The Awesome Tale of The Criminal Who Spent Years Crushing Cookies


Crime is something we’d normally never glorify. Awesome crime on the other hand is something we can fully get behind. Which is why we’re absolutely in love with this story about a guy who literally spent years walking into a local shop and strategically crushing every damn cookie he could get his hands on.

Rumours it was the cracker cartel have yet to be confirmed.

Rumours it was the cracker cartel have yet to be confirmed.

We really can’t stress the pointlessness of this crime, every day this man would walk into a shop, crush all the cookies and then walk out again. He wasn’t hired by a rival shop, he wasn’t mentally deranged, he just really freaking loved being a dick. All in all the man ended up doing thousands of dollars worth of damage, this figure goes into the tens of thousands if you take into account the fact that the shop in question had to fit state of the art security equipment.

So the next time you feel down, just remember that a man with a dream, albeit it a very stupid one managed to break every cookie a shop sold for 3 years just because he wanted to. Next time someone says your dream is stupid, just point them towards this article and fold your arms in a sassy fashion.


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