10 Ridiculously Expensive Toys for the Filthy Rich


When money isn’t an issue, one can indulge in some very cool and very expensive toys. These include gadgets, vehicles, and toys that are similar to things people with average wealth own, just taken to the extreme. There are also some toys that rich people own that most of us have only seen in movies about the future. Then there are other toys for the rich that are just downright bizarre, but no less expensive. But these toys are all very real and for sale, if you can afford their hefty prices. We’d say that with Christmas coming up you could just ask Santa but let’s be real here, no one has been this good this year.

10. Robotic Bartender


Price: $25,000

The Robotic Bartender is great for a niche group of people who like to drink, don’t like bartenders (or bars), are too lazy to mix their own drink, and have $25,000 to blow on a drink mixer. It’s a very small niche, is what we’re saying.

The Robotic Bartender has 600 drink options that you can choose from a touch screen interface. The mixing system can hold 16 one-liter bottles of alcohol and 12 different mixes. Oh, and that $25,000 doesn’t include the liquor, just the mixes. Also, since you’ll need ice, because you don’t want to drink warm beverages like a savage, there is a built-in ice bucket that holds up to 20 pounds of ice.

9. Gotham Golf Cart


Price: $28,500

What would Bruce Wayne drive on the golf course? Well, probably not this golf cart because it would give away his secret identity pretty quickly. But, for anyone who just wants to pretend that they are Batman when they play golf, there is this Batman Begins-inspired Batmobile golf cart made from black alloy. The golf cart has a top speed of 38 miles per hour, which is more than double the speed of golf average carts. Because if there’s anything the game of golf is known for, it’s speed.

It also has two adjustable leather seats, an iPad stand, cup holder, and lights. There isn’t a jet thruster; instead, that is where you place your clubs. The souped-up cart will run you about $28,500. But really, isn’t that a small pittance to pay to act like Batman?

8. Whac-A-Mole Bar


Price: $35,000

Probably one of the ugliest and most dated looking items you can buy for a ridiculous amount of money is a personalized Whac-A-Mole bar. When closed, it looks like a 90s-style bookcase and cabinet, but when you open it up, it’s a working Whac-a-Mole game with an overhead bar. But what makes this game so special is that the moles can be personalized to look like people you want to whack. The sellers suggest putting pictures of your exes or former bosses, but perhaps that money would be spent better on psychology sessions.

The game is lit with a LED lights and it comes with two leather paddles. It costs $35,000, and just for some perspective, if each game of Whac-a-Mole was a quarter to play, you’d have to play over 140,000 games to make the purchase worth it.

7. Martin Jetpack

Price: $150,000-$200,000

New Zealand’s Martin Jetpack company first debuted their jetpack in 2008, and in 2016, they are looking to release a commercial version. The pack isn’t exactly a jetpack per-say, because there are no jets involved. Instead, they use ducted fan technology, which is similar to what drones use. The company plans on selling them to recreational users, and to governments for search and rescue teams.

Governments will probably buy them because the number of jetpack related strandings and accidents will go up. If you want one, it looks like they will cost between $150,000 and $200,000, which is about the same as the median American household income for a relatively well-to-do middle class family in 2014. It’s a little pricey if you decide to become a real-life Rocketeer, though.

6. Most Realistic Driving Simulator


Price: $185,000

For the same price as a luxury car, you can buy the most realistic driving simulator ever created. The seat, which is actually a racecar seat, sits on a monocoque fiberglass chassis that is suspended above the ground. The chassis can roll, pitch, and rotate 360 degrees.

The chassis of the simulator moves in response to your actions; for example, if you hit the brake, the chassis drops down, and when you hit the gas pedal, the chassis pushes forward. So when you enter a corner at 200 miles per hour – as one does, obviously – it will seem fairly realistic. The simulator comes with 12 different race cars programmed into it with a number of different tracks. So, in theory you’re really getting a dozen cars that don’t go anywhere for $185,000.

