Author Jim Ciscell

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Top 10 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like Herbert Hoover

Usually, President Obama gets compared to luminaries such as JFK and Lincoln. But given the current instability of the US government, perhaps the best comparison one can make is to Herbert Hoover, who was President when the Great Depression began. Hopefully, Obama’s time in office ends more positively.

Sports vin-scully

Top 10 Sports Headlines You Will Not Read In 2014

Sports fans love to guess what will happen in the world of competitive ball handling, but most of these guesses turn out to be dead wrong. It’s actually much easier to predict stuff that WON’T happen, as we’ve so helpfully done just now. Here are ten sporty things that a simply not happening in the coming year.

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Top 10 Indiana Jones Artifacts (Not Found In The Movies)

The adventures of Indiana Jones does not begin and end with the movies. On the contrary, there are a ton of books and games out there that place Indy in harm’s way, all in the name of collecting, well, just about every ancient artifact known to man. Here are ten of his most epic adventures you didn’t know about.

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Top 10 Famous Racists (Who Had No Idea When To Shut Up)

Sadly, racism is still a thing in our world. For the most part however, people tend to keep their racist thoughts to themselves (or anonymously spew them all over the Internet; that works too.) Some people however, prefer to expose their bigotry very publicly, and very loudly. Spoiler alert: it never turns out well.