Top 10 Facts The Mormon Church Doesn’t Want Its Members To Know


An article posted July 20 at the NY Times website sent shock waves throughout The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon church. Hans Mattson, a Swedish “Area Authority” (equivalent to a Cardinal) overseeing the church’s works in Europe, provided an interview expressing doubts about the church after learning of historical facts online that are never taught in Sunday School classes. Among the facts he found out include the truth surrounding Joseph Smith’s polygamous ways and some historical inconsistencies with the church’s scriptures, such as the Book of Mormon.

That a high-ranking church official had not been aware of these facts throughout his church membership reveals the great lengths to which the Mormon church had gone in hiding the many truths that paint the church in a bad light. And with that, here are ten facts the Mormon Church would not want its members to know.

10. Joseph Smith Married Girls As Young As 14

While the practice of polygamy in the church’s early days is fairly common knowledge today, Mormon leaders and average members normally justify that by saying that it was done only to protect the widows at a time when male Mormon members were dying due to persecution.  Yet a quick search of Joseph Smith’s genealogy at church-owned would prove that he was married to teenage girls. Documents further show that the youngest girl that Joseph Smith married was Helen Mar Kimball, who was 14 years old at the time of marriage. One would have to really stretch the truth to believe that these teenage girls were widows that needed to be taken cared of.

9. Past Prophets Preached False Doctrines

Image result for mormons on the moon

Joseph Smith has said that there are men living in the moon, describing them as over six feet tall and dressing like Quakers. Brigham Young preached that there are people living in the Sun. He also preached that Adam was God the Father, that black people are descendants of Cain, and that their skin color is a curse from God. Joseph Fielding Smith, another Mormon prophet, said in 1961 that no man will ever reach the moon. These and other various statements made by Mormon prophets have all been proven false over time. How could one accept these men as true prophets of God when just about everything they say is wrong?

8. Joseph Smith Used Peep-Stones To “Translate” The Book Of Mormon

Image result for Joseph Smith Used Peep-Stones To “Translate” The Book Of Mormon

The church has been deceiving members about the manner Smith translated the Book of Mormon. In paintings commonly seen in Mormon scriptures and pamphlets, Smith is depicted translating from the Gold Plates as Oliver Cowdery transcribed his dictation. The truth is that the plates were not even used in the “translation” process. He merely used two peep stones that he placed in a hat.  He would then bury his face in the hat and dictate whatever he purportedly saw there. This stones-in-a-hat method is even acknowledged by current Mormon Apostle Russell M. Nelson in an obscure 1992 talk for Mission Presidents that can actually still be found in the Church’s official website. It is also worth noting that these are the same stones he found while digging a well for Mason Chase, and the same stones he used for treasure-hunting. So he may have been a fraud, but at least he believed in the power of recycling.

7. Temple Rituals Were Copied From The Freemasonry

Adrian Masonic Temple Building Michigan

Adrian Masonic Temple Building Michigan

Joseph Smith became a Freemason in March 1842. In May 1842, he introduced what is now known as the Temple Endowment Session.

The Temple Endowment session is among the most secretive rituals in the Mormon Church. Unlike other rituals such as baptisms or the administration of the sacrament (bread and water,) members are not allowed to discuss the endowment session in public. During an actual session, members perform rituals involving secret handshakes and passwords, all necessary to be allowed entry into the Celestial Kingdom where God the Father and Son live.

What they don’t know is that these rituals were heavily borrowed from the Freemasonry, almost word-for-word in fact. The few members who know about the Masonry connection would defend it by saying that the Freemasons in turn copied their ritual from King Solomon’s Temple. Yet even the church’s most prominent apologetic site, FAIR LDS, would refute that, admitting that what went on in Solomon’s Temple had absolutely nothing in common with the Masonic rituals or the Mormon’s endowment session.

6. The Kinderhook Plates Was A Hoax

Front and back of four of the six Kinderhook plates are shown in these facsimiles, which appeared in 1909 in History of the Church, vol. 5, pp. 374–75.

Front and back of four of the six Kinderhook plates are shown in these facsimiles, which appeared in 1909 in History of the Church, vol. 5, pp. 374–75.

The Kinderhook Plates are six brass plates that allegedly contained ancient characters. These plates were found by locals in Kinderhook, Illinois along with a skeleton. Smith, believing them to be genuine ancient artifacts, later translated a portion of the brass plate writings, claiming that it tells the story of the skeleton back when he far less skeletal and far more alive. According to Smith, he was a descendant of Ham, through the loins of Pharaoh.

