10 Crazy Theories About Climate Change


Today, climate change is seen by many scientists and world leaders as the biggest issue facing the globe. Whether you believe that it’s caused by man, natural cycles, or some combination of both, more and more people have accepted at this point that the environment is continuing on a path that is going to make it increasingly harder for us to live — and especially to thrive — on this earth. Not everyone believes the official scientific explanation, or even the official explanation given by the larger energy companies. Instead, there are some convinced that there is something else going on, and that the truth needs to be revealed…

10. Some Theorists Believe Our Runaway Greenhouse Gases Could Tip Off Hostile Aliens

In a scientific paper out of Penn State, some scientists who were vaguely connected with NASA wrote out various different ways aliens contacting or even noticing us may or may not be good for humanity. One interesting postulation in the paper was that a good reason to curb our greenhouse gas emissions would be to avoid potential detection, or increased scrutiny, from intelligent alien beings.

The possibility is that the aliens would see our increasing greenhouse gas emissions as evidence that our culture was quickly growing out of control, and rapidly becoming a threat. A more hostile culture may decide that we need to be eradicated, and even a more peaceful one may decide that they need to put the brakes on our progress somehow. Of course, such theories are unlikely to convince any policy-makers around the world to go with more green energy.

9. The Government Is Using Chemtrails To Slow Down The Effects Of Global Climate Change

There have always been conspiracy theorists who bemoan government control, while secretly sort of enjoying it. But recently, they’ve started to see government control as increasingly positive and benevolent. In fact, many chemtrail theorists still believe that what they are seeing are not the normal contrails from aircraft, and the government is doing it, but they’re doing it because they are desperately trying to save the world.

Yes! Many theorists now believe that the government is seeding the atmosphere in an attempt to slow down or even stop and eventually reverse the effects of climate change. The government doesn’t want you to know, though, because the government does everything in secret, and it isn’t your business anyway. Of course, while this theory is highly unlikely and there is no evidence the government is seeding the clouds with anything, the theory is certainly a step up from believing the government was trying to make everyone infertile… or… something? Yeah, we’re not sure what the chemtrail theorists are going on about, either.

8. Climate Change Is All Natural, And The Governments And Scientists Are Lying To You

Some people are convinced that all the climate change we’re seeing is just part of a natural cycle that plays out on Earth. As far as these people are concerned, it’s monstrously arrogant of us to assume that humanity could ever do enough to impact the climate long term, and that it must all be a bunch of nonsense. Some of these people just think all the climate scientists are confused, and others are convinced that there really is a widespread conspiracy where thousands of trained climate scientists are all part of the coverup.

Of course, some wonder what the reason for such a coverup would even be. After all, even if climate change was just natural, or not even happening, sustainable living would benefit everyone long term in pretty much every way. The theorists have it all figured out, though. They believe that the government wants everyone to live green, off of sustainable energy, because it will be easier to control them that way. In the end, all the talk about man-made climate change is just the government trying to take over your life. Because as we all know, if you don’t have a Hummer, you don’t have freedom.

7. Aliens Are Slowly Making The Planet Unliveable So They Can Step In And Take Over

While most people tend to think aliens are either here to study us, abduct us, help us, most people actually don’t spend that much time theorizing about hostile invaders. And on the rare occasion you find a theorist expecting such a thing, it’s usually in the form of one big invasion. However, there are a few theorists who have come to a new conclusion: A bloodless coup that also terraforms a planet to your own specifications is the best way to go.

By slowly changing the planet’s climate with their secret alien tech, the alien scouts on our planet can get the place terraformed for their people, but do so in such a way that we question if we might even be the ones causing it. Once it’s totally unlivable for us after a few more generations, they can step in and take our place, and all of our resources will be theirs. In such a scenario they would never have to get their hands dirty or directly fight us at all. It would be bloodless, for the most part — aside from their terraforming being a slow and permanent genocide of our entire species.

6. The Oil Companies Knew How Bad Things Would Get, And Covered It Up On Purpose

While big oil and other dirty power companies can be considered somewhat complicit in the ongoing change to our climate, there are a lot of factors that have to be considered. For starters, even just a few decades ago our understanding of the true damage of power was not really where it was now. Some were concerned with fuel economy and such, but it was more because people were worried about sourcing than they were about environmental impact. There have almost certainly been coverups in recent decades as the science has become clearer, but some theorists think there is even more going on.

Some theorists are convinced that going back many decades, the top members of all the big oil and coal companies knew full well what damage was coming down the pipeline. Maybe not the exact type or amount of damage, but very close. Despite knowing what they were doing to the environment, they went ahead and did it full speed ahead anyway, and the rest is very dirty and disastrous history. Unfortunately, it’s starting to look increasingly likely that there’s a lot of truth to this theory.

