Ben and Jerry’s has Chunks in it Because Ben Has no Sense of Taste


Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is pretty much the best ice cream, or cheapest heroin substitute money can buy. Part of the reason for this is the fact the ice cream is chock full of chunks that make sweet tender love to your tongue with every mouthful.  The thing is, those chunks are only in there for one reason, Ben Cohen (yes, that Ben) has virtually no sense of taste.

That suit would say otherwise though.

That suit would say otherwise though.

Because he couldn’t taste the ice cream they were making, Ben has to really almost entirely on what he called “mouth feel” and to attain optimum mouth enjoyment he decided that his ice cream should be absolutely filled to brim with chunks. So basically, the entire reason Ben and Jerry’s tastes so good is because a guy who can’t actually taste anything thought making ice cream, chunky was a good idea. And that’s something we should hand medals out for.



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