In 1980 however, scientists examined the plates and determined that they were not ancient at all; they were eventually proven to be nothing more than a hoax. After this discovery, Mormon apologists tried to put a spin on it by saying that Smith never actually tried to translate it, yet in pages 372-379 of the Mormon’s History of the Church book, Smith did confirm to have translated the plates, discussing the details of the translation in the aforementioned pages.

5. There Are Multiple Accounts Of The “First Vision”

Image result for There Are Multiple Accounts Of The “First Vision” joseph smith

“There is no middle ground. Joseph Smith talked with the Father and the Son or he didn’t.  If he didn’t, then we are embraced in a great fraud. A terrible fraud.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

The First Vision, as known today in Mormon records, is an account of the literal appearance of God, as both the Father and the Son, to Joseph Smith in the spring of 1820. Today, it holds an important place in the Mormon Church’s official history. Yet this event wasn’t actually taught in the church until 1842, 22 years after it was supposed to have happened. Records also show that there are nine versions of the account. Among the inconsistencies seen when compared side-by-side include Smith’s age at the time it happened, the place where he received the vision, the personage he saw, and the instructions he received.

One would think that remembering the details of such a remarkable experience would not have been that hard. But the inconsistencies of the multiple first vision accounts and the fact that it was not even mentioned in the church’s early years cast doubts upon the validity of Smith’s claims.

4. Church Leaders Were Deceived By Mark Hoffman

Tribune file photo Mark W. Hofmann, left, and LDS Church leaders

Tribune file photo Mark W. Hofmann, left, and LDS Church leaders

One of the most embarrassing episodes in recent church history is that involving convicted murderer and counterfeiter Mark Hofmann.

Hofmann sold what he asserted to be official church documents that he found. Among them included what he claimed was the original Anthon Transcript- a piece of paper containing characters that Joseph Smith copied from the Gold Plates, an 1825 Joseph Smith holograph detailing Smith’s exploits as a treasure hunter and practitioner of black magic, and the infamous Salamander Letter — supposedly a letter written by Martin Harris claiming that it was a white salamander and not an angel that appeared to Joseph Smith in 1823. Church leaders, such as eventual prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and current apostle Dallin H. Oaks, were tricked into believing those were genuine, shelling out thousands of dollars to purchase them, and even defending the contents of the documents in pulpit talks.

Of course it would be proven later, when Hofmann was convicted of murder, that these documents were nothing more than forgeries created by Hofmann to make a fool out of church leaders and earn a profit in the process.

3. The Facts Surrounding The Death Of Joseph Smith

Painting by an unknown painter, circa 1842. The original is owned by the Community of Christ archives. It is on display at the Community of Christ headquarters in Independence Missouri, where its provenance is explained. The painting was originally in the possession of Joseph Smith III (died 1914), who is recorded as commenting on the painting. The c. 1842 date is given by the Community of Christ, the painting's owner.

Painting by an unknown painter, circa 1842. The original is owned by the Community of Christ archives. It is on display at the Community of Christ headquarters in Independence Missouri, where its provenance is explained. The painting was originally in the possession of Joseph Smith III (died 1914), who is recorded as commenting on the painting. The c. 1842 date is given by the Community of Christ, the painting’s owner.

Mormon Church members sing of hymns portraying Joseph Smith as a martyr who died for his faith. It is never taught in classes that he was actually imprisoned for destroying a newspaper printing press as retaliation for the negative press about him that was published.  While in prison, he removed his “garments,” the Mormon magic underwear, and instructed the others in jail with him to do the same. Mormons are also not aware that he had a gun and killed two people shortly before he was shot to death. He also made the Masonic symbol for distress as a last-ditch effort to save his life. Certainly not the “lamb to the slaughter” that the Mormons like to describe his death as.

2. The Book Of Abraham Has Been Proven False By Egyptologists

In 1835, Joseph Smith purchased a scroll of papyri containing Egyptian hieroglyphics from a travelling showman named Michael Chandler. He then proceeded to examine the scroll, claiming that it contained writings of Abraham, and translated it into what is now known as the Book of Abraham.

