Author Suzy Duvall

Top Ten Things to Know About Suzy Duvall

  1. Suzanne values comfort in her sporty-casual style and has only worn elasticized pants and skirts for over 6 years. Makeup, jewelry and a nice pair of shoes can transform any lounge pants into evening attire.
  2. She believes that vigorously exercising 30 minutes each day counteracts her half-a-pack-a-day smoking habit. Extreme coffee intake is also a key to this regimen.
  3. Suzanne was obsessed with Harry Connick, Jr. in her early teens until he betrayed her by marrying the mediocre Victoria Secret model Jill Goodacre.
  4. An avid Risk player, she credits verbal intimidation and cheating for her sporadic winning streaks. Her skill is therefore not translatable to on-line play.
  5. If theoretically stuck on a desert island, Suzanne would elect to have cheese fondue, The Beatles' White Album, David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day and more subservient, handsome version of Friday.
  6. Spending her childhood summers in Oregon, Suzanne learned to cook and garden from her Grandmother. She can still cook a mean meal, using her own produce and herbs.
  7. Along with her boyfriend of five years, she cares for one adoring dog and three ambivalent cats.
  8. Suzanne is a Phi Beta Kappa and graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and has Cliff Notes and Nutshells to thank for her moderate academic success.
  9. Suzanne's favorite list she wrote for Toptenz is Top Ten Worst As Seen on TV Products. Her favorite list on Toptenz is Top Ten Best Cheesy Pro Wrestling Characters.
  10. She is a bargain hunting junkie and has learned to rise above store employees' cruel looks when she drops the coupon bombshell on them.