Smile Until It Hurts – You Write the Caption Contest


This Contest is over.

Welcome to the second “Write a Caption Contest” on TopTenz. Last week we put a photograph of a llama living it up in New York and our readers came through with over 75 captions. This week we put the focus on a young boy, his mouth and some weird metal mouth stretcher. This photo practically writes its own caption. But let’s see what you can come up with anyway.

As with last week, the lucky winner will receive an Amazon gift card worth $50! (Make sure you are eligible to receive one.)

Contest Guidelines: Enter as often as you like by writing your caption in the comments below. We’ll take entries through Friday (August 3, 2012) and award the winner their gift card by email. Enter your correct email address so we can notify you.

The Boy Who Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut


“Now, Alfalfa, what did you say about wanting to be paid more than Spanky???

Winning Caption Submitted by Jonathan
Photograph found here.

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  1. We guarantee you’ll get the part to play Opie once we do just a bit of cosmetic surgery.

  2. Now say, “The fabulous frappe fizzed and flubbled five favorable flibbles.” 10 times and we will GIVE you that new bike!

  3. ::: MacQuiggan’s Bar-B-Q :: Where the burgers are so big, we hired a special staff to help you eat ’em!

  4. The Victorian practice of teaching a young male to relate to his future Wife during child birth.

  5. And thanks to the quick thinking of the Doctor, they were able to remove his foot from his mouth with out surgery.

  6. “Now, Alfalfa, what did you say about wanting to be paid more than Spanky???”

  7. I don’t care if your rock chompers are embarrassing you are going to smile for this picture and like it. The picture will hang on the fridge till you change your eating habits!

  8. If you wanted to know what the guinea pig for “Pop Rocks looked like” . . . . .

  9. HR Giger’s design for the original Alien movie deemed waaaaay too scary and told to make it more believable.

  10. Tom Williams on

    Doctor: “Ma’am this is going to reguire an immediate hysterectomy!” Kid: “Umm I’m here for braces”… Doctor: ” Oh, thats down stairs”.

  11. Hello Jimmy,
    All your life you have been telling people to cheer up, well maybe now you can do a bit of smiling. You are attached to a device which will brake your jaw in 75 seconds unless you use a knife to get the key from inside your tongue.
    Let the games begin!

  12. Another child is sent back to the orphanage after failing to meet Ms Jolie’s requirements.

  13. You would think the dentist would know better than to try fixing a cavity with two wrenches.

  14. Okay, okay, I’ll shtop compwaining about how tat LIBOR is wigged… I’ll pay your exworbitwant bank fwees… and I’ll wun up a big swudent loan I can’t afword!!!!!

  15. Tom Williams on

    Paul Harvey: “And that little boy__ grew up to Be… Terribly ugly… And now you know, the rest of the story, good day”

  16. Tom Williams on

    Doctor: “And this ladies and gentleman is why gingers shouldn’t breed”