5. Goldmund Logos Anatta Sound System


Price: $385,000

A sweet sound system is a must for any millionaire or billionaire, and sound systems don’t get much more expensive than Goldmund’s Logos Anatta. The slick and high tech sound system was designed to be a piece of art, as well as a great sound system. The three speaker system stands about five-and-a-half feet tall, and is created from high quality steel, ultra-rigid brass rhodium, and even some gold. It is assembled by hand, and the manufacturers compare themselves to Swiss watchmakers. They also use the best parts from companies that specifically make those parts.

To buy one system, that just plays sound, you are looking at dropping $385,000, which is about the price of a new Ferrari with a high quality sound system in it. We’ll stick with an iPhone and some Bluetooth speakers for now, though.

4. Pal-V One Helicycle

Price: $395,000

A flying motorcycle sounds like something from Wacky Races, or something Otto the bus driver may dream about, but thanks to Helicycle in the Netherlands, they are a real thing. The Pal-V is a three-wheeled hybrid car and a gyrocopter. The dual vehicle can reach speeds of 112 miles per hour on both land and the air. On a single tank of gas, it can fly a distance of 220 miles or drive for 750 miles on land.

Two downfalls of the Pal-V are that in order to switch over from car to copter mode, it takes about 10 minutes. Also, you need 540 feet of runway space to take off because it is a gyrocopter and doesn’t lift straight up like a helicopter. So if you’re driving it and run into a traffic jam, you can’t just turn on the copter and fly over those non-flying suckers. And in order to drive a helicycle, you need $395,000, or a rich friend, and a driver’s license and a pilot’s license. And then, finally, you’ll be able to live out your fantasies of being Max Rockatansky’s weird friend in Road Warrior.

3. C-SEED 201 LED television

Price: $687,775

Perhaps people in the past thought that in the 21st century, rich people may have movie theaters in their home. But did anyone really think that someone would have an outdoor movie theater? Well, that is what the C-SEED 201 LED television is. It’s a 201-inch (16 feet) screen with 16:9 picture and is meant for outdoor use. When the TV is not in use, it is stored in a well below the ground. Then, with the tap of a button, it rises up 15 feet and seven LED panels unfold to create the screen in 25 seconds. The screen has 725,000 LEDs which can depict 4.4 trillion colors at 5,000 nits of brightness (yes, that’s a real term) and it has three 700 watt subwoofers.

To buy what is considered to be the world’s largest TV, you will be shelling out about $687,775, which is about $187,000 more than buying an actual drive-in movie theater. But won’t it make watching all those reruns of Frasier even more magical than you ever could have hoped?

2. Kuratas Robot

Price: $1,350,000

Moving from toys for just plain old rich people into toys for rich supervillains is the Kuratas Robot from Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Japan. The customizable four-ton mech robot allows operators to sit in the bomb-proof chest cavity and drive the robot. The robot moves via a system of 30 hydraulic actuators that are controlled by computer software. As for what the driver controls, there is an onboard weapons system that includes a BB Gatling gun that is activated by a smile, a robotic hand that is controlled with a glove that the driver wears, and of course, you can hook your iPhone into it.

One robot will set you back at least $1.35 million for the basic model, but there is always room for upgrades. After all, if you’re going to get a multi-ton wearable robot, you need to have cup holders. It’s totally worth the cost, too, because how else are you going to fight fight Iron Man or, if you so choose, repel an alien invasion without a giant mech suit?

1. The Rinspeed sQuba

Price: $2,000,000

If an armed mech robot has too much of a supervillain feel to it, and you’d rather be a good guy if you’re spending obscene amounts of money, how about buying a James Bond-inspired submarine car? The Rinspeed sQuba is styled after the Lotus Esprit car in The Spy Who Loved Me, but instead of an airtight submarine, sQuba car is a convertible. Yes, a submarine with no roof doesn’t make much sense, but it is designed that way in case the two passengers need to make an escape.

On land, the car has a top speed of 77 miles per hour and, unfortunately, on the water it is much slower. On the surface, the sQuba travels at about three miles per hour and underwater it reaches a whopping 1.5 MPH. It can also descend to a depth of 30 feet.

For the combination of a car, boat, and submarine, you’re looking at a $2 million price tag, which is about the price of five Rolls Royce Phantoms. 

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