Top 10 Bands That Rose From The Ashes of Other Bands


Like young love, some bands aren’t meant to be. However, that doesn’t make music any less enjoyable, love any less pleasant, so much as the people involved weren’t conducive to a healthy discourse. With the death of a band, the chance to create anew is given, something perhaps even better than before. And sometimes musicians just need a rebound. Here are ten bands which rose like phoenixes from the ashes of previous musical acts:

10. New Cars

Not conspicuous at all, all the members of 80‘s new-wave rockers The Cars sans Ric Ocasek (and the late Ben Orr) wanted to return to the live circuit regardless of Ocasek’s refusal.  While not operating under the name that would make a revving comeback this year in full style, the fellas took the name “New Cars” to keep legal as well as to keep a trace of their original namesake.  Of course, without Ocasek, there is hardly any Cars, nor hardly any driving very far to see the dregs of a great musical entity dying from the inside. Now that Ocasek is back, eyes and ears are truly open.

9. Alter Bridge

These anthemic 90’s grungers were the most wholesome group in the scene, with a name like Creed and songs like “With Arms Wide Open.”  That is until vocalist Scott Stapp’s alcohol and drug abuse impinged upon his ability to remember his own lyrics during a show, and the band, which he founded, crumbled.  While Stapp did some solo stuff, the remaining members, with Myles Kennedy, who sings for Slash’s current side project, formed Alter Bridge.  Which lasted until the inevitable Creed reunion, one band of many long past their prime jumping on the 90‘s revival bandwagon.

8. Love and Rockets

With the departure of frontman and midnight monster movie marathon-evoking vocalist Peter Murphy, who went on to pursue a solo career as a sort of an evil David Bowie, the rest of the seminal goth band Bauhaus  kept going under the name Love and Rockets, adopting a more strummy psychedelic sound less then that of a horror sideshow.  In the last few years Bauhaus has gotten together, recording a new album as well as playing live shows, and once again Murphy has performed the song “Bela Legosi’s Dead” while suspended upside down like a bat.

7. New Order

When lead singer/guitarist Ian Curtis committed suicide, effectively disbanding Joy Division, the rest of the guys wasted no time getting right back on the horse as New Order.  They’ve created music in a separate but similar vein, a little more studio-polished and computer beat-heavy and bassist Peter Hook taking on vocal duties; the darkness of the predecessor is audible in albums like Low-Life, however optimistic moments are way more frequent in other albums.

6. Stone Gods/Hot Leg

Tongue-in-cheek classic rock scholars The Darkness made a contemporary sort of tribute to the falsetto and wailing guitar solos that characterized the most flamboyant of 80’s hair metal.  Frontman/guitarist Justin Hawkins made Freddy Mercury seem restrained by comparison, and the hooks were just catchy enough.  Then Hawkins got his wish as a living sex rock cliche, letting his drug-fueled ego destroy his band after only two albums (songs that parody reckless drug use).  In the wake of the band’s premature death came two bands: the first was Stone Gods, a slightly harder band which attempted to pick up where The Darkness left off, consisting of the original members of the former (including Hawkins’ brother) and a vocalist slightly evocative of Joe Elliot from Def Leppard.  Then came Hot Leg, the closest in sound and vision to The Darkness, being that it was Justin’s band.  All the gender-defying flamboyance and joke-y song content remained, as well as those flailing, infectious vocals.  Recently, The Darkness has gotten back together and played out, and hopefully Hawkins will keep Steven Tyler’s autobiography by his bedside to avoid any future mishaps.

5. Babyshambles/Dirty Pretty Things

Neo-garage rockers The Libertines was the brainchild of Carl Barat and male Amy Winehouse-equivalent Pete Doherty.  It was in Doherty’s libertine-esque behavior that the band died after only two well-received albums.  In and out of rehab (and jail) for crack and heroin problems, Doherty still found himself creating and performing with side act Babyshambles, with which he made two albums.  In the meantime, hardly-Libertines with Barat and the drummer and substitute guitarist formed Dirty Pretty Things, putting out one album and fizzling.  In recent times The Libertines have reunited for shows, but the two musicians’ relationship seems stilted and more fan-appeasing than legitimate, and no new material has been forthcoming.

