10 Strange Facts About the Dragon’s Triangle


There are several different locations around the planet that are filled with mystery and unsolved disappearances. The Bermuda Triangle is the most well-known of those locations, but there are several other “triangles” such as the Nevada Triangle and the Alaska Triangle, to name just a couple. These locations, where many mysterious things have occurred, are in an area shaped like a triangle and are hot spots for disappearances and other strange phenomena.

Another one of these mysterious areas is located in the Pacific Ocean near Japan, and is called the Dragon’s Triangle. There have been many reports of ships disappearing in that area, never to be found, as well as other ships that were later found but with no explanation as to why they suddenly sank. Just like other mysterious locations, the Dragon’s Triangle is subject to many different theories for the disappearances, such as underwater dragons, to UFOs and aliens, to more natural environmental explanations.

There have been many odd things that have happened in the Dragon’s Triangle and this list will detail 10 of the strangest facts about this mysterious location…

  1. The Disputed Location

While the exact location of the Dragon’s Triangle – also known as the Devil’s Sea – is highly debatable, the most common theory is that it’s located with one corner of the triangle being in Taiwan, the second corner in the Japanese island of Miyake-jima, and the third corner of the triangle in the island of Iwo-jima. What is known for certain is that many ships have gone missing in that area of the Pacific Ocean, which is eerily similar to the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle all the way over in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Dragon’s Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle have quite a few similarities that are hard to ignore. They are both dangerous areas in the water in the shape of a triangle (duh) where many aircrafts and ships, along with their passengers and crew members, have gone missing without a trace. Some people believe that the two triangles are directly opposite of each other, and that if someone was to travel from the center of one of the triangles across the planet in a straight line, they would end up in the center of the other triangle.

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  1. Kublai Khan’s Failed Attempt To Invade Japan

Kublai Khan, who was the fifth Khan of the Mongol Empire, attempted to invade Japan twice – in the years 1274 and 1281. He was unsuccessful during both attempts and ended up losing numerous ships as well as around 40,000 crew members. He apparently encountered deadly typhoons in the area known as the Dragon’s Triangle. The Japanese believed that god had made the typhoons destroy the ships as a way of protecting their country.

Eventually, marine archaeologists and divers found the wreckage of the Mongol ships at the bottom of the ocean. If the typhoons hadn’t stopped Khan’s soldiers from invading Japan, the country would most definitely have been a much different place than it is today.

  1. The Strange Woman On An Unknown Ship

One of the most famous Japanese legends is that in the year 1803, sailors noticed a ship sailing the waters of the Devil’s Sea that looked like a hallowed out, box-shaped boat. In fact, it very much resembled a traditional Japanese ship that was used for burning incense. They also noticed that a woman was sailing the ship, and that she had a very uncommon physical appearance – almost a foreign type of look. Although many people are said to have seen this woman and her ship, nobody knew who she was or where she came from.

What makes this legend so mysterious, and what has captured the attention of so many, is the fact that even to this day nobody knows who this woman was or where her vessel came from. This legend is so popular that several books have been written about this mysterious woman and her unknown vessel.

  1. Other Strange Disappearances

There have been countless ships that have gone missing in the waters known as the Dragon’s Triangle. Let’s take a look at some of the many deadly encounters in these dangerous waters

In the 1940s and 1950s, several fishing boats went missing in the waters between Miyake-jima and Iwo-jima. There were also five Japanese military ships that were lost along with more than 700 crew members. That prompted the Japanese government to send out a research vessel to investigate the mysterious and dangerous waters in 1952. The ship, named the Kaio Maru No. 5, also ended up disappearing, along with the 31 crew members that were on board. The remains of the vessel were eventually found, but none of the crew members were ever located.

Also in the 1950s, the Japanese government officially announced that the Dragon’s Triangle was very unsafe, noting the inherent dangers of traveling and transporting in those waters.

  1. Methane Hydrates

One environmental explanation as to why so many vessels have disappeared could be methane hydrates. Researchers say that the area of the Dragon’s Triangle has methane hydrates located on the seabed. Methane hydrate ice turns into gas when the water reaches above 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit; when the methane hydrate gas explodes, it causes bubbles to form on the surface of the water, causing interruptions in the buoyancy of the water which can easily sink a ship, completely dismantling it on the way down. Also, if the gas is exposed to an open flame, it will suddenly explode.

As for natural explanations, methane hydrates are a definite possibility as to why so many vessels have suddenly gone down in that area.

