Top 10 Insane Acts Of Dedication (Part II)


A while ago on TopTenz we listed 10 people who were so dedicated to seemingly trivial things they went above and beyond what us regular folk would call “reasonable”. Now we’ve found another 10 people who displayed dedication so ridiculous you have to admire them. People like …

10. The Guy Who Has 36 World Of Warcraft Accounts


World of Warcraft is a game where you can literally lose your entire life. Building up a character to a reasonable level can take as much time as a full-time job and a girlfriend, which is presumably why most players have neither.

We jest, of course. We know that a large majority of players do so in their spare time, however, we weren’t kidding about maintaining one character being like a job. So, imagine the time and money that a player named Bradster has put into the game to maintain 36 separate accounts. Oh and he plays them all, at the same time. Not only did this player pay upwards of 5000 real-world dollars to maintain the accounts (which he presumably leveled up on his own too,) but he played on them all using 11 different computers so he could raid and attack bosses by himself. Simply because he didn’t like playing with other people. We’re just going to go out on a limb here and say: if you feel the need to pay for 36 WOW accounts and 11 computers to play with yourself, it’s probably not other people who are the problem.

We can understand not wanting to rely on the help of others because they might let you down, but we’ll be honest, we’d rather let XxBilboTEaBaGGinsxX help us than pay 5 grand to do it by ourselves.

9. The Guy Who Watched 252 Movies On Netflix In A Month


Netflix is an awesome service that lets you watch cartoons that aren’t The Simpsons at 3 in the morning. For a couple of bucks a month you gain access to a library of hundreds of TV shows and movie (except for The Simpsons; get on with it Fox!), but are you really getting your moneys worth? Mark Malkoff doesn’t think so, which is why he spent a month doing literally nothing but watching Netflix movies. 252 of them in fact.

According to Malkoff, a professional comedian who we suspect doesn’t get very many gigs, he spent 404.25 hours that month staring at a Netflix product. So, taking into account the $8 he paid subscribing to the service for that month, Malkoff got around 50 hours of movies for every dollar he spent. Which, if we’re honest, is a pretty good deal, but we don’t think it’d be worth our family members thinking we’d died. Unless they got The Simpsons on there. Then it totally would be. We’d shut this site down tomorrow if that happened.

8. The Photographer Who Took A Photo Every Single Day For 30 Years


Photo-a-day projects are incredibly common online; every now and again someone will upload a video to YouTube of a montage of photos taken over an ever increasing period of time. However, one photographer, Jamie Livingston, has them all topped, if only because Jamie took his photos like a real OG, using a Polaroid camera.

Jamie took a photo every single day for almost 30 years until the day he died, documenting everything from family days out, to the eventual cancer that took his life. What separates Jamie from the rest of the YouTube posers though, is that Jamie got his own Wikipedia page.

Though we don’t want to take anything away from Jamie’s achievement because it is damn impressive, there’s another person out there who was even more dedicated to documenting every little thing about their life.

7. The Guy Who Kept A Diary Of His Life, Every Five Minutes, For 25 Years


Though Robert Shields didn’t record for as many years as Jamie, he made up for it by recording his life not once a day, but every five minutes, documenting everything from his dinner to his poop and everything in between. When someone actually got around to counting the amount of words Robert’s diary contained, they found it clocked in at over 37 million words, making it the longest (and most boring) diary in history.

You have to realize though, that this diary was recorded every 5 minutes without fail, meaning that after Robert had finished one entry, he probably only had another 2 minutes free before he’d have to record another one. We don’t want to imagine how many of the entries consisted entirely of Robert discussing the diary entries he just wrote, because we’d probably never stop crying. Therefore, we’re just going to move swiftly on to …

6. The Guy Who Met Every Friend He Had On Facebook


Most of you reading this article have Facebook, and we’d guess that, oh, every single one of you will have people on there you’ve never ever met, and who you never ever will. One guy felt that he needed to rectify that, and decided that he was going to meet every friend he had on Facebook — all 788 of them. Ty Morin’s adventure earned him a place in the national spotlight, and a bunch of money to make a documentary about the whole thing.

However, another guy over in England had a similar idea. Robert Jones, who also had around 700 Facebook friends, decided he wanted to meet all them too, only instead of making a documentary for personal gain, Robert wanted to ask each one for a donation to help his friend’s son, who happened to have leukemia. Noble enough, but Jones had the audacity to be old and not handsome, unlike Morin. Guess who got more media attention?

Both men have estimated that their journey is going to take them about 3 years each. The only real difference is that Ty’s journey is being paid for by his Kickstarter campaign, while Robert’s is being funded mostly by donations from family and friends. We’ll let you guys decide which guy is more dedicated. We also hope that this example serves as a lesson for everyone reading: the young, photogenic white guy always wins. Speaking of which …

5. The Guys Who’ve Spent Decades Trying To Get The High Score In Donkey Kong


Getting a high score on a video game is always impressive, though what’s more impressive is getting the highest score on said video game. Over the years, one game has proven to be the biggest challenge for competitive gamers: Donkey Kong. Over the years, the high score has been steadily rising, but what’s even more impressive than people still finding ways to improve upon a decades-old game, is that the high scores keep being set by the same people.