4. Beady Eye/ Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Another band plagued with inner-turmoil, Oasis crumbled a few years ago right before they were scheduled to perform a show.  That is the story of rivaling brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher.  The former is the apparent brains of Oasis, whereas Liam is just the unwarranted ego and just completely delusional (he claims to be “channeling the spirit of John Lennon” and revels in every opportunity to say something vile for NME to hastily publish).  For now we have two bands and completely unlevel weight distribution; Beady Eye makes throwaway tunes, the likes of which the Beatles would scrape off their shoes.  Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, however, makes completely obvious who was actually responsible for Oasis’s success.

3. Chickenfoot

A mash-up of two former Van Halen members, the drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers, and guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, this band is the collective left-over lunch of three different Thanksgivings.  Notably, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and vocalist Sammy Hagar have seem to found a day job in Chickenfoot where their former act struggles with debilitating alcoholism and/or is occupied by on again-off again singer and wildman David Lee Roth.  Fans of “Van Hagar” rejoice at this partnership, most just rubberneck for a moment, then keep on driving (going faster than “55” no doubt).

2. Velvet Revolver

This band is mostly Guns n’ Roses (Slash plus the former drummer and bassist of Gn’R), with an additional guitarist (the heavily resumed Dave Kushner) and Scot Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots taking the egotistical place of Axl Rose (who boldly carries on alone with the G n’ R namesame).  The result is the essential sound of the former act dipped in grunge vocals.  More than anything else, this act was just another opportunity for the mad-hatter to keep shredding, fans delighting all the way to his current eponymous act for all the ongoing material.

1. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Solo musicians in their own rites as well as members of prevalent sixties acts such as Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, the Hollies, and Crazy Horse, CSNY came together to make a new thing only after taking a good look at themselves as well as what else was out there.  Coming together, they all shared their collective zeal for bright vocal harmonies and overcrowded acoustic guitars.  Supergroups rarely remain so intact nor memorable as these way-pavers.  Let’s see where Chickenfoot is in ten years time (more likely than not, taking Hagar’s lead and just living in Hawaii off of personal booze-brand royalties).

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  1. Seriously, how can Mother Love Bone / Pearl Jam not be on here? Foo Fighters I understand… that was the drummer from Nirvana making another awesome band, but it should only be listed if Christ Novoselic was also involved. Same with the Yardbirds… one member. Mother Love Bone, on the other hand, lost their lead singer, Andy Wood, found a surfer from San Diego named Eddie Vedder, and became Pearl Jam, who have stood the test of time. I just don’t get why they’re not at least in the top 5.

  2. Seriously? Most obvious choice ever would be Led Zeppelin. They directly evolved from the Yardbirds. They even played their first tour as “The New Yardbirds”. Unbelievable.

  3. One band that not many people have heard of is the tracking wilburys. How could they not make the list. Tom petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and George Harrison! Really???

  4. Foo Fighters (Nirvana), Audioslave (Rage Against the Machine), Megadeth (Metallica), Rancid (Operation Ivy) just to name a few. seriously, half these bands no-one’s ever even heard of

  5. Asia – (Yes, UK, Buggles, ELP)
    Wings (The Beatles)
    GTR (Yes, Genesis)
    Argent (The Zombies)
    Hot Tuna (Jefferson Airplane)
    Journey (Santana)

  6. Faces was the joining of Ian McLagan, Ronnie Laine and Kenny Jones of Small Faces with Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart of the Jeff Beck Group. Damn, Damn good bands, all three. Please do search them out.

    Fleetwood Mac formed from members of John Mayall Blues Band, and were quite good even before the later more famous mutation. Again, please do look up the name Peter Green.

    As someone else noted, Uncle Tupelo split into Son Volt and Wilco.

    Hard to believe, but Journey was mostly veterens of Santana.

    One version of John Lennon’s Plastic (word here, usualy ono) Band also included George and Ringo. Also, John, Paul, Ringo and George each used Badfinger as their backing bands at times.

    Badfinger themselves rose from the ashes of the Iveys. Great band, also probably the most tragic band of all time. Realy need to seak them out, especialy Oasis fans.

