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Top 10 Most Disgusting Things We’ve Done To Our Ocean

For something that takes up 70% of our planet, and is responsible for life itself, we sure exploit the crap out of our ocean. Over the years, we have not been kind of to our water, due to a deadly combination of laziness and stupidity. This one-two punch has contributed to some awfully disgusting, and depressing, truths about today’s water.

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Top 10 Badass Plants And Trees

Most plants can’t hurt you unless you’re in The Little Shop Of Horrors, and most trees can’t kill you unless one topples over and lands on your head. But then there are the others: plants and trees from the wrong side of town. They don’t like you, and if you get too close, they will make you pay dearly.

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Top 10 Plants You Wouldn’t Want In Your House

Plants sure are nice and pretty, right? Their leafy goodness adds to the ambiance of most any room. Of course, if you pick the wrong one, the only ambiance you’ll experience will be that of a fiery, unforgiving Hellscape. Because many plants are just plain not nice. In fact, some of them are just plain nasty.