  1. Vile Vortices

There are 12 Vile Vortices around the planet, and the most famous one is that of the Bermuda Triangle. There are also Vile Vortices said to be located at the North and South Poles. Another one of those locations is that of the Dragon’s Triangle, and it could be the most natural explanation as to why so many ships have gone missing in that area.

Vile Vortices are areas on the planet where the pull of the electromagnetic waves are stronger than any other location on Earth. It has also been suggested that the hot and cold currents that cross the Vile Vortices are what ultimately causes so many ships to go missing. The reason is because the currents cause electromagnetic disturbances that end up trapping ships that are in the water at that time.

  1. Underwater Volcanoes

Another more natural explanation is that the subsea volcanoes are what cause so many ships to disappear in the Devil’s Sea. The volcanoes, which appear to suck the ships underwater, may in fact be the reason why the legend of underwater dragons (we’ll get to that shortly) initially began. Some marine scholars say that the seismic activity from the underwater volcanoes is what causes so many of the islands to suddenly disappear, and new ones to immediately form.

One of the most well-known disappearances in the triangle was in 1952, when the Kaio Maru No. 5 research vessel ended up sinking in the waters. However, it was determined that an underwater volcano had erupted when the ship had reached that area. When the volcano exploded, it caused the water to become extremely hot, losing its buoyancy, and ultimately causing the vessel to sink.

While the exact location of the triangle is highly disputed, it is believed that the two islands associated with the triangle are Miyake-jima and Iwo-jima. Those two islands rest along a line of highly active underwater volcanoes that span an area of 2,500 kilometers across the Pacific Ocean to Guam. These undersea volcanoes could definitely be the reason why so many ships suddenly disappear.

  1. Dragons And Sea Monsters

Since around the year 1000 BC, there have been legends of a large dragon that lives in the waters of the appropriately named Dragon’s Triangle. According to legend, when the dragons start moving around in the water, they can cause sudden large waves, whirlpools, dangerous storms, and even thick fog. It is also believed that the dragons are the ones attacking the vessels and the crew in order to satisfy their hunger.

In 1944, a Japanese pilot was in an aerial battle against US forces when he noticed something terribly disturbing in the waters below. The pilot reported seeing a large sea monster in the water as he flew over the Devil’s Sea. The serpent-like monster was said to have had two large triangular-shaped wings, and was swimming very fast while keeping its head above the water. The pilot estimated that the creature was around 150 feet in length. Although there were no other witnesses who came forward claiming to see the unknown sea monster, it is still a very curious legend in an already mysterious area.

The Japanese named the waters “Ma-No Umi,” which translates to “the sea of the devil” because of all the mysterious, paranormal activity that happens in that area. It is also why so many people avoid traveling in that particular area of the ocean.

  1. The UFO Theory

And, of course, we can’t talk about strange disappearances without mentioning the theory that UFOs are somehow involved. In fact, some people believe that USOs (Unidentified SubmergedObjects) are the cause of many of the disappearances. Some say that the “dragon theory” can actually be explained by USOs, and that they also have an underwater alien base.

There was allegedly a picture taken from a satellite in space that shows four objects within the Dragon’s Triangle that do appear to look like UFOs, although it’s uncertain whether the photo was altered or if they were actually ships. What is for certain is that many people have claimed to have seen unidentified things flying in the sky above the water, and it is a known hot spot for UFO activity.

  1. Other Paranormal Theories

While UFOs and USOs are believed to have visited the Dragon’s Triangle, there are several other paranormal theories about the location, as well as other strange phenomena that have happened there.

There have been several ghost sightings there, such as people seeing ghost ships in the water and mysterious lights hovering over the waves. Other unexplained occurrences include equipment suddenly malfunctioning without any logical reason, and people experiencing a loss of time that they can’t account for.

As for possible supernatural theories in regard to the disappearances, some have speculated that there could be a gateway or doorway to another dimension, or even a parallel universe. And while black holes have only been associated with space and the universe, some say that there could even be a black hole inside of the Dragon’s Triangle. While these theories are highly unlikely, it would explain the sudden disappearances of several ships.

Some have even speculated that the lost city of Atlantis is in fact buried deep within the waters of the triangle.

Whether the many disappearances of vessels inside of the Dragon’s Triangle are due to natural phenomena such as underwater volcanoes or actual underwater alien activity, or even a black hole to another universe, the mysteries of this location will keep people guessing for many years to come.

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