In 1966, several fragments of the original scroll that Smith used resurfaced. With the discovery of the Rosetta stone, Egyptology had advanced profoundly by this time, and Egyptologists were able to validate whether Smith’s translation of the scroll was accurate. Turns out, the scroll was merely a common Egyptian funerary text that had absolutely nothing to do with Abraham. As with the Kinderhook Plates, this put into question Smith’s credibility as a divinely-aided translator. Egyptologist Dr. James H. Breasted of the University of Chicago said, “Joseph Smith’s interpretations of them as part of a unique revelation through Abraham, therefore, very clearly demonstrates that he was totally unacquainted with the significance of these documents, and absolutely ignorant of the simplest facts of Egyptian writing and civilization.”

1. Evidence Against The Book of Mormon

Image result for Evidence Against The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is often called the “keystone” of the Mormon religion.  The validity of the church’s claim as the one true church, and Joseph Smith as the chosen prophet of God, hinges upon whether the book is really an ancient record translated by the power of God or not. The problem is that the book has failed under scrutiny on so many levels. It has been well-documented that the Book of Mormon contains various anachronisms. Heavy plagiarism from the King James Bible is also apparent, including translation errors. Up to this day, the geographical location of the events of the book has not been located, and no supporting archaeological evidence has ever been discovered.

Perhaps the most damning evidence against the book is the fact that DNA testing disproved its claim that a Jewish family, who left Jerusalem in 600 BC to settle in the New World, are the principal ancestors of the American Indians. With that, there simply is only one logical conclusion that can be made about the Book of Mormon – that it is in fact a 19th century fiction manufactured by Joseph Smith, therefore making all of his other claims, along with his entire religion, mere fabrications.

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  1. Polygamy was not practiced in the church because there were widowed people. There were many women that were not widows that married a man with more than one wife. The reason polygamy was practiced was that God wanted his seed to rise up. Because of plural marriage, the population of the church did increase. Plural marriage was a commandment from God. We are a church with modern revelation and our prophets speak to God and receive revelation from him. The prophets then tell the members what God has asked of them. It is our duty as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to do as the prophet directs.

  2. When people post things they NEED to get there facts right. if you CAN’T get them right them don’t say anything. I know for a fact that these so called “secrets” are NOT true. Joseph Smith was a loyal prophet to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It really bothers me that people would do this and maybe if you asked an ACTUAL true and faithful Mormon then you could get your facts right.

  3. When people post things they NEED to get there facts right. if you CAN’T get them right them don’t say anything. I know for a fact that these so called “secrets” are NOT true. Joseph Smith was a loyal prophet to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It really bothers me that people would do this and maybe if you asked an ACTUAL true and faithful Mormon then you could get your facts right.

  4. This entire article is full of lies. I don’t know why people must hate on and lie about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so much but that is all this article is. Joseph Smith was a very good man and it hurts me to read such nasty lies about him. Please to others who read this do not hearken these words, they are nothing but lies and manipulations of words. And to those who wrote this I believe that you should be ashamed of this content that you put out into the world and I hope that you realize that and take this down and stop posting such toxic lies.

  5. god of wisdom on

    Respect is the most precious thing that you can get from others. Thanks for the effort and for your research. May this satisfied other haters. =)

  6. It becomes explicable how Christianity has persisted for 2,000 years despite the multitude of erroneous claims made by it, when every claim made by Mormons is demonstrably false and yet you zipper-haters still believe. Thank your parents for the brainwashing and enjoy the self-deception. Joe Smith will provide the Kool-Aid.

    • what is a zipper hater? and who drinks kool aid? I was only allowed to drink water or iced tea. Drinking soda is bad for your health. Jeez, get with the times miss 1976

  7. I dont think anybody has the right to attack the LDS church if they first dont read The Book of Mormon. Read it, pray about it, then we can talk.

  8. God has told us in these last days – events.

    www unknown-pearls com/proof_evidence html

    Check it out and ask God if these things are true.

  9. This a load of crap. If you’re interested in the truth, the REAL truth, visit the LDS website and speak to our missionaries.

    • That’s like going to a den of thieves hoping not be robbed. Gearhart, Mormons, like all religions, are nonsensical.

  10. Metallicwyrm W. on

    Openly discussing these issues and persisting in seeking honest answers will get you excommunicated from the LDS church.

  11. There’s an awful lot of hatred and name calling on all sides in these comments. Your respective deities will be very ashamed in your manners.

  12. Just a question, are Black people descended from the same Black people in the Book of Mormon? It says there “Black people are evil long ago”.

    Im just 14 so I want to know about it.

