10 Cases Handled by the Real Mindhunters


The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), was first formed in 1972 under the name the Behavioral Science Unit. The foundation of the unit was agents Robert Ressler and John Douglas. Ressler and Douglas wanted to bring in elements of psychology to help develop a profile of unidentified spree or serial killers, which they called Unknown Subjects, or UNSUBs. Ressler is also credited with coining the term “serial killer.”

Since its inception, the unit has investigated some of the most infamous cases in American history. Also, over the decades the unit has split into more specific fields and the BAU as one single entity disbanded in 2014. As of this writing, the unit that focuses on crimes like serial and spree killers is now known as BAU-2.

Nevertheless, the BAU is a fascinating division of crime fighting and it is featured on shows like Criminal Minds,  Hannibal, and of course, Mindhunter. These are the cases that helped shape the real life BAU.

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