10 Facts the Mormon Church Doesn’t Want Its Members to Know


An article posted July 20 at the NY Times website sent shock waves throughout The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon church. Hans Mattson, a Swedish “Area Authority” (equivalent to a Cardinal) overseeing the church’s works in Europe, provided an interview expressing doubts about the church after learning of historical facts online that are never taught in Sunday School classes. Among the facts he found out include the truth surrounding Joseph Smith’s polygamous ways and some historical inconsistencies with the church’s scriptures, such as the Book of Mormon.

That a high-ranking church official had not been aware of these facts throughout his church membership reveals the great lengths to which the Mormon church had gone in hiding the many truths that paint the church in a bad light. And with that, here are ten facts the Mormon Church would not want its members to know.

This is an encore presentation of this list, as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. You can read the full list here!

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1 Comment

  1. Yikes. To say at the end, “therefore this makes all the other claims -and along with this entire religion- just a fabrication” is disrespectful. It’s not right to just blatantly say that about any religion. Anything could be debunked and anything could be proven. It’s all just personal perspective and belief in the end. It’s one thing to say it among friends or those you may be debating with since it is an opinion to be shared, but to say that in a Top 10 video doesn’t set well. The thing about every religion is nobody knows if they’re real or not, but people believe which is what makes them real and important. You don’t have to believe, but goodness, don’t just outright call peoples’ religions fictions. At the very least not in a Top 10 video. Everyone takes these lists with a grain of salt, and usually so do most of the people who write them, especially when it’s about historical subjects. Maybe some of these facts are true, but who knows? Nobody from now was there. Regardless, no one is perfect. We can’t always know who’s bad or telling the truth. Not even religious people or figures. We’re all just doing our best.
    Please just think about the opinions or thoughts you decide to share on here.