The Kaibiles Raise Puppies and Eat Them To Train


If you’re wondering what the hell the Kabiles are, they’re a terrorists and presumably Satan’s worst nightmare. They’re a highly trained and elite fighting force hailing from Guatemala. If Guatemala isn’t the kind of place you associate with kicking ass. Wait until you hear how they train.

A hat that pimpin' is earned. Not given.

A hat that pimpin’ is earned. Not given.

The Kaibales training is so brutal that it is considered an honour to be allowed to join them on their training exercises and the training course itself has a 20% pass rate. Bare in mind these aren’t average Joes off the street, these are some of the toughest SOBS from some of the most disciplined military forces on Earth. And 80% of them aren’t tough enough to be a Kaibil. If you read the title to the piece, you probably know what we’re about to say, in order to toughen up recruits, they’re apparently given a puppy to raise and love, before being told they have to kill and eat it to gain sustenance. They’re also supposedly shot for no other reason than to teach them to not be afraid of guns. More verifiable stories claim that training also involved rolling around in thorn bushes and running 5 miles before only being given 30 seconds to eat.

Now don’t you feel better knowing that these guys are on our side?

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  1. “Now don’t you feel better knowing that these guys are on our side?”

    Before we get into the ‘hey this is a US-based website’ discussion, maybe a few facts:

    Fact 1: During the Guatemalan civil war from 1960 to 1996, approximately 250.000 people (that’s a quarter of a million) civilians were killed and disappeared. A UN sponsored truth commission reported that 93% of the atrocities were committed by the Guatemalan Army, 3% by the guerilla’s and 4% unknown. This report mentions a horrific amount of mass murders, in particular towards the civilian Mayan community, committed by the Kaibiles.

    Fact 2: Since the termination of the civil war, a significant number of Kaibiles went private offering their services to the various cocaine cartels in Latin America and have, according to several intelligence agencies, contributed significantly to the increased violence committed in particular by the infamous Los Zetas.

    A suggestion about a sequel: ‘Those badass troops of the German Waffen SS’. Maybe you could end it with a fitting punchline like: “Too bad Germany declared war on the US after Pearl Harbor, otherwise they would have remained on our side killing gay, commies, Roma and Jews’.

  2. Who is “we” when you say they are on “our” side? The Republic of Guatemala is not part of the U.S.A which I am (arrogantly) assuming you were referring too. If the U.S did have any say in this training I hope they would discourage the puppy eating.