10 Resources You Had No Idea We’re Running Out Of


Like it or not, resources are finite. If we don’t use them carefully, we’ll run out. But while we’ve all heard the scary stories about peak oil, we’re guessing you had no idea that we’re running the risk of hitting peak banana.

Read the full list.

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  1. TopTenListsAreCool on

    Probably a cool list, but why in the world would I want to watch an 11 minute video rather than spend 4 minutes reading an actual list?

  2. Ryan O'Brien on

    Yawn; if I wanted to watch videos i’d go to YouTube. People come to a list sight to read lists; there’s not even a written version of this video list to give you the option. Waste of time……

  3. Articlesarebetter on

    It doesn’t even wanna let me finish watching it -____- at least with articles I didn’t have this problem