For example, there has been a recurring rivalry between pro gamers Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, both of whom have been setting ever increasing high scores on the game since the ’80s. The ’80s! The rivalry was so fierce that they even made a freaking documentary about it. As an addendum, five years after that film was released, their record was broken by a new challenger, a doctor named Hank Chien. We don’t know whose more dedicated here, the guys who spent decades setting high-scores, or the guy who waited 20 years to come out of nowhere and boss everyone at once.

4. The Guy Who Spent His Life Savings To Win An X-Box


Carnival games are fun but almost impossible. Sure, every now and again you’ll see one person carrying a giant stuffed bear that mocks you with its size, but if you’ve sunk more than $10 into a carnival game, you’ve likely funded someone’s meth habit with nothing to show for it. Even if you win, you’ve probably spent double what you prize is actually worth.

But what if the thing you’re tying to win is an X-Box? How much would you spend then? $10? 20? 50? Well, if your name is Henry Gribbohm, the answer is every penny you have, to the tune of $2,600.

Unbelievably, after spending and losing $300, double the amount it would have cost for him to just go out and buy the damned thing, Henry went home and withdrew a further $2,300 (his entire life savings,) and went back to the carnival in an attempt to win that cursed X-Box. When he’d spent literally every penny he had to his name, and still had not won, the carnival felt so sorry for him that they gave him a giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks as a valuable parting gift.

Thankfully (maybe,) things worked out well for Henry, because the website College Humor bought the banana off of him for $3,000, even throwing in an X-Box to boot. This taught Henry a valuable lesson: it doesn’t matter how badly you screw up, because someone will bail you out if you screw up hard enough.

3. The Most Needlessly Active Twitter Accounts Ever


Twitter is a place where you can list every inane thought that pops into your head for the entire world to view at their leisure. If you had any doubt that the Internet is where humanity goes to die, we’d like to introduce you to the account, @YOUGAKUDAN_00, which currently has over 37 MILLION tweets, most of which consist of nothing but zeroes and ones. We put them into a binary converter, and they either don’t mean anything or are the computer’s version of screaming for help.

If  you don’t think millions of Tweets consisting of gibberish is an impressively depressing show of dedication, we’d like to introduce you to the account @big_ben_clock. Named after the famous London landmark, this account has tweeted the words “bong bong” on the hour, every hour, for the past 3 years. We’re pretty sure these people are being held underground somewhere and have been told if they don’t keep tweeting, they’ll explode or something.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for something a little more childish, then @fart_robot is the account for you, with over a million tweets that do nothing but tweet the words “FART ROBOT APPROVES” to anyone who uses the word “fart” on Twitter. At the time of writing this, @fart_robot has over 1.3 million tweets. Everyone needs a hobby, we guess. Speaking of which …

2. The Guy Who Recreated The Star Wars Cantina, Because He Thought Another One Sucked


Star Wars fans are like parents of newborn children; they love to fawn over and discuss a thing that no one else really cares about. One such fan was so dedicated to the series that, when he saw a recreation of the famous Cantina scene from Episode 4, one that he didn’t think was very good, he went right ahead and made his own. From scratch.

When he realized that the Star Wars convention he’d gone to had only recreated three characters from the scene, he spent the following year making the rest. For no other reason than he really REALLY liked Star Wars. When interviewed, Luke (of course his name is Luke) said that “he enjoyed doing it and wanted to stab everything that wasn’t Star Wars.” OK, so he didn’t say that. But come on, this guy recreated 22 life size dolls of aliens that were of a better quality than the ones in the actual film, just because he didn’t think someone else hadn’t done it well enough. He was likely thinking something very close to what we just made up.

Then again, we know for a fact this guy will never be robbed, since anyone entering his home will be confronted by 22 glass-eyed aliens holding laser guns. Unless they just steal the aliens, but we presume Luke would just make like 50 Darth Vaders instead. Speaking of making things …

1. The Guy Who Recreated The Entire World Of Warcraft Map, In Minecraft


Minecraft is like Legos on steroids, with way more explosions and arguments. So basically, it’s like playing Lego in Afghanistan. In the game you can make virtually anything, and the only real limit is how much free time you have, and how much you hate going outside. So obviously, people have made things so mind-bogglingly large that whales feel inadequate next to it.

However, one of the more *ahem* impressive examples is the guy who single-handedly recreated the entire World of Warcraft map, just to see if he could. Using a combination of mods and custom software, the devoted fan has been able to accurately map the entire landscape, to scale. When asked about the hundreds of dungeons and expansion packs that he hadn’t included, his answer was to merely wave his hand and say that they’d come, in time. Well, if he can do it, maybe we’ll feature him again in our third list of this series. Which we almost certainly will be writing. We’re dedicated like that.

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