Apparently Emo Fringes are Dangerous as well as Stupid


The emo fringe is the hairstyle equivalent of wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party. You’re trying to show people that you don’t care what they think about you by spending way too much time making yourself look like an idiot. That said, it’s stupidly popular among kids and teenagers who hate their lives enough to post about how awful it is with their iPhone from the comfy room they don’t pay to maintain.


Even without furniture, it’s still a room, kid.                      Image source.

However, along with having your face constantly look like you’re trying to peek through a greasy black curtain, the emo fringe can really hurt your eyes. Doctors have actively warned against the style, citing that having a huge block of matte black hair constantly clumped over one eye is going to make you stupid at best and give you a lazy eye at worst.  Yes, all those emo kids you see sat outside Hot Topic of the moody girl who sullenly pours your coffee in Starbucks are all at risk of damaging their eye sight because of how they style their hair. But hey, at least it looks cool, right?


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