  13. I believe the Hoffman forgery was also a contradiction to how the leadership of the church was handed down. Hofmann sold the Mormons a document which provided evidence that Joseph Smith, Jr. had designated his son Joseph Smith III as his successor to the church. Not Brigham Young. Smith’s death split the church into factions. In a forged cover letter, Brigham Young is advised to destroy all copies of the attached blessing letter. The chief historian authenticated the letter but did not want to pay Hoffman’s price. When Hoffman offered it to the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints instead, who always claimed a family line of succession but never had any proof, the Mormons bought the document. Once the Mormons bought the forgery as real, Hoffman leaked the word to the public via the press, forcing the LDS church to confirm and publicly present the document. When they thought they could hide it from their members to avoid embarrassment, that’s what they were going to do.

  14. the lds con game but it don’t work well any more the inter net is costing the church millions of dollars cause we are learning the truth bye bye tommy boy we are leaving you

    • Rose,
      I see that you have commented on several posts here… All with negative reports about the church.

      That’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion.

      So what do you believe in now? Besides saving you money, how is that way of thinking beneficial to you and mankind?

      Finally, please tell all of us how perfect that system of thought is.


  15. As a current member of the LDS church, I was raised in Nauvoo, IL. by two convert parents: one converted from a protestant religion, the other catholic.

    Two comments:
    1) Having been raised in the heart of LDS history I will say that many non-members (and members) get it wrong… the non-members more so. I find a similar dynamic in other religions… where most members don’t know the books of the bible etc.
    Additionally, the tenets of this top ten list has been refuted on many competent sites.

    2) I could make a similar top 10 list for any religion OR theology of man (including atheist ideas). Protestant and Catholic churches have just as many holes in their ideologies as Atheists and humanists… and I’m sure they feel the same about the ‘Mormons’.

    Whatever the case is, The point is that we don’t have all the facts in this life… and have to make ideological choices that establish the framework of paradigms by which we live. Therefore we judge and choose based on the benefit we expect to receive, and on the lifestyle we desire for ourselves and family.

    Because I currently live in the Middle East I hear very competent and accurate “top ten” lists against the bible… I find LDS people to be most open minded about issues with the bible because that question has already been answered. “Christians” tend to have fewer answers than non-Christians unfortunately… reflecting even less knowledge about their own ‘beliefs’ than many sects.

    So for all of us –we can expect to Choose our belief and ideology, and likewise expect it to be challenged. But please do not challenge my beliefs while somehow believing yourself that your own religion (or lack thereof) is not without loopholes. In that belief you will most-likely be disappointed.

    So I challenge you to review your own beliefs with the same vigor that Mormonism is challenged…. I assure you that your beliefs will not stand such scrutiny… even if they are humanist/atheist.

    As I said.. this top ten list has been refuted to my satisfaction in multiple locations…. but has your belief been vetted?

    God -in His infinite wisdom– has required us to make a choice and stand by it. Our choice of belief structures needs to be more than ‘my parents believed it so I did too’.

    It needs to be a matter of prayer and counsel with Him. If He is the author and finisher of Faith… then what does He have to say about it.

    • Does the author and finisher of faith really care what kind of underwear you wear? My belief doesn’t need vetting because i don’t go door to door and try to indoctrinate everyone i see, and i don’t take 10 percent of everyone who believes income and i pay taxes. The Mormon church is a very large share holder several pharmaceutical companies, yet speaks out publicly against natural medicines meanwhile people are dying from opioid overdoses, suicide and alcoholism every day here in the “zion”. So my point in all of this is the Mormon church dictates much of the law here in” The Place” and how the people vote through their guilt and fear mongering how dare any Mormon have a problem with anyone having an opinion when the church has a opinion on everything and sway their believers to vote according to their faith, one that can be decided according to the topic at hand and the outcome the church desires. That is why it is just for anyone and everyone to question this overzealous, overbearing, overfunded sham of a church. Why on gods name by the way would it be necessary for a church to invest money into a pharmeceutical company? I’m not saying the Mormons are the only ones but here in Utah with the issues we are facing as a state I’m well aware of it. No doctrine of faith should be shielded from taxes yet be allowed to invest in private companies and then try and sway public opinion on any issue that could lessen said companies profits. Mormonism was never about God it was about greed…. Still is.

  16. I do agree with Steven those who do not stop giving bad press about Mormons there is good and bad everywhere.

    I have some beliefs that the Mormons very spiritual and religious people and those Mormons suffered awful lot and they were shocked to what that Cardinal said about Mormon leaders

    and I agree with them and I do believe that this is fine example 1 to 10 about what that what anti Mormons what they believe in twisting everything what they want everyone to believe in

  17. The LDS is a 19th Century version of Scientology. A scam from the beginning, it started out as a means for Joseph Smith to justify his penchant for sex with young women other than his wife. He needed an explanation from a power higher than his wife, and there was only one.

