Top 10 Reasons You Should Respect Nickelback


Nickelback is a running joke in the music industry. If you want to say something sucks, just compare it to Nickelback. For example “Dude, this TopTenz list sucks so hard it automatically made me like Nickelback on Facebook”. However, we feel that this hate is undeserved, so here are 10 reasons you should at the very least, give Nickelback a break.

10. They’re consistently on the charts.

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One of the the reasons Nickelback leaves such a sour taste in people’s mouths is because they’re everywhere, all the time. But have you ever stopped to wonder why a band that everyone seems to hate is so present in the charts. Well, it’s mainly because Nickelback is one of the best selling bands of recent history, no really. The band has collectively sold in excess of 50 million records, you literally cannot keep them out of the charts. There are virtually no other bands from recent history that have the same consistency as Nickelback.

If success is a measure of talent then Nickelback is the ghost of John Lennon

on super LSD (ask your parents if you’re too young or hipster for that reference). Of course, it’s easy to say that this success is because Nickelback is just releasing the same manufactured pop/rock songs every year. Well, here’s the thing..

9. They brought Rock and Roll into the mainstream.

How many rock bands do you know that have had a number 1 hit? The answer will invariably be, not many, rock groups just don’t release number 1 hits, unless they’re Nickelback. Which is when someone exclaims that Nickelback isn’t a rock group, well, they’re a band with guitars drums and a negative amount of auto-tune. If they’re not rock and roll, they’re as close as we’re ever going to get until we figure out how to clone the Beatles.

As billboard notes, “How You Remind Me” was the first rock track to peak at number one since that awful “Butterfly” song. Even if you dislike Nickelback, you have to admit any band that can make it into the top 10 without auto tune is at the very least proving that guitars are rad. Oh and for all you people still saying Nickelback isn’t a rock group…

8. They’re actually metal as all hell.

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The thing is, most people will have probably heard only a few of Nickelback’s songs, and as such, judge them purely on those few songs. However, if you ever took the time to listen to Side of a Bullet, you probably noticed that it’s way heavier than any of the band’s more commercial stuff. You probably also noticed the fact that it contained a kick-ass guitar solo. Well that solo was actually ripped by guitar legend Dimebag Darrel.

If you’re wondering why they let Kroeger use the solo it’s because Dimebag Darrel was a huge fan of the band. Darrel was introduced to Kroeger by Jerry Cantrell (an ex Alice in Chains guitarist) and after a few drinks the entire group gushed to Kroeger how they were all big fans of Nickelback. That’s the guitarists of three bands heavier than a Texas schoolchild (Pantera, Damageplan and Alice in Chains) all singing their praise. If that’s still not metal enough for you, just consider that Chad Kroeger AKA the face of Nickelback also worked on an album with another legend of the neck, Carlos Santana. So before you try to say that Nickelback sucks, just realise that one of the finest and most metal guitarists to have ever live played a solo on one of their songs from beyond the grave. How metal is that?

7. They’ve openly allowed people to challenge and beat them.


It’s a oft repeated joke that in the early days of Rock Band, they called it Rock Band Nickelback to ensure journalists never bothered to look into the game. Then again, how many of you reading this think you could play better than Nickelback? Well, Nickelback as an entity decided to give fans and non-fans a chance to prove this when they released the game Nickelback Revenge for the iPhone.

The game featured a mode in which you could challenge the band members’ own high scores. thus allowing every person out there who disliked the band to have the ability to say, I’m better than Nickelback, if they so wanted. Truly a gift to cherish because when it comes down to it…

6. They really don’t care if you hate them.


Nickelback is well aware of the fact they’re unpopular with some people, which is why the band took to Twitter to answer virtually every negative tweet that came their way as sarcastically as possible. Why? Because Nickelback gave so few damns they’re considered a mortal enemy of the beaver.

If you don’t like Nickelback for their music, you have to at least respect their ability to take criticism right on the chin. Like they did with…

5. This video.

When Nickelback were set to play the half-time show of the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving football match, fans lost their mind. An online petition was set up to ban the band from playing which quickly gathered over 50 thousand signatures. So how did Nickelback respond; did they throw a hissy fit? Did they tell the fans to do one? Did they give people the middle finger from a giant pile of money? No, they released a tongue in cheek video in which they sat down and tried to figure out why people hate them so much then played the show anyway.

In a time where Justin Bieber will threaten to boycott an entire country because they were mean to him, you have to admit that it’s refreshing to see a band that will openly accept criticism and address concerns people have rather than flailing their arms around and crying about how hard their life is from their huge mansions. Nickelback is a band that knows people don’t like them, but keeps playing anyway because they don’t want to disappoint their fans and boy do they have some big name fans.

