The Awesome Story of When Loki Played Video Games with Hawkeye


The Avengers film was so insanely popular and well received the cast could walk into a random person’s house and slap their child and there’d be an eighty percent chance the parent would ask them to sign the bruise. As the cast were charged with the mammoth task of bringing one of the most popular comic franchise of all time to life, they of course partied harder than Andrew WK on cocaine.

"For realisms sake I made sure that Robert Downey Jr never stopped drinking."

“For realisms sake I made sure that Robert Downey Jr never stopped drinking.”

When the crew wanted to meet up and hang out, the story goes that they’d text the phrase “Assemble” to each other. So what did this bunch of attractive millionaires do? Well, they played video games. According to Tom Hiddleston, one particularly crazy night involved Loki and the rest of the Avengers playing “Dance Dance Revolution” at Hawkeye’s house till three in the morning.

So, the next time you feel sad. Just remember that at one point in history Loki, Iron Man and Captain America all danced their asses off to Europeon Techno under the constant, judging gaze of Hawkeye. Wow, even in a happy fantasy we made up, Hawkeye sucks. Figures.


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