    Mrs Smith burned Joseph’s first translation, and when he complained she dared him to have the angel dictate it again. Smith had a conviction for a con game before he had his “vision.”

    In the “Mormon Meadows Massacre,” Mormon settlers slaughtered unarmed men and women, and took the children for their own. Look it up.

    • Yes, we are aware of the Mormon Meadows Massacre. Your one sentence takes a complex situation and minimizes it. You also leave out that the member of the Church who were involved were severely punished. There is no proof, outside of anti-Mormon literature Emma Smith burned anything. Polygamy is also a very complex issue, yet you read Joseph Smith’s mind and claim to know his motivations. Again, outside of anti-Mormon literature, this is nonsense. Smith was not convicted of a “con” game before his First Vision.

      If you’re going to attack an organization, at least have the courtesy to know what you’re talking about and not parrot anti-Mormon nonsense. (Don’t forget, many of these people are counting on you and your ilk to keep them employed. Now, why would they tell lies where the truth would hurt their bottom line?)

      • Ok, Mr. LDS, I would love to hear your spin on why the church didnt allow Negroes to recieve the preisthood till 1978…..since, you know, it was only a full 13 years after the Civil Rights Act became the law of the entire country. Im sure this will be an interesting response. Lemme grab the popcorn…

        • Please, don’t choke on the unpopped kernels.

          Here’s my “spin,” little j. While Joseph Smith was alive, that was not an issue. He even ordained blacks to the priesthood. It was not an issue until later, with Brigham Young. The truth is no one knows why it came about. There is speculation, but nothing more. Somehow, over the years this became “doctrine” through a process that is not known. It was a dark and sad period in our Church’s history.

          I hope you didn’t run out of butter

        • In other words, you have no f*cking clue…but at least you acknowledge your “doctrine” in quotations, which is exactly where it belongs…for the One True Church, you certainly have a lot of speculation……God’s mysteries, eh?

      • You’re right. Smith was not convicted of a “con” game before his First Vision.

        He was convicted of it AFTER the supposed First Vision, in 1826 to be specific.

      • No, I didn't say Moroni. on

        Brigham Young sanctioned it then passed the blame. You really are a moron, Steve.

        • Unlike you who knows nothing, scholars who have actually researched and published about the Mountain Meadows Massacre generally agree that there is no conclusive evidence to say conclusively Brigham Young was or wasn’t involved. The research continues.

      • “Don’t forget, many of these people are counting on you and your ilk to keep them employed.”

        I have two employees, and they are not LDS.

        “Now, why would they tell lies where the truth would hurt their bottom line?”

        You said it yourself. If the truth hurts your bottom line, then OF COURSE you tell lies.

        LDS is such a rich field of ridiculous theology that I have enjoyed researching it, but as an atheist, I am an equal opportunity scoffer at all religions. Since Scientology and LDS originated in this country and in historical times, their origins are more easily inspected than the origins of more ancient religions, and the “history” of North America as written my Joseph Smith is easily refuted.

        • If you are an atheist, why do you bother researching other religions? You don’t believe in religion. Maybe you should focus on science

  18. I have no problem with religious sects but I just do not believe in a one true religion like the Mormons claim they are.

  19. To each his own.
    If it brings comfort and piece of mind to those who follow, and it does not harm others, why not let them get on with it?

    • No, I didn't say Moroni. on

      Because it does a lot of harm. Salt Lake City might be up to date these days, but just look at the FLDS. Forced marriages, polygamy, blood atonement. Sure, these guys are just wanting to get through the day peacefully.

  20. This is the same, tired, nonsense that is used to attack the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for decades. There are replies to every single one of these items on the list that shows the authors spin is nonsense. Go to, search for information on each of these items, and you will find dozens of responses to this twaddle. Oscar Morales needs to be a little original and do better than this.

      • Wow! What a thoughtful comment. And you dismiss it without even looking at it and examining the responses. THATguy, I’m so impressed with your open and inquiring mind.

        • wow! what a thoughtful rebuke! And you claim it without even pondering that maybe THATguy has done more than just research this satanic cult and perhaps even held a position of office in said “church”. Steven Hill, I’m so impressed with your lack of knowledge in who you try to discredit and in your closed, blinded mind.