4. Other musicians love them.

As mentioned in this piece, hating Nickelback is perfectly okay, hell, even Nickelback themselves won’t begrudge you that. But as the previous example notes, Nickelback has some pretty metal fans. But here’s the thing, they have fans from loads of other genres too. Hell just check out the video to Rockstar if you don’t believe us.

Along with everyone in that video, half of Pantera, and Carlos Santana, the band can also claim the face of freaking Coldplay, Chris Martin, as a fan. Man, it’s no wonder they don’t care that people hate them, both Coldplay and Dimebag Darrel said they rock. But if all that means nothing to you just remember that…

3. They do a lot for charity.

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If you still dislike Nickelback after all that, that’s cool, but just remember one thing: they’ve probably given more money to charity than everyone you’re going to pass on the street today has in a year. They’ve performed for events supporting the troops and given away 100% of the money made from sales of their song “If Everyone Cared” to Amnesty International.

They also support numerous education and anti-bullying charities. Then again, they could probably end bullying overnight if every bully was given an iPod loaded with nothing but Nickelback songs. But hey, charity isn’t everything. We’ll be honest, if you want a reason to think Nickelback is awesome, I only need to say two words: Chad Kroeger.

2. Chad Kroeger is a genius.

Chad Kroeger is the frontman for Nickelback and is credited with writing a good number of their songs and boy, does he know how to write songs. For example the band’s first hit, “How You Remind Me ,” which was played on every radio station on repeat for about 3 months straight was the result of Kroeger’s sitting down to write a hit.

Kroeger analysed the hell out of every song he heard on the radio for weeks, he noted their lyrics, their hooks and melodies. After a while he penned “How You Remind Me,” which went onto become one of the biggest rock songs of recent history. Just take that in. Chad Kroeger sat down with the intention of writing a number 1 hit single and wrote a freaking number 1 hit single and he’s been doing it ever since with every album Nickelback has ever made. How many other bands do you know of that intentionally set out to write a number one hit and pulled it off? But if we’re honest, this entire article was just fodder for this next example. You should respect Nickelback for no other reason than …

1. This burn.


Fun fact, Chad Kroeger is dating and engaged to Avril Lavigne, yes, that Avril Lavigne. Now Avril used to be an item with the front man of Sum 41, Deryck Whibley. Now Deryck decided to go to a Halloween party with his new girlfriend dressed as Chad and Avril and posted it online, an obvious attempt to rile up Kroeger.

So how did Kroeger react to this slant at him and his girlfriend? Well, he responded with the single most beautiful sentence ever written on Twitter since Chris Brown told people he was leaving the site. Chad responded with “Hey Deryck loved the costumes! we were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha! -CK”. Rumour has it that Deryck is still in the burn ward right now.

Like we’ve said many times in this article, you don’t have to like Nickelback, but come on, someone who can sling burn that perfect at least deserves an internet high five.

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  1. All of you saying about Nickelback being a rock ‘n’ roll band…they are not. They are a rock band. Rock n Roll is stuff like Elvis Presley so think before you type. Also to each and every Nickelback hater, STFU and get on with your life instead of disrespecting someone or a band that quite frankly you do not need to concern yourself with. You don’t like them? then fine, you’re entitled to like whatever music you want, but dont trash about bands or singers that you dont like especially when they’ve accomplished so much and has given so much totheir fans and charity. The only people you should disrespect is people like Justin Bieber who quite honestly doesn’t give a **** about anyone but himself.

  2. Nickelback uses a CRAPLOAD of autotune. it’s more subtle than say a Cher song or Miley, but it IS ALL OVER CHAD’s vocal. and don’t take this as some Nickelback hater being a dick, I actually like them a lot. I own every disc (even the debut “Curb” which kinda sucked, but I’m a completist)

    but yeah, they tune the hell out of his vocals. in fact,
    a lot of major label rock that people love because it’s not autotuned, IS

    bands that record to tape and mix to tape don’t, but any major label band does. it happens in the final mix because labels want perfection,
    even in loud angry rock. most bands have no control over the album
    at that point

  3. Nickelback, are in fact, my favorite band and I am glad that I came across this article. It makes very good arguments. A lot of people tend to hate Nickelback for no legitimate reason, but at least the band is apathetic about it. My question is, if Nickelback get so much hatred from the internet, why have they sold over 50 million albums?

    • Nickelback are my favourite American rock band so they don’t suck they just get you singing along to their music

  4. #2 is partly why I hate Nickelbback. He listened to other songs in order to write a good song. A good band and songwriter comes up with original music. it comes to them naturally.

    • I’m sorry, but that’s bologna. Do you think Beethoven just woke up and wrote a symphony? No. He studied music by earlier Classical guys like Haydn and Mozart, and used that to influence his own works, becoming a major force in the Classical-Romantic transition. Nobody is born a great writer of music, just like nobody is born a great artist or writer. You have to learn somewhere.