5. The True Power Of Wind Technology Is Being Repressed By Big Oil (and Similar Groups)

Wind power is sometimes controversial. It takes up a lot of space for a somewhat limited return, and some people complain about the damage to local wildlife, the alleged hum you can hear near it, and even of their once pristine view now being blocked. That last one is a rather small price to pay for clean energy, if you ask us. However, while those are fairly understandable controversies for one reason or another, some people think there are bigger issues with wind power. They believe that wind power could easily be way more efficient and useful, and that windy regions could run on it entirely (or almost entirely), perhaps with just a little solar to supplement it.

In fact, they are certain the tech is either already there (or close to being there) and being repressed, and the government is unwilling to provide the funding for research — or is actively stopping it. They believe that this is because big oil and others are paying the government huge sums of money to keep wind from becoming too useful, because it would destroy their dominance in the energy market.

4. Climate Change Isn’t Important Because The World Is Ending Soon Anyway

While some believe climate change is a natural cycle, and not-man made, others think it’s entirely unnatural… but still not man-made. These people believe that climate change is actually supernatural, and that God is causing it, as the beginning of the end times are slowly on their way. Some people claim to have heard trumpets or other weird noises in the sky, and there are those who point to various biblical prophecies and try to match them up to today — although those people have always existed at every point in history.

For some, climate change is just God preparing humanity for the end of days. He’s already using it to create the right chaos for the climate he needs for the final judgment, and is culling the wicked and seeing how people respond to false prophets and all those other things. While even many religious people disagree that the world is ending, there will always be those who cling to this, and some are convinced the worsening weather is just proof positive that you had better repent now, because the end is nigh.

3. We Live In A Simulation And Climate Change Is Just The System Culling Overpopulation

Believe it or not, some people believe in a simulation theory wherein we’re either in some kind of situation like The Matrix, or where we are entirely simulated beings. While most people consider these theories ridiculous, others like Elon Musk or Neil deGrasse Tyson consider it a valid possibility. For some who believe that we’re living in a simulation, it’s reasonable to suggest there isn’t any real outer universe at all, and our climate is ultimately controlled by whatever beings are controlling the simulation.

Right now, according to this theory, the simulation is becoming overcrowded (physically), perhaps in a Matrixlike arrangement, and they need a way to cull large amounts of people with it seeming relatively natural. Disasters are natural, but too many at once, too soon, could confuse people and shake them out of their Matrix bubble, so they slowly amp up the worsening of the environment and make us think that we caused it ourselves, all while their diabolical plan to kill millions — or perhaps billions — goes off without a hitch.

2. Climate Change Was Caused By Nuclear Testing Damaging The Fabric Of Reality

A large portion of the population doesn’t realize just how many nuclear weapons have been set off around the world. While Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still the only times they’ve been used on a civilian population, there have literally been thousands of nuclear tests since then, by over half a dozen different governments, and many of the bombs were much larger than those used on those cities in Japan. Some theorists believe that the governments of the world at large are covering up, or simply unaware, of just how much damage to reality and to the environment we did by performing so many nuclear tests.

By splitting the atom over and over, they postulate, we were — in effect — splitting reality over and over again, thousands of times. This has perhaps even created different realities, of which we may be in only one of thousands (or now millions) of different timelines. The environment is damaged in most timelines due to all the radiation released into the environment, and the incredible degradation to reality in general has been caused by all of the nuclear testing. As far as these theorists are concerned, we are living in some kind of very strange sci-fi movie, and we don’t even know it yet.

1. The Government Elites Have Underground Climate Change Protection Bunkers

Now, to an extent, this is not entirely far-fetched. The government has had some underground facilities for protection from nuclear weapons, although how effective they would be long term has never been tested, and various private citizens of varying levels of wealth have their own private underground places as well. However, some people are convinced that there’s something going on of a level much higher than even what you may have seen in some of the craziest rich people’s hidey-holes.

Some theorists are convinced that, for many decades, the government has maintained networks of tunnels deep underground, totally safe from nuclear fallout or any kind of climate change. Theorists believe these bases are dotted all over the country, and would be filled by the “elite” in a time of emergency. They’d be fully stocked with weapons, medicine, technology, and just about every supply you could imagine. Those conspiracy theorists who believe in this don’t really have any illusion of ending up down there themselves, though, and are usually concerned with building their own underground bunkers in order to match the strategy of the elite global masterminds that they imagine exist.

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  1. Climate change is natural, but we’re definitely helping it along. And remember how big tobacco paid doctors for decades to say their products not only didn’t cause cancer, but were healthy? Big oil sells similar lies and does their best to shut down any form of energy that would take away from their profits.

  2. Why is the belief that climate change is a natural process a crazy theory? There are many, many scientists who believe this exact thing, and it’s not unreasonable. In fact, one would argue that unchallenged science isn’t science and that science is never settled – something that flies in the face of those who, on faith alone, accept man-driven global warming as an axiom.

    • Climate change has happened many times. BUT, it takes a long time of things like super-volcanoes erupting. You can tell by the soil. The amount of CO2, etc., that has built up in a short time doesn’t happen without natural disasters occurring. Do research. There have been many studies comparing other climate changes.