        • Let me get this straight. You go to anti-Mormon websites, accept everything that is said by people who have an agenda, and consider them objective. You can’t be bothered to at least look at responses by people who have the audacity to disagree with you, and then tell me THATguy is an ex-Mormon. Some of the most stupid statements I’ve seen and heard about the Church have come from both current and former members, you being in the last category.

          You, not knowing what I know and research I’ve done over the years, then accuse me of a lack of knowledge and a closed, blinded mind. Wow! What a hypocrite.

        • well one thing I have learned is the lds church is a complete fabrication of joseph smith and there not a darn thing true about it except its a dam lie to steal its members money and time and control there lives

        • Excuse me mr hill but who named them anti Mormon. The Lds church because like the Jehovah witnesses any thing critical of your church is automatically deemed the leadership of your church as anti and slandering did you ever think maybe they do want you to read it was because they are scared that you will think for yourself and make up your own mind if the evidence is real or not this is why the Jewish rabbis don’t allow thier people to read on thier own the Old Testament books which give the prophesies of Jesus because jews would accept Jesus as messiah

        • One last comment. Until you provide documented research for your claims, don’t bother to respond. You made many claims, but provide nothing other than your uninformed opinion. As I wrote previously, the fact that you are a former Mormon means nothing.

        • And a giant spaghetti monster controls the universe. Most religions are full of made up stories and fiction but the Mormons take the cake. . The Mormon church coming around in the 1800’s by a con artist named Joseph Smith who wrote more fairy tales than mother goose..

        • it means he like me and hundreds of thousands of others have learned its a dam lie but your to stupid to see it so you keep giving them your money but not us

        • thsats right first I was a bishop for 5 years then a stake president for seven years andseen and herd enough that I did lots of research and ask the questions that the g a couldn’t and wouldnt awnser is the biggest scham ,,,fraud ever pull on man kind and the book of Mormon was written from solamen Spauldings book and from the bible and a book of the Hebrews,,, names and places changed hoax fraud mormonism

        • Hello there, I am a member of LDS and a Freemason, I can tell you that no. 7 is true. and a lot of Mormons that are Masons will agree with it, especially ones that are descendant from Smith himself.

    • LOL. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is an abomination and an affront to the true Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. First off the “Secret Ritual” to get into God’s kingdom is absurd. The only way into heaven is if your name is in the book of life when this world is over. Your church is a fraud, Joseph Smith was a fraud, and your mortal soul is in danger of being cast into the pit along with Satan and his demons. You should get on your knees and ask God for forgiveness for your blasphemy.

      • What is the “true Church?” Anything with which you agree? Read the Bible. Christ often told his disciples not to tell anyone what occurred and what they were taught (Matthew 24:3; Matthew 17:9 for two examples). You mock the book of life. Paul (Phillipians 4:3) and John the Revelator (Revelation 13:8) both thought the book of life were important. I guess, by your standards, they were both “fraud[s] and [their] mortals soul[s are] in danger of being cast into the pit along with Satan and his demons.” We’ll be in good company. In the future, at least know what you’re talking about.

      • Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God that went through so much to fulfill the true church… The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Please do not put down the one church that will save you from all things bad. Lucky for you… for all of us… Jesus Christ atoned for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane out of pure love in hope that we will all return to him and our Heavenly Father one day.

      • A very thoughtful, responsible, and a a mature reply to some with whom you disagree. I’m sure with a mind like yours, you win many arguments.

        • Hey “Steven Hill” I didnt realize your cult had a version of “Megaphone” like the Israelis do….who knew??

    • John, (screwed too ) on

      give it up hill, the mormons are exposed for what they are. Taking over government and only ruling in favor of another mormon. how ‘religious is that?
      read about the corrupt sister wives club , in az where they have gotten into government and running the cult like a business !
      taking over the courts , ruling for mormon attorneys only .sick bastards!

      • Well answer this, what would we gain from taking over politics? To take over the country? No, it was popularity vote and there were more mormons that others in the state. And we arent a cult but a religeon, we believe in chrost and worship him at the center of our doctrine.

      • John your other name says it all, (SCREWED) you are deluded in every way believing in such nonsense which can always be disproved, all 10 facts are not even facts…. before I finished reading the whole 10 I began laughing at them because they are the weakest arguments and is not even a solid argument

    • Carson Shaffer on

      I am a young man in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am thankful for people debunking these ridiculous lies.