Top 10 Fundraisers Set Up For The Boston Marathon Bombing Victims


Everyone at TopTenz is devastated by the tragedy that occurred at the most recent Boston Marathon (We have made a donation and hope you will too).  Yet, all of us can do our part to assist our fellow citizens wounded by this disgusting and unjustifiable act of terrorism.

Below is a list of ten individual victims’ funds covered in the mainstream press as legitimate, that we believe are worth contributing to.  They say that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Let us help show that good triumphs over evil, through our generosity.  The items below are organized alphabetically by victims’ last names, and are not “ranked.”

Moreover, it is NOT exhaustive of all the worthy charities for victims; clicking here will guide you a more comprehensive list than included here. And, because things like this sadly exist, please click here for examples of fraudulent charities to stay away from.

10. Heather Abbott


Heather Abbott (donate), of Rhode Island, sustained a severe injury to her left foot in the bombing. Matt Chatham, a former linebacker with the New England Patriots, and one of many heroes to have acted bravely to assist the many victims, helped carry her to safety.  The 38-year-old, who enjoyed running and taking aerobic and Zumba classes, had also wanted to try “yoga paddle boarding” this summer.  Tragically, she ended up undergoing an amputation of the wounded foot.  Yet, she remains optimistic, thanks to the encouragement of numerous celebrities.  First Lady Michelle Obama visited her bedside, as did Aviva Drescher, star of Real Housewives of New York and a fellow amputee.

9. Jeff Bauman


Scenes of the severed limbs of Jeff Bauman flooded the media and Internet, in the aftermath of the bombing.  The absolutely disturbing scene of the trauma he endured was only slightly balanced by the inspirational image of cowboy hat-wearing Carlos Arredondo, pinching closed a severed artery from Bauman’s thigh.  Despite the loss of both limbs, Bauman has kept a positive outlook.  He remarked that “I had a lot to live for before, and I have a lot to live for now.”  Bauman later generously brought a birthday present to Sydney Corcoran, a high school senior who was also critically injured in the blasts.  Meanwhile, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman visited Bauman with actor Bradley Cooper, who also went on to visit Corcoran.

8. Erika Brannock and Nicole Gross



Erika Brannock is a 29-year-old schoolteacher and graduate student who suffered an amputation of part of her left leg.  Her sister, Nicole Gross, also endured two broken legs.  One fund has been set up specifically for Brannock, while a second is intended to help both sisters.

7. Celeste and Sydney Corcoran


Celeste Corcoran, 47, and daughter Sydney Corcoran, 18, both sustained horrific injuries in the Boston bombings.  Celeste’s husband, Kevin, refused to let her go, tore off his belt, and wrapped it around one of her legs as a makeshift tourniquet, then asked a stranger for his belt to stop the bleeding from her other leg. Meanwhile, Sydney suffered shrapnel wounds and a torn femoral artery, and was similarly saved thanks to bystander heroics.

Nevertheless, Celeste lost both legs, while her daughter had to spend her eighteenth birthday in a hospital bed, while still recovering from her own appalling wounds.  A general fund page has been set up on their behalf, and a Facebook page has been established to help coordinate efforts to assist them.

6. Patrick and Jessica Downes


Jessica Downes, a 32-year-old nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital, and her husband, Patrick, 30, each sustained amputations below their left knees, requiring two of the the longer hospital stays among the various victims.  The story of the tragedy afflicting young lovers has tugged on many a generous soul’s heartstrings. As such, multiple funds have been set up to help this couple.

5. Marc Fucarile


Marc Fucarile’s injuries include having his right leg amputated, his left leg fractured in multiple places, and shrapnel in his body, including his heart.  The 34-year-old Stoneham man has a 5-year-old son with his fiancé, Jen Regan.

4. Adam Davis and Adrianne Haslet-Davis


A Dancing With the Stars crew headed to Boston to film a segment for a show on Haslet-Davis, 32, who had enjoyed life as a ballroom dance teacher before the attacks took away part of her left leg.  Yet, she remains determined to dance again. Her husband, an Air Force captain who served in Afghanistan, suffered shrapnel wounds and tissue damage in the blast.

3. Paul and JP Norden and Jacqui Webb



Paul Norden, 31, and his brother JP, 33, each lost a leg in the bombing.  In addition to their injuries, Paul’s girlfriend Jackie Webb had a piece of the bomber’s backpack removed from the shrapnel embedded in her leg.  They are currently recovering, and are the intended beneficiaries of at least two notable funds.

2. Denise and Jane Richard


The effects of the bombing were uniquely cruel for the Richard family.  Eight-year-old Martin Richard died in the attacks, while his seven-year-old sister Jane Richard lost a leg.  Adding to the family’s tragedy is the fact that their mother required brain surgery (and additional surgery elsewhere) to remove shrapnel from her eyes.  Parents should not have to bury their children, and so this particular family really needs our support and encouragement.

This is the charity that TopTenz contributed towards.

1. The One Fund


Finally, we have the One Fund, the overall fund established by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and Boston Mayor Tom Menino, “to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.”  Among others, Dunkin’ Donuts has donated considerable financial support to this particular fund.  As such, this fund is the “official” fund for all of those mentioned above, as well as various others not mentioned directly by name on this list.

Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, author of Banned From The Internet

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  1. Rebekah Thomas on

    My fiancé’s aunt was running the race that day, and she had just passed the finish line 5 minutes before the bomb went off. She wasn’t hurt, but it was very traumatic for her. It is sad to see the variety of people affected from this situation, especially the family who lost their son. It is nice to see that people are standing up and helping out during these times though.