Superman Becomes a God With 10,000 Years of Sun Bathing


If you weren’t already aware, Superman and indeed all Kryptonian’s powers are derived from the energy they are able absorb and catalyst from yellow suns, like ours. It’s why Superman is capable of the awesome feats his comics and movies show.

However, in one comic Superman, after watching Lois Lane, his parents and everyone he’d ever loved die, Superman lost his lust for punching bad guy’s souls into pieces and decided that he wanted to go live inside the sun for 15,000 years, when he came out, this is what he looked like.

Ah yeah, baby, check out that sweet lid he's sporting, Superman's barber must be literally amazing.

Ah yeah, baby, check out that sweet lid he’s sporting, Superman’s barber must be literally amazing.

In this form Superman (now called Superman Prime) is only rivaled in power by God, not a superhero or villain who claims to be a god, but actual God. He is sufficiently powerful enough to breath entire galaxies out of existence and is so fast and has hearing so great he can be everywhere in existence and knows everything. So when you’re watching the next Superman movie, just remember that at any point, Superman could, if he wanted to, fly into the sun and come out made of solid gold. And people say Spider-man is the coolest superhero. Bah.


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