    The Band went from being the Hawks to Bob Dylan’s touring band to their own damn group. Also, they were the house band at one of Jack Ruby’s clubs at the time of the JFK assasination.

    Like him or not, Paul Rodgers has some staying power. Bad Company was formed by two members of Free.

    The surviving members from The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band were pretty decent as the Rossington/Collins band before becoming The Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band then finaly to just Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  7. No Foo on this list = out of “tune” author. I want the 5 minutes I wasted reading this back.

  8. Look up the name John Wetton and see how many different bands he has either recorded for and performed with. A phenominal bass player as well as a singer

  9. While everybody’s yammering on about the foo fighters, the writer of this article (and I guess everybody else) forgot about two of the best punk bands of all time: the minutemen, who became fIREHOSE after D. Boon died.

  10. No band has risin from the ashes as Megadeth. Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica for various reasons and went on to become a rival and I would say a superior group. It is because of Megadeth that Metalicca, Slayer and Anthrax are reaping the benefits from countless world tours with The Big Four in the past few years.

  11. How about the group ASIA. The original line up was : Steve Howe, guitarist from YES, Geoff Downes, keyboardist also from YES, Carl Palmer drummer from EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, and John Wetton on bass guitar, most notably from KING CRIMSON but has filled in with a long list of other groups that he performed with

  12. Tread carefully when making lists about musical taste. Most people have different opinions on the matter.

  13. Very rarely do you get a band composed people who are all in their first band, but some notable examples of bands who succeeded after various members were in previous acts who attained some degree of success.

    Pearl jam
    Killswitch engage
    Foo fighters

  14. Chiming in and agreeing to the following nominations:

    Foo Fighters
    Led Zeppelin
    Jefferson Starship

  15. Pants mentioned ABWH (Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe). An excellent choice. I saw them twice in concert and were great. Apparently their was a clash of egos between Jon Anderson and Chris Squire and musical indifferences as well. It finally went to court and Squire “won” the battle for rights of the name YES. It was now up to Anderson to come up with the name. I just referred to them as YES without Chris Squire. They hired Tony Levin to be bassist and he proved to be equally as good if not better than Squire.

  16. Revised top ten:
    1-Led Zeppelin
    2-Foo Fighters
    3-Pearl Jam
    4-Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young
    5-Velvet Revolver
    7-Alter Bridge
    9-New Order
    10-Love and Rockets
    Seriously New Cars? I would have put the Heads (Talking Heads) before them.

    • I like your list way more, Phil. I’d also add “The Firm” which had Paul Rodgers from Bad Company and Jimmy Page. Though they only released two albums, I loved both of them.

      • To Jim. Just to give you my opinion of Paul Rodgers. The man has the talent of a preschool child (then again Mozart was considered a genius when he was just a preschooler, but Rodgers ain’t no Mozart). Can’t sing and plays a mediocre guitar. He kiss assed his way to a short lived gig with Jimmy Page (The Firm) which the paying audience went to see, primarily, Page in concert. Then the travesty to end all travesties was him “replacing” Freddie Mercury as Queen’s lead singer (I think that Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor must have been lit on the throes of an opium jag when they decided on Rodgers). Go to You Tube and type in Gary Mullin who is regarded as the greatest impersonator of Freddie Mercury and you will be convinced that he should have been Freddie Mercury’s replacement. And to end my debate, I could never stand the group Bad Company. Another travesty in the annals of Rock Music history. No offense to you my friend, just my opinion. Definition of someone laughing there way to the bank ???………Paul Rodgers. And take it from me. I worked deeply in the rock music business and toured for 3 years in the Northeast part of the United States as a roadie and my opinion was that I was not the only one who thought of Paul Rodgers in that way…….

      • To Jim. The only thing that was redeeming about The Firm was Jimmy Page. I could never stand the voice of Paul Rodgers as well as Bad Company. And then when Paul Rodgers became the replacement for Freddie Mercury of Queen, I thought that the apocalypse was coming. Were Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor under the throes of an Opium Jag when they chose Rodgers to replace Freddie ? Go To You Tube and look up Gary Mullen who is regarded as the world’s greatest impersonator of Freddie and you’ll be convinced that he should have been the choice.

