Daft Punk Were Once Interviewed Wearing Bags on Their Head


Daft Punk have virtually never appeared in public without their trademark robot masks on and they rarely, if ever grant interviews. This allows the duo to simply slip off their masks and disappear, because no one is ever going to look twice at a sweaty, pale Frenchman and think anything is out of the ordinary. However, in times when the due can’t wear their masks, that’s when things get silly.

This is way less suspicious.

This is way less suspicious.

That’s the duo during an interview for some obscure Icelandic TV show and it’s virtually the only image of it that exists anywhere online, the video of the interview itself has since been erased from the internet. The weird part is, this random interview on Icelandic television is like the only time the duo have ever granted a maskless interview and they decided to wear bags on their head instead of their awesome robot maks. In fact, the only other video of them without masks is entirely in French and starts with the duo’s name in Comic Sans, which of course means it shouldn’t count.

They may make good music, but damn do they make weird decisions sometimes.


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