Top 10 Most Amazing Gummies


The most creative I have ever gotten with gummies is when I pretend that the worms are actually snakes, or I bite off pieces of the bears and pretend they’re screaming in agony.  I tend to eat them more than I create with them, is what I’m saying.  But, as it turns out, there are lots of people out there way more creative than I.  These people see gummies as a canvas on which they pour sweet and squishy creativity, in ways that don’t include pseudo-sadism on candy. 

10. Gummi Chandelier

I know, “chandelier” was the first thing I thought of after biting the faces off of gummi bears, too.  Okay, just kidding.  The one on the left is 31 inches across and weighs 50 pounds. A design firm called Jellio made the “ball” of gummies.  It takes a 50-watt light bulb and is made from roughly 5000 acrylic gummies, which is sort of cheating.  The one on the bottom, however, is 45 inches tall and 21 inches across of real candy goodness.  Both are quite pretty, though I have to admit Jellio might have the right idea here.  The real gummies, though far tastier, probably attract more than their share of fruit flies come summer time.  Getting those little suckers to quit flying into your eye would constantly detract from the décor.

9. Gummi Bearskin Rug

If puns were a crime (and they should be) this one would be a first-degree aggravated pun.  Possibly even a hate-pun.  The candy is apparently all old and unpalatable and further sprayed with lacquer to keep mice and ants from trying to eat it. It is intended to be art though, so aside from not eating it, don’t wipe your feet on it and don’t let the kids near it.

You know what? Just stop looking at it. It’s no doubt costing someone a fortune.

8. Giant Gummi Bear

When I was a kid, I dreamed of a real-world Candyland, with flowers made of frosting and a landscape straight out of an old World Of Dairy Queen commercial.  I bring this up because this is like someone reached into my childhood fantasies and pulled out a woodland beast. offers this ridiculous five pound bear to the tune of $29.99, a small price to pay for something that will make you the envy of your more immature friends, as well as guarantee you’ll never want to see another gelatin-based confection as long as you live, should you actually finish it.  Flavors include blue raspberry (shown), bubblegum, and pineapple.  But it’s not like anyone would do anything completely asinine like a nearly 30-pound… oh, I guess they did:

7. Giant Gummi Worm

While my childhood dreams were populated by gummi bears as large as a small dog, it did not serve as a home to these monsters.  They are 26 inches long, 5 inches around, weigh 3 pounds apiece, and cost about 28 bucks.  Looking at them, I imagine they are also useful in preventing home invasions or, conversely, performing a home invasion.

6. Giant Gummi Skull

It’s available in 11 different flavors.  It’s life size.  It will fill your children with terror and make the fat Goth kid down the street your new best friend. It’s a five-pound gummi skull, and I think most people would agree that if Nicolas Cage had been sporting one of these as a head, Ghost Rider would have been 20 times shorter and 1000 times more watchable (hint: sugar and fire have a short, spectacular relationship. (other hint: his head would have melted.))

5. Gummi Fetus

…uhh…hmm…well…no, I can’t.  It’s just…I just…No.  I can’t.  The next one is actually less disturbing.

4. Gummi Dead Rat

For a lot of us, the gummi rat was the first “giant gummi” we ever encountered.  Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company decided that in order to make a truly complete Halloween treat out of the gummi rat, it had to be caught in a trap, all smashed and bloody.  Kudos for not conforming to PC standards and really sticking it to the man.  But I have to admit: this could be made out of ambrosia from Mount Olympus itself, and I would have a hard time taking a bite.  Plus, what is that in its mouth? Did it bite a piece of cheese before meeting its maker, or did it barf on itself in its death throes?  Considering the amount of blood, I am going to have to go with death-barf.

3. Gummi Haggis

After gummi fetus and splattered rat, why not a butterscotch-flavored gummi version of the meal that tells the rest of the world “don’t screw with the Scotts; we eat this crap because of a long tradition of doing things to scare the English the hell out of our country”?

2. Gummi Legos

Finally, something not awful and scarring.  This is actually incredibly cool; the gentlemen over at Instructables made these crafted silicone molds out of real Legos, and made the gummies out of Jell-O and Knox gelatin.  So I guess, technically, they are more like Knox-Blox Legos, but who cares?  You could build a house, an airplane, or a space ship, and then eat it all as part of pick-up time.  Remember that candy dream I mentioned?  It totally should have had gummi Legos.

I couldn’t find pictures of anything actually built with them, but I can only imagine it was equal parts fabulous and delicious, and the FDA says you can never have too much of the former.

1. Giant Gummi Brain

We had a gummi skull, and you can’t have skulls without brains, right?…I might not have thought that through very well.  At any rate, this bubblegum-flavored brain weighs in at about 6.5 pounds.  I doubt it would do much to distract zombies from eating your own precious grey matter, but the number of calories in it…isn’t very encouraging.  If you’ve seen Zombieland, then you know how the chunkier people fare in a zombie apocalypse.  But it looks cool, and that’s the most important thing, right?

Written By David Dietle

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  1. OMG you left out the Gummi Maggots – those are realistic looking things – just pasty white looking gummi worms and they can make your friends gag just watching you slurp one down