The UK Court Case That Was Solved With a Giant Cake


Cake is perhaps man’s greatest invention. You’re probably expecting a joke or something here, but there isn’t one. We just really, really, like cake. But even we understand that cake isn’t a solution to all of life’s problems, it is however a solution to most of them. As the McVitie’s company learned when the British customs office tried to tax the crap out of their Jaffa Cake line in 1991. Why? Because in the UK there is no tax on cakes or biscuits, because they’re awesome, there is however a tax on chocolate covered biscuits. The customs office argued that Mcvitie’s Jaffa Cakes, despite having the word cake right there in its name was a biscuit. McVitie’s disagreed.


After they greased themselves up to fit through the doors to their office.

Though the company could have used its army of cake powered lawyers to argue the issue at length, McVitie’s decided, screw this, we’re a company that makes cakes, lets make a cake. Which is exactly what they did. In order to prove that their product was a cake, the company ordered the creation of a 12 inch wide Jaffa Cake which later became the most delicious piece of evidence ever presented in British court. If you’re wondering what happened? McVitie’s won their damn court case. The giant Jaffa Cake was presumably eaten after the Customs Office agreed that it wasn’t  a tasty cake-shaped bribe.

Source. Source.

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