  5. Thanks Karl for turning me onto Side of a Bullet. I can say that it does indeed rock (in 3 minutes mind you). I used to like Nickelback as a kid but then they I just stopped listening to them, no reason I just did. I’ll admit they do way too many saccharine ballads and to paraphrase the Whitesnake song Bloody Mary, I like soup in my music more than saccharine.

  6. LadyLycanthrope on

    I still don’t like Nickelback. I really don’t like their songs, Avril Lavigne is sucky since she went all punk princess and yeah. I will never like them but I won’t stoop so low as to protest their coming and playing a concert or anything like that. I just quietly make fun of them with my friends and we go listen to something like Porcelain and the Tramps or even something on the radio, like Theory of a Deadman…

    • I love your not-so-subtle band name drop at the end of your comment. It’s like you’re backhandedly saying, “I’m not a hipster, but I still listen to more refined music than Nickelback.”

  7. I don’t hate Nickleback as I am sure they are good guys. I just don’t like their music. It all sounds the same and the subject matter is generally unappealing.

    Also, Nickelcrap did not bring rock music back. They simply jumped on the train of forgettable music that was made as the alternative era was coming to an end.

    Also, Nickelback is not “metal”. Just because some rock musicians got drunk together does not mean that makes them “metal”.

    • All sound the same? Try listening try listening to “Next contestant” and “If everyone cared” simultaneously. They don’t sound much alike.

  8. Responding to every single negative tweet written about your band = not giving a damn? Haha! Okay.

  9. Dave Smiling Coyote on

    Nickleback isn’t a bad band, but they damn sure aren’t what I’d call rock & roll. Nickleback plays the kind of music that a parent in the suburbs can “rock out” to in their minivan while picking up his kids in junior high to show that they are still cool. Kidz Bop does covers of Nickleback songs, need I say more? I admit, all of the Nickleback songs that I’ve heard were the ones that they played on the radio 50 bazillion times, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that ALL of the Nickleback songs that I’ve heard all rhyme… badly! I mean, you can pretty much guess correctly what the next lyric is going to be. Does Chad Kroeger realize that the last word at the end of each lyric DOESN’T have to rhyme?! Nickleback deserves respect for their support of our troops overseas and all the charity work they do (unlike other bands and celebrities that seem to only help others for publicity), but saying that their music deserves respect, and using the fact that other bands like and respect their music, is just laughable.

    • One of the points the author made is that they can consistently write top 40 hits. I don’t listen to them, and I don’t like them, but I would listen to their CDs just to find out how much their non-charting songs differ from their hits.

      • Dave Smiling Coyote on

        Yep, middle aged moms & dads still trying to prove to their kids and to themselves that they are still cool.. Nickleback’s target demographic..

    • I hope to god no mother ever lets a small child listen to:
      Something in your mouth
      Midnight Queen
      Burn it to the ground
      Kiss it goodbye
      Gotta get me some
      This means war
      Bottoms Up
      Follow you home
      Every thing I wanna do

  10. “Nickelback walks into a bar… there’s no punchline because ruining music isn’t funny” — Dave Grohl

    “Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world. So they became OK with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be **** – therefore you should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world. **** that! Rock & roll is the music I feel the most passionately about, and I don’t like to see it ruined and spoon-fed down our throats in this watered-down, post-grunge crap, horrendous ****. When people start lumping us into that kind of ****, it’s like, ‘**** you,’ honestly.” — The Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney, on why rock music isn’t doing so well.

    “If you play Nickelback songs backwards, you will hear messages from the Devil. Even worse, if you play them forwards, you will hear Nickelback.” — Dave Grohl

  11. “Dimebag was a huge nickelback fan, as were the rest of alice in chains.” What? Dimebag wasnt the guitar player for alice in chains and he wasnt a fan of nickelback, youre thinking of jerry cantrell. I don’t know how you got the facts that confused. Maybe you should try to know what youre talking about before you start talking.

    • Karl Smallwood on

      That was poor wording on my part, that should have read, “Dimebag, was introduced to Kroeger by a former member of Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell, who all revealed that they were huge fans” since that’s how the two met.

      Reading it back I can see how it looks like it suggests that, I just assumed that Dimebag was so famous everyone would know he was the guitarist for Pantera, I should have been clearer and mentioned that it was a member of AIC that introduced them, I’ve messaged the editor asking them to clear that wording up.

      As for him being a fan of Nickleback, that’s true. Chad Kroeger and Dime were actually really good friends. They worked together on the Charlies Angel soundtrack and Kroeger was allowed to use the solo on Side of a Bullet purely because of how big a fan of the band Dime was. In fact, Vinnie, his brother, was so impressed upon hearing the track for the first time, he gave Kroeger the solo and refused to play drums on the track. That’s how metal they are, the drummer of pantera openly admitted he could add nothing more to the song and the guitarist played on the song as a ghost.


