You Can Rent Liechtenstein, No Really, You Can


Money as they say, can’t buy everything. Well apparently nobody told Liechtenstein, who decided, you know what, screw it, rich gits can rent out our country if they want. You may be thinking surely you can’t rent out the whole country? If so, you’re massively underestimating how much money can convince people to do things. For example, Microsoft rented the country to advertise Halo 4.

Master Chief is still teabagging their mayor.

Master Chief is still teabagging their mayor.

In the case of Halo 4, not only did the gain unrestricted access to the entire principality, but they also got to deck out Gutenberg Castle, a historic landmark in tacky lights and plastic. Because history can go screw itself when Microsoft is waving a fat stack of cash in your face. If you happen to have a spare 75 grand you too can rent the country and slap the mayor.


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