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A murder-suicide involving a celebrity is always horrible and tragic, even though we only knew them as celebrities. Usually, these entertainers seemed well-off emotionally, which leaves us all wondering what in the world happened. Here are ten of the more famous examples of celebrities offing themselves and others in the worst manner imaginable.

It’s Halloween Week at TopTenz! To celebrate, here are ten people who unwillingly (and horrifyingly) turned into cannibals. In some cases, they were forced. Other cases, it just kind of happened. In all cases, the victim was scarred for life, even if that life only lasted a few hours longer.

We all gotta die, even the rich and famous. But some deaths don’t seem quite as natural as some would have you believe. This especially applies the down-and-dirty world of music, where many theories have arisen as to who wanted certain musicians dead, why, and how they did the deed.