody should have to live like that, if I could I would treat you myself free of charge.

      “But reality is reality.”
      There is too much evidence that prevents Chi Gong from being discredited, mainly because it works as stated, it isn’t based on mysticism but rather its direct effects on the human body and reliability, it is knowledge from all the corners of the world that were collected.

      Some quick history, in China in 27th century B.C. there was a ruler that they called the Yellow Emperor, his tactics were legendary, back in those days there were constant wars(as always) and herbal medicines and other medical techniques were no longer enough to prevent enough casualties in war, so the emperor sent his men to all of the corners of the world out to sea in the search for medical wisdom, studying for years from all sorts of medical knowledge, until one day they returned with all the new found information, this was the first documented use of Chi Gong in history, when all of this knowledge was studied, medics would use Chi Gong to heal in the battlefield along with herbs, and acupuncture(for energy), back in those days the planet was less polluted so chi would flow in more abundance, increasing its effects greatly, and although today it is effective, it takes more time to learn to control. Radiation, communication frequencies and even pollution are all factors that interfere. Today Chi Gong has evolved and adapted to these conditions with new-found wisdom of medicine.

  • Trouble

    Marfa Lights anyone? Super creepy :p

  • valin

    i love it.

  • Josean

    Didnt know there was such an institute in Puerto Rico and I’ve lived here all my life. Damn

    • Potato

      Yea there is, I think he means the one at Campo Rico, forgot exact address but I went there for a few weeks to cure my diabetes, so now Im cured.

  • emily_weirdnez

    what if you’re dreaming in your dream? that happens to me sometimes. and before(and i think slightly until now), i believed so much in dreams that i thought my reality is still a dream that i pinch myself to know if it’s true. and in my dreams, i’ve been to places i’ve never been before. seen creatures i’ve never seen before. met people i’ve never met before. and in some of my dreams, in some occasion, i’ve met people in my dream that i met in real life. in my dream it’s in a different situation or sometimes just something specific in my dream like their clothes then i met them in person with that same clothes.. i’ve even dreamed of something like in that scene of 2012. the rush of that building tall like wave of water? in my dream everyone is on the streets running have their stuff with them, anything that they can carry. i was so young then, maybe high school(i’m already 25 now). i even mention it in one of our conversations with my cousins. i even joke about it. i said i haven’t done anything in my life yet then the world is gonna end. i said that out of nowhere. my dream scares me all the time