Now You Hear Me, The Wonderful World of Anti-Sound


Sound, for all you scientific types out there, is basically just a wave of pressure traveling through a given medium, usually air or water or something like that. The larger the wave, the louder the sound. Basic stuff. However, because sound is literally just a wave, it is entirely possible to produce a wave with the exact opposite frequency. When this happens scientists can effectively mute a sound, regardless of how loud it is, and hold a conversation at a normal decibel level. If you don’t think that’s dope, here’s something else for you to enjoy.

This has a number of awesome and practical benefits, the former of which we’re going to explain here, because screw practicality when we can talk about a gun that kills sound! Because yes, not only is it possible to analyze a single note and kill that sucker dead, but technology has reached the point where such a device can analyze complex sounds in real time and produce the appropriate anti-sound to stop it from annoying you. If you’re still not currently grasping how awesome this is, just realize that we, as a society are on the cusp of being able to have a handheld device capable of muting a Justin Bieber song instantly, from across the room. We’re honestly praying for this device to be invented quicker just so we can see the first YouTube video of someone sneaking this thing into one of his concerts.

Your days are numbered, Bieber!

Your days are numbered, Bieber!

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