  12. tassiedevil on

    David Bowie is a genius. Lennon/McCartney geniuses. Freddie Mercury/Queen was/are a genius. Mozart and Beethoven = Genius. Do you seriously think Chad Kroeger fits onto that list?

  13. mocha Spock on

    I think the main reason people tend to dislike them is due to the fact the band is wanted for murder.they killed thousands of innocent eardrums and braincells with their drivel.

    • Nickelback is kinda like KISS. Arena rock, enough musical style to please a huge number of people, they know how to write hits and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

      But the main reason people (especially guys) hate Nickelback is:

      The band gets laid.

      A lot.

  14. I come to this website all the time and I can say without doubt that this is the worst list I have read here. I don’t hate them because I think it’s cool I hate them becuase the’re music isn’t any good. And no they did not bring rock music into the mainstream. The writer of this list obvously missed the 90s when rock music was always in the mainstream charts unlike today where it’s full of crappy pop music.

  15. Nickelback is good until you hear their songs on the radio a million times. I think the reason people hate them is that they are way overplayed on the radio constantly. I don’t hate them but I am tired of their music so I would be one of those people.

  16. Number 1 reason you shouldn’t list crap like this? Readers will un-subscribe.

  17. You know what reason isn’t on this list? “Their music is actually good”.

      • I’m not a huge fan, but the fact is that they are skilled musicians who can write a pretty catchy hook (I say this as a pretty skilled musician myself). Granted, they’ve got a lot of derivative influences from bands like Metallica and such, but Metallica is derivative of NWOBHM stuff, which is derivative of punk and older British hard rock, etc. I guess it’s just popular to hate them… kinda like Creed, minus the semi-religious posturing.

      • They draw a lot of criticism because they specifically write songs to be top 40 hits. In doing so, they literally write for the lowest common denominator. They pick sappy themes, follow the pattern of “good songwriting” to a Tee and repeating the formula. They figured out how to do it once, then did it again and again and again. They’re formulaic, repetitive, and derivative. They play music for people who don’t want to figure out riddles and decipher metaphor. They write songs for people who want to party, drink cheap beer, rock out and worship working class heroes. There are a lot of people like that, who will gladly spend money on something they know they’ll like. They are the anti-niche band. The meat and potatoes of music. The Honda Civic of creativity.

        If you can’t handle that, grow up and quit whining about it. Don’t buy their albums or go to their concerts.

        • If they’ve unlocked the key to wrirting hits, and that is your implication, then why should they stop?
          “I’ve figured out how to write music that appeals to lots of people!”
          “Shut up, Chad, nobody wants to hear what they like!”

        • I never said they should stop. I think the people who carry on about how much Nickelback sucks should STFU and get over it.

  18. I think hating Nickelback has nothing to do with the band itself, but the “trend” of hating it. Someone hears it’s cool to hate on them and it’s just copy-paste from there on.

    It’s not original, it’s not funny, and it will not go away until they find a new artist to hate on.

      • I don’t “hate” bands, I’m past my musical elitism phase, but I do HATE the fans of bands. Beatles fans drive me up the wall especially.

      • I think you ugys are….HALF right. Are they a great band? Not in my opinion. However that’s as far as it goes. The whole “hate on nickleback” is just a trendy thing to do. This article did however make me appriciate them as musicians for doing so much good with their fame. I’ve acutally heard that they are really cool if you meet them in person. I really dont get why they have so much hate. So they make cheesey rock music made for the masses. If you dont like it, get over it and move on lol.

  19. Nickleback are rubbish!!! Don’t think they have broken any ground in regards to anything in music. 15 years ago the offspring was at no 1 with pretty fly for a white guy but they had already became the first band to sell a million records on an underground label (at the time). Green day have had a much more distinguished career then Nickleback.

  20. No, absolutely not, by no means, negative, never, nix, no way, not at all, not by any means, never in a million years, not on your life, not on your mothers life, not for all the tea in China, not even for the $600 million dollar winning Powerball ticket will I EVER give Nickleback a shred of respect. Good day to you sir, and may I suggest some Zeppelin, Hendrix, or Zappa? Maybe some Muse or even Porcupine Tree. Always remember, Nickleback is whack.

    • Muse and Porcupine Tree. Someone’s into progressive stuff…

      I’ll throw out King’s X. If you haven’t heard King’s X or gave up listening after the mid 90’s… go give ’em a listen.

    • LOL yeah we know you’ll never win 600 million dollar… and a man who doesn’t respect should never be respected you’re just crying and hating this guys without a single reason. and i’ll never disagree that zepp, hendrix are “great to the awesome” bands, but that’s all they are just old bands that must stay in the past! the good music never dies but or you’re getting old or you don’t appreciate music when you hear it or please give me the name of a GOOD, RECENT rock band and please do not say MUSE BECAUSE THEY ARE ANOTHER GENRE