  17. Audioslave consisted of former Soundgarden lead singer/rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell and the former instrumentalists of Rage Against the Machine: Tom Morello (guitar), Tim Commerford (bass and backing vocals) and Brad Wilk (drums).

    • Audioslave should have easily been in the top five! Talented, relevant bands that broke down to form one awesome band, IMHO.

  18. I’m surprised at the omissions from this list.

    Foo Fighters born from Nirvana
    Led Zeppelin born from The Yardbirds
    Pearl Jam (Mookie Blaylock) born from Mother Love Bone
    Jefferson Starship born from Jefferson Airplane

  19. Yeah I saw the title of the list and immediately thought Foo Fighters. Surprised to not see them here.

  20. yeah this list was lame…….none of these bands are worth mentioning cept 7 +8…..
    those brit pop bands aren’t anything significant and neither is velvet revolver….

  21. i, too, am surprised by the lack of the “foo fighters”…

    i would like to nominate “long beach dub all-stars” who rose out of “sublime”

  22. ABWH (Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe) kind of fit this bill, though they were all members of Yes at one point.

    • Hello Pants. I have always been a big YES fan. Its my understanding that both Jon Anderson and Chris Squire were having a clash of the egos and having musical indifferences during the 80’s. From what I heard it was a legal battle over who rightfully had the ownership of the name YES and Squire won the court batlle. So it was up to Anderson to make a name change. I saw ABWH twice and they were great. I went on afterwards just to call them YES without Squire. They had bassist Tony Levin who proved to be just as good if not better than Squire. That’s what I had read

  23. Liam “revels in every opportunity to say something vile for NME to hastily publish”… HILARIOUS !! so it’s Liam’s fault eh? and Noel never says anything vile on the NME and all the other magazines? You must be living in another world.

  24. and the title of this “article” is “Top 10 Bands That Rose From The Ashes of Other Bands”… please don’t tell to Noel Gallagher that you put him here, ’cause he’s proud to be a SOLO artist. High Flying Birds is the name of his album.

  25. Hmm quite a few are missing. Led Zeppelin, as anyone who followed the blues/hard rock scene would know that Led Zeppelin rose from the Yardbirds. Dissapointing list.

      • Classic Rock Fan on

        Never heard of most of these groups. Perhaps I am too old for these groups. Back in the 60’s there was a group called the Classics Four. They had 5 or 6 charted songs. Lead singer, Dennis Yost, left the group. Never to be heard from again. The remaining members formed a little group called Atlanta Rhthym Section. More great music they played. Dennis Yost? Who? heheheheh Rock on ARS

    • Exactly. And how about ELO? No disrespect, but I’ve never heard of most of these bands.

    • Classic Rock Fan on

      the group that backed Terry Knight was called the Pack. They had a big hit in mid 60’s. When Knight left, the remaining 3 guys, from Flint, MI, formed a little band named Grand Funk Rairoad. Heard of them?

  26. Ryan Thomas, classic jealous “journalist” against Liam, while Noel, as always, must have influenced you too. Sorry to tell you: you’ll never have not even a nail as successful as Liam.
    “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, however, makes completely obvious who was actually responsible for Oasis’s success”… ahahaha are you so sure?! “For now we have two bands and completely unlevel weight distribution”…exactly, so why did Noel receive 20 negative reviews from music magazines too, ClashMusic, Uncut, etc. and Beady Eye didn’t. Are you such a big music expert to contradict them? It doesn’t really seem here.
    “Unwarranted ego”… Liam can do everything without Noel, and do you think Noel Gallagher would have even been KNOWN without Liam singing and swagger?
    no ego Noel Gallagher eh? an angel eh? as when he said he was bigger than Jesus and wished Blur to catch Aids and die, just to name two.
    “Brains of Oasis”… do you mean copying so many Oasis songs from all the musicians he could find?

    • When I saw the title of this list, Foo Fighters was the first band that jumped into my mind. Maybe they weren’t listed because only one member of Nirvana is involved? Whatever. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

      • You’re somewhat misled. Krist Novoselic is considered a member of the Foo Fighters, but mostly only while they are recording, he doesn’t tour as much as Dave, Tyler and the others.

    • That was my first thought, too. Scrolling down I figured FF had to be #1. I know lists are subjective but that’s a huge miss.