Top 10 Fuel Efficient Green Cars


The color of the decade is most definitely green, not on for saving the environment but also saving you money, and if you are looking to buy a car in this age of $4.00+ gas prices you may be considering a “green” car. Most of us think of a green car as a hybrid car, but you can get cars with excellent fuel efficiency that are still running on fossil fuels, in other words, gasoline powered cars. Here are the top green cars, based on fuel efficiency and style.

We have included video reviews of each green car so you can see why each one was ranked where it was.

10. Toyota Yaris

MPG: 35 highway / 29 city

9. Ford Escape Hybrid

MPG: 30 highway / 34 city

8. Mercury Mariner Hybrid

MPG: 30 highway / 34 city

7. Toyota Corolla

MPG: 37 highway / 28 city

6. Toyota Camry Hybird

MPG: 34 highway / 33 city

5. Nissan Altima Hybrid

MPG: 33 highway / 35 city

4. Mini Cooper

MPG: 40 highway / 32 city

3. Smart For Two

MPG: 40 highway / 34 city

2. Toyota Prius

MPG: 45 highway / 40 city

1. Honda Civic Hybrid

MPG: 45 highway /40 city

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  1. What about the Geo Metro? I own a 96 model that gets at least 40-45 mpg. Not bad for a car built 14 years ago

  2. we actually learned in our environmental science class that it takes the energy of 3-5 hummers to create a toyota prius…so its not exactly environmentally friendly in the end. but no doubt, it has great gas mileage!

    • Yep, some of those "energy efficient" vehicles use tremendous amounts of energy just to manufacture. I may be beating the dead horse, but cars like the Geo Metro, Ford Festiva, Suzuki Swift, and other three cylinder commuter cars were very efficient to mass produce, and got amazing gas milage. As it has been nearly 20 years since such cars were first made, I should think that our technology could be used to improve on those designs, creating cars that could be way more gas efficient as well as less taxing to produce.

  3. My first car was a souped up '65 Corvair Corsa that got 32mpg on the highway.

    I never checked the emissions but it must have been fairly efficient!??!

  4. Antony Marceles on

    Nice collection of cars… however this year has seen a lot more greener cars come to the market, however, just not to the US. A trip to the UK will show that most people there actually drive tiny hatchbacks, much smaller than the mini cooper featured here.

    Here is a list green vehicles, which have not actually gotten the market potential of the ones featured here, however they are still worthy of a look.

  5. these are rubbish – what about the fiat panda? 70mpg! my ford focus does better than any of these and its not even meant to be that economical!

    don't you people have diesel?

  6. Why were the Escape Hybrid and Mariner Hybrid both on the list? They are the same vehicle, except the Mariner has an upgraded interior.

  7. I guess concept cars and pure electric cars were left off this list? The Smart for Two car really caught my attention. I have seen them around town but wasn't sure what they were. Thanks for the green list.