Emperor Commodus Designed a Special Arrow to Decapitate Ostrich


Emperor Commodus will go down in history as one of the craziest SOBs to rule Rome, why? Well Commodus had a huge hard on for stepping into the arena as a gladiator. As the emperor, no opponent would ever dare attack him, so his time in the coliseum literally consisted of him clubbing unarmed criminals to death.


But it’s what Commodus did to animals that propelled him into history books. Commodus reportedly killed hundreds of animals in the coliseum, slaughtering hundreds of lions and even the occasional giraffe, however, Commodus showed why he was put in charge when he invented a special arrow just to kill ostrich.

The man was arguably a monster, but we’d like to defend him for a second with a solitary fact. He invented a special arrow to decapitate ostrich, why? Because this man saw a gap in the market of animal slaughter and hot damn did he deliver. Fair enough what he delivered was cruel and terrible, but most Roman emperors were, at least Commodus tried to lighten the mood a little.


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